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Samuel McAllister: Prologue

This story begins in an office of a medical center being redeveloped to fit in with the new clients moving into the neighborhood, new upwardly mobile working couples who preferred their medical centers looking good; so if they did get sick despite their dedication to a healthy lifestyle, going to the gym on a regular basis, staying away from all the unhealthy stuff, et cetera, they wouldn’t be offended by out of date magazines or drapes that didn’t match the post-modern landscapes on the wall.

I was not the head of the medical center. Most people didn’t even know I was there. Nowadays, I saw few clients, and the ones I do see were not what you call ‘normal’. To give you a picture: Remember the ‘Cat-Lady’ in the TV series ‘The Simpsons’? I have a bunch of them seeing me every week, even the male version.

Anyway, I had this little set of offices out the back, and people just thought about me the way you think about the crazy uncle who only lives a few blocks away but you never actually get around for paying him a visit. I don’t bother them, and they don’t bother me.

I’ve inherited a fortune from my late parents, grandparents and even from an aunt I barely knew. So, it doesn’t matter whether I have clients seeing me or not since I’m financially secured.

When there was nothing going on which happened quite a lot I took the extra free time to work on my little machines, and delved deeper and deeper into the human brain. I never get over how beautiful and complex the human mind can be. I guess that’s what started it all - the power of people to rationalize their behavior.

Let me explain some things before we move on to the main story.

As a clinician, I spent years listening to people telling me their stories, and I was always amazed at the rationalizations they came up with to justify their behavior.

“I can’t go outside or the men in black will get me!”

“I can’t eat shellfish because they drink polluted water!”

“I killed those puppies so my dear grandma could play with them in heaven!”

All these individuals were behaving in odd and sometimes anti-social ways, and yet they were firmly convinced that their arguments were logical and reasonable.

“I had to hit that son of a bitch because he was thinking about another woman!”

“Neal Armstrong never landed on the moon - it’s a conspiracy!”

“They tap my phone because they know I know stuff!”

This is not new. Over the centuries man has shown a wonderful capability to justify any action so that it appears reasonable. Slavery, murder, war, rape, mass destruction - all things a reasonable person might consider wrong, but at the time it seems appropriate and necessary. This was the part of the human psyche I wanted to examine, to manipulate, to control.

My early attempts at behavior change met with failure. People would do things because of social pressure, doctors’ orders, or to please the authority figure. But as soon as the pressure was off, they would slip back into their old patterns. I needed a way to get them to take responsibility for their own behavior modification. Not just agree with me, but believe it to be the absolute right thing to do.

So, after years of research, I developed my Fundamental Compliance Device or FCD. It was designed to activate the portions of the brain that were responsible for making decisions seem reasonable. You see, the brain is constantly asking itself questions, and then responding to the most reasonable answer.

“How should I exit this room? A) Through the door or B) Through the window?”

“Through the door, you idiot!”

These inner conversations are going on all the time, but we are seldom aware of them. So, what happens when those answers are changed? That’s right! Behavior changes right along with them.

“A) Should I kill the boss or B) Should I surpress my anger so I don’t go to prison?”

“Kill the boss. He’s a bastard, and they probably will call you a hero.”

The FCD was meant to change the answers to some of these questions, and change the behaviors accordingly.

Great! You cry. That way, people can stop smoking, lose weight, total rehabilitation of sex offenders and murderers. A boon to mankind!

What you don’t understand is that I am doing this for me. I don’t give a damn about mankind. And it is the dysfunctional person that provides the income for my whole profession. I am not going to tamper with the destiny and evolution of mankind. Just the destiny and evolution of a couple of men. Maybe when I die, mankind can have it. But in the meantime I will have my fun with the FCD.

Now, let’s get back to the story.

Remember we were getting the medical center remodeled? Well, as I came in every morning, I noticed one of the foremen was a goody two-shoes. It didn’t take a genius to figure that out. When he wasn’t socializing with his workmen or telling them what to do, he was doing all sorts of good deeds such as walking old ladies to the other side of the street or giving his changes to homeless people. In appearance, he was just an Average Joe. Mid-thirties, overweight due to having junk food for lunch on his workdays for many years; a few people would say he was obese. He wore his brown hair parted and was clean shaven. His shirts were always neat, so were his shoes and trousers that were at least two sizes too big. Furthermore, he was a happily married father of four children going to church every Sunday and supporting a dozen charity organizations. In addition to being a devoted Christian, philanthropist and Republican, he backed various anti-gay campaigns because he believed that homosexuality was a sin. He even went to some demonstrations against the legalization of gay marriage. To cut a long story short: He was living the perfect conservative and bigot life.

