So I know that I said I would pick the finalists and then there would be voting, but I decided that it wouldn’t be completely fair because then you might win just based off of how many followers you have. I went ahead and picked all of the winners. Now, just so you know, this was very hard and I regret not being able to pick everyone. But there were only 10 awards and over 150 amazing blogs to choose from. I love you all and please don’t be mad at me! 


Favorite Michael girl(s): 5sosperfection, calmhood
Favorite Luke girl: fckcalum
Favorite Ashton girl: ashtonbangme
Favorite Calum girl: zodiacalum
Favorite Michael URL: voguemichael
Favorite Luke URL: lukeyummings
Favorite Ashton URL: ashtoniron
Favorite Calum URL: hoodcalum
Best overall URL: 4boys5sos
Best original edits: fallenfor5sos

In the original post, I forgot to include what the prizes would be, but yeah they are:

  • you get to be featured on my blog
  • promos whenever you want (just ask!!)
  • a follow if I’m not already
  • basically I’ll do literally anything for you, just ask me!
  • the satisfaction of being a winner

Congratulations to all of you, and I love every single one of you who participated! Maybe I’ll do another one again some time with different awards :) 

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Who dat

ok so like me, anna (michaeluke), hannah (lukehemmering), and morgan (calumcliffords) all tinychatted on saturday night and anna had a frickin duck in a sombrero and hannah named it julio and ya omfg