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The Burning Times were not just a couple hundred witches burned by puritans in Salem.

Sorry, no. The witch hunts were a holocaust of women; a political move by the church, during the rise of Christianity and the fall of Rome, to discredit female healers and midwives who, up until then, had been respected, equal, and admired members of their community. Also, to change female sexuality from something that was celebrated amongst the old religions into a shameful sin and something that stands as an obstacle between men and holiness.

The next time someone tells you that gender roles and gendered values are ‘just how it is,’ remind them that the Catholic Church murdered nine million women across over a hundred years through Europe and the states just because they were scared of women being respected.


So, I have an interview today at 2pm however one of the staffs approached me and said that my interview has been moved at 4pm. Welp, so much for avoiding the rush hour. Luckily, I found a a coffee for a cause cafe right outside the company’s building. Feeling relieved now I have found somewhere to stay for 2 or more hours. Plus I get to help the indigenous tribes in the country.


I’ m   p r o u d   o f   y o u.

crepesssuzettevintage  asked:

Hey first of all I like your blog :)! I am trying to make new friends and mamybe looking for a lover. Which mbti personality suits the most with a female entp? All my friends are infp but I often feel disappointed by them for a reason...Is this normal for entp?

Hey! Thanks!

SO, The best match for ENTPs are either INFJs or INTJs. Just straight up. However, I’ve read a bit about it, (and I think I reblogged it recently, I need to find it), but I’ve heard a few times that female ENTPs may be better off overall with male INTJs if you’re into dudes. 

Long story short, the male being the more sensitive one in the relationship bumps some socially ingrained sexist elbows. I know I’ve had this problem, personally. But as an ENTP female, I’m competitive, argumentative, (and I’m also an engineer to poop on my life a little bit more), so I’ve personally stepped on some cute INFJs toes by not fitting that female mold that the world so kindly 3D printed for us. (It’s not an obvious sexism thing or anything like that, it’s just… more difficult, and kind of hard to explain. I’ll see if I can look up one of those other posts. It was more concise than the words.)

Both types are good, but for female ENTPs, given the rational female conundrum, it’ll probably be easier to go for the INTJ.

stardustandtales  asked:

i loved the hcs of the girls with an s/o who is like deadpool! could we get the same thing but with the main boys of 1-a?


  • He’s a nervous wreck when it comes to his very crude s/o. The others look at him surprisingly and wonder how the heck did he even choose this kind of person? He’s so sweet! Whenever his s/o addresses other in offensive remarks, Izuku shouts and apologizes for it so many times. “What are you gonna do, A**hole!” “GOMENESAIIII. PLEASE DONT TAKE IT TO HEART. T-THEY DIDNT MEAN IT. @___@;;” “DEKUUUUUUUUUU ##.” “WAHHHHH KACCHAN DONT HURT ME!!!”
  • Politely talks to them and tries to reason with them, however they most never works because that’s who they are!. So he goes sulk in the corner and clinging to dear life.


  • It doesn’t really get to him as much, he’s generally accepting and calm. Some times things just doesn’t go through his dense mind. “Todoroki,aren’t you going to stop s/o from flirting…?” “I’m sure they’re just being friendly.” Sweatdrop.
  • However, if some of his classmates are upset with whatever his s/o is doing or saying, he kindly tells them to knock it off. Otherwise, he has a dense mind. Or maybe even uses his Ice quirk to prevent them from doing much.


  • Honestly, his s/o would have similar personality to him. He’s ALWAYS cursing and doesn’t really care. Having two Bakugou is worst than one, one is enough. Both of them curse together, such a lovely pair.
  • Let his s/o do whatever they want, if they wanna curse he lets them for all he cares! But if he sees them being perverted and hitting on his classmates, they better run. “S/O COME BACK HERE RIGHT FCKING NOW UGH!!!” “AHAHA. Never a**hole!” Explosion everywhere.


