fcking hate you


No one ever talked about Robin Thicke after the VMAs of 2013. It was all my fault and I was the one who was acting like a ‘slut’. And that isn’t the only example of a woman being put in a box. I’m just speaking out for women to be yourself and I think I’m doing something to break the double standard that has been created over the years.

Ot4 who’s basically got their way around the band – the sound, the creative process, specifically their white privilege have the guts to question why would zayn leave the band and felt like that?? Don’t come at me, telling it was a fun experience, that why would Zayn leave like that and say “things” and all that shit when all those 5 years everything was catered to the 4 of you. ZAYN EXPERIENCED A LOT WHILE IN THE BAND - ALL THE GOOD AND MOSTLY BAD NOW THEY are trying to make Zayn the villain here yet again - but if you have an ample of comprehension on your body he has OPENLY TALKED ABOUT HIS ANXIETY, and EATING DISORDER on his book. OPENLY shared his illness when he didn’t have to but still has COURAGE TO DO SO. HOW HE SAID ITS TIME TO LOOK AFTER HIMSELF, HOW HE IS GRATEFUL FOR THE EXPERIENCE AND THE OPPORTUNITY BUT Y'ALL DONT UNDERSTAND THAT!! My blood is boiling of anger, because here we have Liam saying and doing shit again like what he did after Z left. He’s just a shit acting like a goody but fck him! fck all these ot4 stans who have nothing good to say and be blinded by all these shit and lies their precious ot4 say


not to be cliché or anything but i need more vmin fanfics where one of them is a bad boy & the other one is innocent & they both hate each other or where the innocent one is like a nobody at first but when the popular bad ass one finds out that they’re not getting that person’s attention it annoys them so they do all they can like bullying, teasing, being a shit head to them until the innocent one breaks

although the bad ass crossed the line and they realise that so they feel sorry & guilty so they try to apologise to the innocent one but the innocent one is being hard to get & that pisses the bad ass one so they basically hate each other’s guts until one heated argument, one of them accidentally tells the other their real feelings — “BECAUSE I LOVE YOU! GOD, I FCKING HATE THAT I LOVE YOU!” then the other one become speechless but they’re actually so happy & relieved in the inside, then the one who confessed first was about to walk out but the other one grabs them and kiss them so passionately &…. yeah you can continue from there 😉


out of the little we know about the frustration that was gold medal plates, what we do know is that scott and tessa locked eyes across the pub while listening to an angsty love song that was practically written about them and wordlessly agreed to skate to it.


Why Aren’t You Married Yet 6/

Scott Moir being a doting boyfriend.
Tessa and Scott being each other’s support system during their Olympic SD practice. (x)(x)


140402 Star Update with Super Junior M - Donghae