I don’t know why I thought that he’d be a perfect guinea pig for my first major project. Maybe, it was a fantasy of mine I wanted to make come true changing a Good Samaritan into something else or I was just pissed off by guys like him. Either way, I decided that he would be my latest guinea pig.

In order to construct my machine I had had to learn quite a bit about electronics, so it was quite simple to set up a specific electrical booby trap for my first victim. The next morning, as I moved towards the front door, the goody two-shoes was on his way to his team to have a talk about their next steps when several hundred volts went shooting through his body right on time.

Of course, I volunteered to work on him, and had his men bring him to my office. It was early, and there was no one else inside at that time. After checking him I assured everyone he was fine; he just needed to rest. Then I sent his men back to work promising them that I would call his wife, and while he was still out, I plugged him into the FCD. It would take a while for the computers to align themselves to his specific brain activity, so I needed to ask him several easy questions.

“How are you feeling?”

“Wha … what happened?”

“You had a brush with some live wires, by the look of things. Tell me, how many fingers am I holding up?”

“Two… Where am I?”

“You’re in the medical center, in my consulting room. Can you tell me your name?”

“Samuel. Samuel McAllister. Who are you and what are these wires?” He started to rise and was grabbing for the wires stuck to his head.

“Just lie down. You’ve had a severe electrical shock, and I’m just running an EEG to check that there has been no permanent damage. As for me, you can call me Doctor D. Everybody does. Just relax for a few minutes while I check the readout.”

He dropped back onto the couch, while I checked the calibration. My trusty little device had zeroed in on the appropriate areas, and was now ready to start applying the proper little micro-electric pulses. I would say something while pressing my little black button, and, theoretically, Samuel would attempt to integrate it into his reality, as if it were something he already knew, or at least wanted to believe.

“You don’t have to go just yet. Why don’t you just stay here for a while?”

“Okay. I think I could take a break. Did someone call my wife?”

“I will. But let me check the rest of you first. In case there was other damage. Don’t worry. I’m a doctor. The best one around. And you can trust me completely. Now, let’s get those clothes off, shall we?“

He was a little reluctant to undress, but he did anyway. Inside his head, he was asking:

“Should I take all my clothes off in front of a complete stranger?”

“Sure. He’s a doctor, the best, and you can trust him completely.”

Soon, he was standing there completely naked, except for the wires connected to his scalp. As I already mentioned above, he was overweight, but not a lost cause. With the right work-out program and diet he could lose those pounds in a couple of months.

To my amusement, his hands were held in front of him to hide his manhood.

“There’s no need for being embarrassed,” I said as I tried not to chuckle. “I’m your doctor. It’s okay for me to look at every part of you.”

He dropped his hands and relaxed a bit, and I was quite pleased that there was nothing wrong with what I saw there. Even deflated, his cock seemed healthy.

“Now, Samuel, I’m going to give you a thorough examination, but you are not to move or hinder me in any way. Okay?”

“Sure, whatever you say.”

I then set about checking the rest of his body. Partly, I am enough of a scientist to want to make sure my experimental subjects are healthy. But mainly, I just wanted to get my hands on a naked man, even though he was hairy like a bear.

I rubbed his chest, squeezed his nipples. I stroked his butt and had him bend over so I could check his hole. I had him put his hands behind his head while I took a few good slaps at his stomach. He just stood there blandly through it all. Finally, I reached down to fondle his dick and his balls, but there was little response.

“Samuel, I need to know if your cock is still working properly. Could you get an erection for me?”

“Are you sure? I just never got it… you know… hard in front of a man before.”

“It’s up to you, Samuel. But I just wanted to make sure your dick was up to scratch. Just think of your wife. Imagine making love to her.” He got a smile on his face, and his cock started swelling. I squeezed his balls, twisted the sac, stroked his member and slapped it a few times. Through it all it was obvious he was off in a fantasy somewhere.

“That’s fine, Samuel. You can get dressed now.”

“Thanks.” Samuel grabbed his clothes and started to dress himself.

“From now on, Samuel, I may need to examine you on a regular basis. That means if I ask you to take your clothes off, you will do it no matter where you are.”

“Sure. I want to be sure I’m okay.”

