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A Temporary Home


“Ms. Ritsu, we need you to come up to the office immediately,” the voice spoke over the phone.

Elian had gotten a call from her chief after regular office hours, asking her to return to work for an emergency meeting. She quickly dressed herself in dark pants and a button up shirt, then raced out to door to get there as fast as possible.

Once she arrived at the building, she went into her office to find her chief and three of her co-workers all standing around a small boy, flicking his tail back and forth. Elian furrowed her brow, wondering why such a scene was before her.

“Elian,” the chief began. “We need you to look after him for a while.” The chief put her hands on the boy’s shoulders. “His name is Adrian, and we just pulled him out of some harsh conditions for such a small boy. We all conferred that you should be the one to take him in,” she stated plainly, gesturing to the other adults in the room.

In her mind, Elian’s thoughts were racing. “Why do I have to take him? Is there no foster home? Why can’t y'all take him? I’m not ready to keep a child!” Of course, she kept this all to herself.

“Yes, ma'am,” Elian bowed slightly.

The chief handed Elian a file folder with a few papers inside. “This is all the information we have on him. We wish you luck.”