  • Finds it ‘unmanly’ when they curse and say perverted things. Persuades them to tone it a tad bit by preaching his manliness. “S/o, it’s not very nice to call others that! A man like me never says that type of stuff!” “So?” “So what? YOURE GONNA GET US IN TROUBLE. -wipes away his manly tears-”
  • He’s gonna take the blame and responsibility for them regardless of what they do, “Kirishima, control your s/o, man.” “v___v; Alright, I-ill just hold stop then with my Hardening……”


  • Denki is pretty flirtatious himself. It depends how much of a flirting they do before he comes in to stop them. If his s/o tries to attempt something he don’t like, doesn’t hesitate to zap s/o but he electrocutes himself too when he gets jealous and clings every time. “Don’t you even daaare. -clings into s/o, both get zapped- ehehe… -giggle face with thumbs up- ”
  • “Ohhhhh yeah, I know I can do better than you, dckhead-” Kaminari zaps them to be quiet. “I think we will be ALRIGHT NOW. -grins and gives a thumbs up to everyone.-” “THANK GOODNESS.” Basically, uses his quirk whenever they’re doing/saying something crude.

U know what would be cool…..being able to kiss ur girl…..without having a seedy old man…….yelling shit @ u 😤😡

why winning 1st place for Chained Up is important?

forget about VIXX’s promised about undressing or the fact that we might see the member’s arms/abs if they bag the 1st place.

think about how hard they worked for this;how passionate wonsik is about this comeback,how happy they are that they are finally making a comeback as 6IXX after a long time or how difficult it must have been for them since they have to juggle both working for this comeback while at the same time going through their individual schedules.

think about hakyeon.think about how hard it was for him going through different schedules;dj-ing,mc-ing acting while doing his best as VIXX’s leader.sometimes missing practice because of a lot of his work engagements,but even then he still tries to lead the group and actually monitor them.think of how he would prolly cry during an acceptance speech,saying thank you and sorry and talking about how they,he,will work harder to be able to give as much as they receive.

think about taekwoon.think about how happy he was because the release of the album was during his birthday.think about a passionate taekwoon asking to go over and over again while recording the song.think about how he must have been so embarrassed about doing the choreography but he had to tough it up to be able to show a really good performance for all of us.think about how he sees Chained Up as a gift for him.why not give more gifts to him right?

think about jaehwan.think about how he confessed about coughing out blood during one of the recordings,whether figuratively or it happened to him literally,dun you think he actually deserve to experience a win for something he worked so hard on?jaehwan had been doing great as a musical actor,but even then you can’t deny how he still longs for the time he gets to be Ken,to be the cute main vocal of VIXX.think about how painful it must have been for him,using his voice constantly for Cinderella and still going hard for the 2nd album.dun you want to see his huge smiles and cute aegyos while receiving the 1st place trophy?dun you want to hear him say thank you to the “Starlight babies”?

think about wonsik.think about how wonsik have carefully thought of expressing his desire to do the “slave” concept without an assurance that their label would agree to it.think about his lyrics,his song, actually being the carrier single for something as big as the 2nd Full Album.think about the amount of effort and pride he has put into the album.think about the sleepless nights,prolly the frustrations he had while trying to come up with suitable words for Chained Up.think about how he so passionately and strictly instructed the members while recording for his song.think about how happy will wonsik be if his work,his song gets the recognition it deserves.

think about hongbin.think about the constant struggle he goes through whenever there’s an album coming up.he does not get a lot of lines but for Chained Up,look how amazing he is.how sexy and manly he sounds.how he complimented the whole song with his voice.think about how passionate he is about singing.think about how he must have had a hard time acting for Moorim and then going back to the practice room or recording studio to be able to do his part for Chained Up.think about how it’ll make him smile (with dimples) because Starlights acknowledges their hard work for this album.

think about sanghyuk.think about how gorgeous he is for this comeback.think about how hard he must have worked on his body so that he can look “manly” for this concept.think about the lines he was able to get for Chained Up as compared to Super Hero.think about how hard he must have practiced for this comeback.just think of him singing and having those parts in Chained Up and i’m sure it’s already a good motivation to give him a 1st place right?

think about VIXX.think about how important this album is for them.think about the times they have struggled to be able to achieve the status they have now.they aren’t a part of a big label,they indeed started from the bottom and to be able to produce a 2nd full album is already such a huge thing for them. think about how happy and thankful they will be if they receive a very nice gift such as a recognition for their hard work by winning 1st place.

think about a tearful Hakyeon,a very surprised Taekwoon,a very very cute Jaehwan,a /sobbing Wonsik,a smiling Hongbin and a happy yet dorky Hyuk.

we can do this Starlights.VIXX takes pride on our abillity to do something not a lot of people would expect from us.we aren’t the biggest fandom but if we do it together,we might even do the impossible.think about it.


my cuban kings oh my god bless them 👑