“And I may need to check every part of your body, so you won’t be upset if I touch you even in the most private places?”

“No, you just touch me anywhere you want. I know you’re just doing your job.”

“One more thing before you go back to work…”

“Yes?” Samuel sat back down, now fully dressed.

“I don’t like all that hair over your body. It may be making you overheat, and that could be bad.” Samuel looked puzzled.

“I want you to go home and shave the hair off your arms and legs, your crotch, under your arms and even off your ass. Otherwise you might get too hot and die. Do you have problems breathing sometimes?”


“That’s because of all the hair. In addition to you being overweight it can cause long-term damage to your body.”

“Okay, I suppose you know what you’re talking about.”

“Good. I’ll take another look at you in a couple of days, and we’ll see how things are going.”


“You’re welcome. That’s what I’m here for.” I stood up and started removing the electrodes from his head.

“I think there is no need to tell your wife about your little accident. We don’t want to worry her, do we?”

“Of course not! She already has her hands full with the children and her studies.”

“Your wife is studying?”

“Yes, she is aiming for a degree in teaching. She will be finished in a couple of months.”

“That’s why you’d better not bother her. She has to focus on her studies.”

“That’s right.”

“You should get back to work now, and I’ll check on you in a couple of days.”

“Okay. Thanks again, Doctor D. I really appreciate what you’re doing for me.”

“My pleasure. Take care. Bye.”

After he left, I sat down to write up the notes. It all seemed to be going well, but now it was a matter of seeing how well the new suggestions held. According to my theories, the new justification scripts should be permanent, but I would just have to wait and see. An intelligent person would probably be continually reassessing their life scripts, looking for new and better solutions to problems and situations.

Although Samuel was quite intelligent he didn’t doubt my words as he thought of me as a man who could be trusted blindly. Also, I assume that he was a little naïve. Well, he was, after all, a goody two-shoes who believed in everything his church told him. I couldn’t deny how much I was looking forward to the end results.

The next morning I turned up, eager to see what had happened. The answer was both gratifying and annoying.

Yes, by the looks of it, Samuel had gone home and shaved his body. Unfortunately, I forgot that he preferred to wear trousers and long sleeve shirts, buttoned up high.

Samuel waved to me when he saw me (well, I was his trusted doctor) and I acknowledged him. I had actual clients to see that day, so there was nothing I could do about it then and there. But I cleared some space for the next day to make sure Samuel got another dose of ‘friendly’ suggestions.

“Good to see you again, Samuel. Just come in and take off your clothes.”

Samuel walked into my office and started stripping before the nurse had closed the door. It didn’t take long for him to get completely naked and stand there waiting for me.

“I need to put these wires back on. Do you mind, Samuel?”

“I suppose it’s okay. I really want to make sure I’m all right.” I walked over and attached the electrodes to the various points on his scalp. I couldn’t help but notice, though, that his body was smooth despite all the extra pounds he was carrying. He didn’t make any comment about being nude in front of me, so I took it that the other suggestions had worked as well.

The machine already had his patterns mapped, so it didn’t take long to get down to business.

“Why are you still wearing long sleeve shirts to work, Samuel?”

“Well, I wear them every day.”

“And why did I tell you to shave your body?”

“You said it would overheat, and that would be bad for me.”

“That’s right. But what’s the point of shaving all that hair off if you’re going to wear clothes to cover it all up?”

“I suppose it’s not good, Doctor D?”

“No, it’s not good. From now on, the less you wear the better. If you wear a shirt, make sure it doesn’t cover your arms and that it’s unbuttoned all the way down. And get yourself some really tight pants for heaven’s sake. The trousers you are wearing are at least two sizes too big.”

“Okay, Doctor D, but my workers are really going to jerk me around if I do that. And my wife… She was quite shocked after I shaved my body.”

“What’s more important? Your health and your doctor’s orders, or a bunch of construction workers? As for your wife, she has better things to do, don’t you think? Just tell her that you want to try out something new. I’m sure she will understand. After all, it’s your health we are talking about. You don’t want to make her a widow and leave your children without a dad, do you?”

“Hell, no! If you say that my life depends on it, I have to do it then.” He looked resigned as the machine reassured him it was for the best.

“Also, I’m going to need a sperm sample from you. Just to run a few tests.” Samuel baulked at that for a few seconds, as his natural instinct was to question the need. But my little device convinced him that I was the best doctor in the world, and it was rude to question my instructions.

