fckin' pirates

                   “ appear to be the devil…
                              and all men will submit. “

Niklaus was always fascinated by the work his father did. The stories he told when he would come home briefly, worn from his ventures, and always with a new child waiting for him. Mikael, The Destroyer, was as vicious as his name suggested and as Niklaus grew he bore most of the brunt of that. It wasn’t until years later that made it clear why he was under constant scrutiny and abuse. He was close to his siblings for the most part and had a rather shaky relationship with his mother. As he grew into a man he was raised on the decks of ships along with his siblings, learning the ways of his father and developing a taste for violence and power. It was an adrenaline filled life, the life of a pirate. Taking what he wanted, killing who he pleased as long as it benefited the crew. One evening while docked he learned from another pirate docked there as well that a war on the sea between two opposing crews - one whose captain Mikael killed. In confronting his father he learned that the Captain had been his true father thus explaining the shadow that he had been under. 

Abandoning everything he gathered what little he had and ventured out to join what was left of his real father’s, Ansel, crew. Seeing that Ansel had a son the men remaining of the crew determined to make Klaus their captain to carry on his father’s legacy. But in doing so he lost his dear little sister, Rebekah who he told nothing of his plans to. Not even that he had intended fully on returning once he was set and captain of his father’s crew. Instead some years later he did return to the docking town and found that Rebekah was gone. Wounded and soured by the news of losing the one person he loved more than anything he returned to the sea and vowed to kill anyone that had something to do with his father and the ship that was rumored to be uprising once again. 

He takes what he wants, gathering as much riches and spoil that he can and is set on making himself the king of the seas. Opposing crews and the bloody Navy closing in, be damned.

b a s i c s;;

name - klaus mikaelson ( no longer goes by niklaus )
age - 24
ship - the nereid

c o n n e c t i o n s;;

@fiercerebekah ;;
having grown up side by side with her he vowed to himself that he would protect her from anything and everything. But when he left their village to find his real father’s crew he didn’t tell her anything thus making it seem as though he’d abandoned her in spite of his intentions of coming back for her again. Upon returning home he finds she’s missing or dead, unaware that she’s been transformed into a mermaid hellbent for revenge on him for abandoning her, and vows to never care for another person again caring more about his spoil and taking monopoly of the seas.

@amongthcwreck ;;
close friend his entire life, klaus was pleased when Bellamy chose to follow him when he joined Ansel’s crew. The two learned everything together and are both ruthless in their own right. Bellamy is more brother than a mere friend.

@ofthcdamned ;;
another childhood friend that Klaus grew close with but by the time they were men things became severed when Marcel chose instead to join the Naval forces thus preventing them from agreeing with one another on anything and putting them fixed on opposing sides.

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I have a bone to pick with Emma tbqh! See I don't why she seems so resistant to even open herself up 2 the possibility of being with hook despite everything he's shown her & said to her proves that he's in this for the long haul. only a blind person would miss it. Yet everytime hook makes one of his gran romantic gestures she puts him down (except the "good" moment) or rather doesn't really give him anything concrete to go on. I want Emma from the past year to kick in soon (the one open 2 love)!

I can see this point of view, and obviously the fangirl in me that wants her to just fckin kiss the pirate already agrees, but…I don’t actually agree. At all.

She IS open to love, but that was the first time she was in an actual relationship since the Neal heartbreak…and it ended in lies and betrayal AGAIN. Give her a few episodes to try to put herself back together at least. She just had to essentially re-live through the most traumatic experience of her life. That’s not just me pulling that out of my ass - THE SHOW is showing us that. Here’s what I mean:

Note the “as usual” - this is a direct call-back to what happened with Neal. If they had left just those two words off the line, it makes it more about Walsh. The line without it would have read “He wasn’t who he said he was, and I got my heart broken.” Do you see how that actually kind of excludes Neal, even though it still does apply to him? They deliberately include Neal in this line so the viewer can see that this is a recurring thing that happens to Emma. She finally opens herself up to a real relationship, to a real commitment, and Neal 2.0 happens. 

And it really is Neal 2.0. Let’s examine the situations here. Emma, a person who we know as a woman who is averse to trust, chooses to trust a man who she thinks understands her and is good for her. The man makes promises and commitments to her, and she decides she wants to make a home with the man. When she finally thinks she has what she really wants with that man, he turns on her, and she finds out that from her perspective, the entire thing was a lie. She feels she was tricked the entire time. Which relationship am I talking about? Oh.

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