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With Get Out, you know a lot of people thought Rose was being hypnotized and I'm like, why? Even if people realize it's a commentary on presumed white woman innocence it's still annoying as fck. Why does she get the benefit of the doubt? Why is she presumed innocent? She's the most sinister character. How could she forget the other victims when she tells Chris "you were one of my favorites." WHY ARE THEY ALWAYS INNOCENT? This is exhausting

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Hello! I love seeing jealous Chanyeol to Baekhyun ❤️😍 But I guess there aren't too many moments where Chanyeol got jealous so often... can you make an analysis of jealous Chanyeol pleaseeee 😍💕 I have always loved all your analysis about them 😍 I have been your ghostie since last year! Love you❤️❤️

sorrry for replying this late, so here it is:

chanyeol noticed krisbaek, and there you goes jealous!chanyeol

okay there’s krisbaek again, chanyeol just noticed baekhyun holding into kris’ arms, oh yasss why chanyeol is so hot when he’s jealous?

source: baekyeolmoments video: https://twitter.com/baekyeolmoments/status/726010432687742976

oh yes chanyeol

exo showtime: baekhyun trying to bite sehun’s arms and there’s chanyeol….


uhm so there’s baekhyun looking at t***** i know chanyeol i know you’re fine :—-)

“why the fck my husband and my son are flirting?!”


(Gaon Awards) baekhyun and heechul hugging, and there goes chanyeol… yes give him back his baby

husband and son flirting again, yes to jealous chanyeol

aw man 

dont worry yoda this puppy is only yours~

thank you for requesting me to do this! ^_^ i really enjoyed doing this~ kkkk

i think it’s ridiculous that so many antis are so deadset on thinking that ji/kook is fan service. when we’ve been getting quality jikook content since  pre debut. and like, since 2015, jikook have been getting stronger and gayer?? it’s not like it’s a new thing that started this year??? like, we’ve been getting gay jikook moments since before i even became an army. it’s not like last month jikook went from never speaking to each other to making out on camera. and like, i’ve said this roughly 7373 times. but istg the whole “jikook is fanservice to hid v//kook” thing is so pointless. why the fck would they hid a same-sex relationsihp with another same-sex realtionship. ???? like stop reaching and understand all members like each other and have moments??? and like, hey don’t say v//kook is fan service, you’re doing the same thing you’re complaining about. v//kook have just as many cute moments, we shouldn’t hate on a ship (even if you do ship them) :)

Elorcan Nightmare Headcanons

I’m complete Elorcan trash and this is what has happened. I was inspired after my reply to a shipping meme where I made a couple Elorcan headcanons and that can be found here. I’ve already made a first set of headcanons before and they’re here. All the thanks and appreciation for @dr-woodsprite​ by giving me information and helping me out with the visuals.

The next one will be about what happens when Lorcan gets a nightmare. If you want to be tagged in that, just let me know. 

Please keep in mind that I haven’t read EOS yet so if anything seems wrong or off, that’s why. 

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When Elide gets a nightmare:

- Both of them have plenty of nightmares from their past.
- When Elide wakes up from her nightmares, she’s either gasping for breath or tears are running down her face.
- The first time it happens in front of Lorcan, he’s awake almost instantly and he stares in shock at Elide.
- He can see the devastation of the past written so clearly on her face and it breaks his heart.
- He slowly sits up, giving Elide the opportunity to deny his touch if she wants. It’s not a time to judge.
- He carefully and gently wipes her tears away with his thumbs and looks her in the eyes the entire time.
- Elide only stares up at him blankly and does not flinch away from his touch but she doesn’t lean into it either.
- Lorcan isn’t too sure what to do but he picks her up gently and puts her in his lap while using his magic to open the windows.
- He wraps the blanket around the both of them to warm her up but makes sure there’s a cool breeze on her face.
- He pulls her close and whispers to her that he’s right there and they’re together and they’re here.
- He reassures her that he will protect her and keep her shielded from her demons to the best of his abilities.  
- Lorcan then lays her down onto the bed when she has finally stopped shaking and puts the blanket on her gently as if one wrong move will shatter her.
- He’ll then get under the blanket too and then wait for her to turn to him and allow him to comfort her some more.
- When she does, Lorcan kisses her forehead and whispers his words of comfort and love to her.
- He doesn’t push her to tell him anything and just wants her to sleep and feel better in the morning.
- There are nights when Elide talks quietly and says that she doesn’t know if she will ever heal and she doesn’t know if she can.
- “ You can.”
- “ You don’t know that, Lorcan.”
- “ But I do. You’re Elide Lochan. Lady of Perranth. The woman I love. The strongest person I know.”
- ” I’m not that strong.“
- ” You’re a woman who has faced too much for several lifetimes and yet I see you smiling everyday.  Gods, I love your smile. It shows me everytime how much strength you have.“
- She stays silent but Lorcan knows that he’s subdued her doubts. At least a little.
- Most of the times, Elide ends up telling Lorcan of her nightmares the next morning when the sunlight has barely entered the room.
- Lorcan keeps quiet until she’s done talking and pulls her close.
” Strongest woman I know.“

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Why the fck do we even have a return policy (that you can't return certain products w/o a receipt) if managers just tell us to give them a refund anyway, and if the customers go to corporate, corporate also tells us to "take care of it"???

It’s a business model designed to ward off the scammer customers from stealing and doing false returns. However it’s the scammers that have found and abused the loopholes and created a group of whiny entitled assholes that we have to deal with only to be yelled at by corporate for letting them steal.

It’s a catch 22