“Uh, sure Doctor D… Where do I go?”

“You can do it right here, where you are.”

“But, I’ve never jerked myself off with anyone watching. I don’t think I can do it.” He was embarrassed about doing something so private in the office, but he was just as upset at letting his trusted doctor down.

“That’s okay. Just try, while I get a specimen bottle.” It was a glorious sight, watching this man doing his best to get himself going while trying not to look at anything. He had his fist wrapped around his cock as it slowly stiffened, and he began his jerking motions. I walked up and stood as close to him as I could.

“Do you need any help?”

“No, I’m fine.”

“No, I insist. Let me just massage your balls to make sure the sperm is all mixed up in there, huh?”


I suppose he wasn’t used to masturbating while he was standing up. He certainly wasn’t used to doing it while another man tugged and pushed his balls. It didn’t take long for him to hit orgasm, and I was a bit sorry. I was going to suggest to him that I work on his prostate.

Oh, what the hell!

While the last of his cum oozed into the specimen jar, I had another word with him.

“That’s good, Samuel, but we need more than that. Do you think you could do it again for me?”

“What? Now? But I can’t come again already.”

“Just give it a try, it’s important.”

“Okay, if you say so.” And then he started pumping again. His cock wasn’t quite as big, and it was obvious he was used to rolling over and falling asleep after his orgasm.

“Samuel, I’m going to have to help you with this. You keep doing what you’re doing, while I put some pressure on your prostate. But you’re going to have to bend forward a little.”

“No, please, I can do it …”

“I can’t wait for that, Samuel. Now, be a good boy and bend forward so I can get my finger into your ass.” He wasn’t happy about it, but he was getting used to following orders. He leaned forward, and I pushed my index finger into his virgin hole. I moved it around a fair bit, which didn’t really help him come, but gave me pleasure.

Finally, I pressed his little button, and he exploded a second time. I think it took him by surprise, because he let out a fair grunt.

“There. See? I knew you could do it.”

“Yeah. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome. Why don’t you put on your clothes and we’ll have a little chat.” When he put his shirt on, he rolled up the sleeves and left the front open to expose his smooth chest.

“Now, Samuel, I’m a little worried about some things. No, don’t worry. It’s nothing serious. I just need to run a few tests.”

“But what’s wrong with me, Doctor D?”

“I’ll be able to tell you next week. Come back and see me on Monday, and I’ll have some definite answers for you. In the meantime, I want you to give up alcohol completely, and make sure you get a lot of exercise. And no more junk food. Ever. We want you to be very fit and healthy, don’t we?”

“I guess so.”

“Now, get back to work, and remember everything I’ve told you.” I removed the wires from his head and he stood to go.

“Will I be okay, Doctor D? Give it to me straight.”

“If you do everything I tell you to do, you’ll be more than okay.”

Samuel smiled. “I sure will. See you on Monday.”

“One more thing before you go. Don’t tell anything to your wife. We’d better not bother her, especially, now when she is about to earn her degree.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll keep my mouth shut.”


I was amazed at how well the experiment was going. If I could only get my machine to work telemetrically. There must be some way to dispose of the wires. I would get a friend I knew to work on it for me.

But otherwise, everything seemed to be going extremely well.

The next morning, Samuel was up on the scaffolding, wearing skinny jeans and a tank top. His butt looked jammed as it pushed against the tight fabric. I don’t know how the other men were reacting to the changes in their foreman, but the looks they were giving him said they were starting to see Samuel in a totally new light.

On Monday morning, Samuel was waiting for me as I walked up to the office.

"I couldn’t wait. I need to know if there’s anything wrong with me.”

“That’s okay, Samuel. Come on in.” I dropped my briefcase and hung up my coat, while Samuel automatically took his clothes off. There wasn’t much to remove - the same skinny jeans he was wearing for days, a t-shirt and, to my surprise, a jockstrap. I must have been staring, because Samuel stopped and tried to figure out what was wrong.

“I see you have taken my suggestions to heart.”

“Of course, I have. It’s all for the best.”

“I didn’t tell you to wear jockstraps, did I?”

“The less I wear the better. Those were your words.”

“Yes, I did. How do you feel wearing jockstrap?”

“At first, I felt embarrassed. But after some time it was… How should I put it… sexy.”

“That’s good, Samuel. You’re on your way to have a long and healthy life. I’m really proud of you.”

Samuel blushed. “Thanks… Don’t you want to check me over?”

“Yes, Samuel. No, that’s fine.” I was a little thrown by the jockstrap and the easy way he had taken to stripping for me. Maybe my machine was doing more than I knew.

“Tell me, how did your wife react to your new wardrobe?” I bustled around him, attaching the electrodes to their usual positions.

“Well,” he began, “at first, she was irritated. She still is. Always asking me what’s wrong with me.”

“Did you tell her that you are seeing me?”

“No, you told me that I shouldn’t because it would bother her. And right now she has to focus on her studies.”

“Good.” I smiled at him, and then sat at the desk and picked up some papers that I could pretend were the results of his test.

“I have some news for you, Samuel, but you may not like it.”

“Tell me, Doctor D.”

“Well, from these results, it looks like you’re gay.”

“Gay? No way! I’m as straight as they come!”

“I’m sorry, Samuel, but all the signs are there. We tested your semen, and it confirmed it.”

“But how? How can I be gay? I’m married for twelve years. I have four kids.”

“There are men who find out about their homosexuality after spending a few years in a heterosexual relationship. Some of them even got kids. It’s quite common. They repress their real sexuality due to internal homophobia until they experience a significant event which can be the death of a parent, the birth of a child or, like in your case, an accident.”

“But I’m not attracted to men. I’ve never even seen another man naked. Homosexuality is a sin. That’s what the pastor of my church is telling.” He was confused, and my poor machine was desperately converting this inverted logic into undeniable truth.

“Well, there’s one more test we can do. But if it says you’re gay, then there is no question. Do you want to try it?”

“Yes, of course! What is it?” He was frantic to find some way of proving that he was heterosexual, although the machine was already enhancing his every doubt.

“Well, you know that gay men give other men blow jobs?”

“Yes, everyone knows that.”

“Well, you can give me a blow job. If it works in say, fifteen minutes, and I cum in your mouth, then that means you must be gay, because you made another man come.” It was a long shot, but I was hoping he was so confused he wouldn’t question the pseudo logic too closely.

“Ah, you mean, I suck your dick, like my wife, and if you have an orgasm, then I’m really gay?”

“That’s right. Only a gay guy could make another guy come. You want to try it?”

“Sure, if you say that’s going to verify whether I’m gay or not.”

He knelt down near the machine and I walked towards him and pulled out my dick. It was already hardening from the mind games I had been playing, so it was ready for a good face fucking. Samuel was tentative to start with, as he did this for the first time in his life. When it seemed he was being too gentle and cautious, I placed my hands on the back of his head and began pushing my cock deep into his mouth.

We soon got into a rhythm, and it was just under the fifteen minutes when I came into his mouth. I kept his head pressed deep into my crotch so he had no choice but to swallow the load. He wasn’t ready yet to lick my cock clean, so I grabbed a tissue from a box on the desk.

“Well, that sort of proves it, don’t you think?”

Samuel sat there with his head in his hands, close to tears.

“Shit, I must be gay, then, like you said.”

“Now, it’s not all that bad. You can still have a fantastic life. It’s just that you’ll be having sex with men instead of women. Furthermore, I suggest you’d better not set foot in that church with that homophobic pastor from now on.”

“But I still love my wife! We have great sex! How can I be gay when I can’t even get hard thinking about men?”

“Well, it probably means that you’re a ‘bottom’.”

“What do you mean a 'bottom’?”

“Well, there are some gay men who only serve other men. They suck them off and let the 'top’ fuck their ass and stuff. In other words, they are like women in a heterosexual relationship.”

“So you think I could be a bottom?”

“It looks like it to me.”

“Still… I don’t know anything about being gay…”

“Look, here’s the address of a club downtown. Go there tonight. Tell the bartender you’ve just discovered that you are gay and a bottom. Ask him if he could recommend a top for you, someone who doesn’t mind to show you the ropes. Then, you go with this top and do everything he tells you for three months. After that you come back to my office for another check-up. Furthermore, I want you to keep a video journal. Record your daily progress and give me a copy of the video files at our next meeting. I will use them for my research in order to help other men who are going through the same dilemma.” I unhooked him from the machine, and he put on his clothes.

“Okay… See you in three months, then, Doctor D.“

"I’ll look forward to it.” And that was no lie.

Three months later I was walking towards the office. The workmen had finished some time ago, and I’d heard nothing from Samuel since our last meeting. Some of the gossip going around made me think that he had taken my suggestions to heart, though.

As I got closer to the front door, I noticed a big handsome guy with a goatee, apparently in his early thirties, standing against the wall like a hooker. His brown hair was shaved to a short crew cut while his eyebrows were perfectly even, plucked by a real professional. With no unnecessary fat on his body it was obvious that he was on a strict diet and successfully resisted any temptation. His muscles which stretched his black tank top to the max indicated that he went to the gym several times a week regularly. He was wearing skin-tight black leather pants that highlighted his bubble butt and crotch very, very well. There were also some hints that one of his nipples were pierced. All in all, a nice way to start the day.

When the guy opened his mouth I didn’t recognize him as Samuel because he had a lisp that wasn’t there before. I assume it’s due to having his tongue pierced.

“Hi, Doc.”

“Do I know you?”

“It’s me, Samuel.”

“Samuel? Samuel McAllister…? Oh my…”

He grinned. “Yeah, Doc, it’s me. You said I should come back and tell you how it was going.”

“I’m glad you did. Come on in to the office.”

“I can’t stay long. My master’s going to be back soon. And we have to get our flight to San Francisco in three hours. We have been hired to do a live sex show.” I stopped at the words 'Master’ and ‘live sex show’ but let it go as we passed into my office.

“So, Samuel, tell me what you’ve been up to.”

“Well, I went to that bar, like you said. I asked the bartender about tops, and he suggested I look out for my Master - I mean, he wasn’t my master then.

"Anyhow, I found him, and told him I just discovered that I was gay and wanted to learn how to be a bottom. At first, he thought I was kidding, but when I kept on at him, he said he would teach me as long as I did everything he told me to. Of course, I said yes, like you told me to, and then he explained to me exactly what a bottom does, and it sounded really bad, but he was a good teacher. Every time I did something wrong he would make sure that I would do it right next time.

“However, when he demanded me to move in with him and to stay away from my wife and kids in those three months, I was reluctant at first until he told me that it was necessary. So, I went home, wrote a letter to my wife that I needed some time off in order to figure out a few things and moved to my master’s place. During the first two weeks he taught me how to suck off another man properly. He also helped me control my gag reflex, so I could deep-throat even a 9 inch cock with ease.”

“That really is impressive.”

“In addition to that Master fucked me every day until my hole got used to the pain. It really doesn’t hurt anymore. When Master was sure that I didn’t have any problems to have a cock invading my ass he offered me to anyone who was ready to pay for my service. All the money I earned went to Master as compensation for taking care of me. He buys me food, clothes and all the other things I needed.

“Well, I remembered what you said about if I came, then I could be sure I was gay. So every now and then, my master would get my dick out and play with it, but I couldn’t get it hard for him at first. I just wasn’t turned on. I know it made him angry, but there was nothing I could do.

"Then after a month he invited some of his friends over, and we had a sort of orgy with me as the only bottom to serve them. They made a circle around me and took their turn. Each one of them fucked me and filled my ass with their cum. There was one point where I was being fucked up the butt by one guy while I had another guy’s dick in my mouth, and I felt my master’s hand reach down and play with my balls. Before I knew it, I was getting hard, and then he did some things to my dick, which really hurt, but my dick stayed hard.

“Then my master took his turn. He pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me and squeezing my nipples. The guys around us were yelling out for him to do more, and so he got me to bend over and he forcefully shoved his cock inside my ass. While he fucked me it brought out something very good inside of me. That’s when I really felt it, and I before I knew what ws going on I came all over the ground.

"My master made me lick it up, because that’s what a good bottom does.”

“And that was the moment you knew that you were gay.”

"Yeah, I guess so, but I had an idea before that. I just wanted to come by and thank you for all you did for me. You were the first one to really tell me like, you know.”

“That’s my job, Samuel. I am glad I was able to help. What about your wife?”

“After verifying my homosexuality Master told me that there was no way I could return to my old life, and he was right. So I paid my wife a visit and explained to her that I was gay and wanted to live the life I was supposed to live. I still love her but we aren’t sexually compatible. Moreover, our views on homosexuality are too different. She believes that it is a disease and that it can be cured. But I know it better. You are born gay. You can’t change the way you are. I’ve already hired a lawyer who is taking care of my divorce as we speak. I know it’s terrible for the kids. But it’s for the best. My wife can still find another man and have a happy life with him. By the way, she got her degree. She also found a job as an elementary school teacher.”

“That’s great. Now she can support herself and the kids without you.”

“Of course, I will pay her alimony, and she will get the house. At least, she and the kids have a home and won’t starve.”

“You are too generous, Samuel… I can’t shake off the feeling that you aren’t really happy about how things turned out.”

“Of course, I’m not happy about the outcome. I was happy when I was a husband. I was happy when I had my four kids around me. I was happy when I was respected in my community. During those three months I have lost everything. My parents have disowned me. I have been fired from my job. I’m not welcomed at my old church. And my wife doesn’t allow me to see my kids although I’m not sure if I want them to see me as I am now.”

“You will get over it. I’m positive about it. You have a master who is eager to teach you how to be a gay man. There is a new world out there waiting to be discovered by you. You can finally be authentic. Trust me. Every child would rather have a father who is honest to himself than a father who isn’t.”

“My master told the exact same thing to me.”

“You are a lucky guy to have such a wonderful man by your side.”

“I have to admit I have madly fallen in love with him after he made me cum for the first time. And yes, I consider myself a lucky guy to have found him. Sometimes I find it difficult to adjust to the gay world. After all, I was living the perfect straight life for more than thirty-six years. But my master knows how to make me feel at ease. And I really love it when he fucks me. He’s a great top.”

“You’ve mentioned that you and your master are doing a live sex show. Are you doing it for a living?”

“Yes, my master happens to be an adult entertainer. He convinced me to perform live sex shows with him. At first, I suffered from stage fright. But I got over it quickly. When he fucks me in front of a crowd I feel liberated and strong because the two of us control the sexual energy around us. We are quite popular. We are booked out for the next six months. He also got me to do porn, modelling, dancing and escorting. I don’t know if I want to be an adult entertainer for the rest of my life. But so far it’s fun.

“Well, I got to get to the airport now. Thanks again, Doc.”

“Goodbye, Samuel. And don’t be a stranger. How about coming back in three months or so? Just for a check-up.”

“I will gladly accept your offer… Oh, by the way. Here is a copy of my video journal. I have recorded every day of my progress, as you said.”

“I’m sure they will help me in my research.”

“I’m also thinking of starting a vlog. Maybe it will help people who are in the closet to come out.”

“I can tell you that you have at least one follower.” 

And off he went to his exciting gay life.

Thanks to him I knew my FCD was a wonderful success. A few more adjustments and refinements, and there’s no telling what sort of fun I could have.

But first, let’s take a look into Samuel’s video journal.


Tekken Tidbits: Terminology

I have some down time at work and my wrist is killing me so I am gonna write up some things on mobile for you cats just getting in to Tekken so you can kind of understand what the fuck is going on. This won’t be a daily thing, but for now let’s focus on the backbone of the game itself- its phrasing. If there’s any glaring typos it’s because mobile is horrible. Let’s do this.

1. If you know the directions as numbers from other fighters , unlearn that as quickly as you can. In Tekken the buttons are referred to with numbers, and the directions are literally “down, down-forward, forward, etc.” each limb is used as a number and it makes reading notations really easy because it’s universal for every character out of the gate.

1:represents the character’s left arm.
2:represents the character’s right arm.
3:represents the character’s left leg.
4:represents the character’s right leg.

So, if you hear or read somebody say “Steve has a really good b1” that would break down to “Steve has a really good back and left arm move.”

I don’t know if he still has it but Jin had a literal 1-2-3-4 combination that all you did was press each button once, it would be good practice to just learn notation and hit the corresponding buttons.


FC=Full crouch. That means your character is down in the shit, just bending over.
WS= While standing/rising . That means from when you’re holding down, to when your character is standing up in their fighting stance.
iWS =instant while rising.
FCD= face down, with their feet towards the opponent.
SLD=Slide =Face down and feet away from the opponent.
KND=Knockdown position. Face up and feet towards.
PlD= play dead, face up and feet away from.
N=Neutral. That is when your controller isn’t giving any movements to the character and your dude is just standing there cooling it.
SS= side step. A corresponding l or r will be on the end to let you know which direction to go.

That’s all I got right now regarding movement. Let’s move on.

3. “Sway” refers to a character that has a different type of back step that isn’t just moving backwards, they do exactly what it says- they sway. Bryan Fury has a sway and he’s the first character that comes to mind. Sway makes it harder to do KBD, more on that later.

4. You break throws by hitting the corresponding button of the Closest Limb to grab your character. So if somebody grabs you and their left arm reaches out first, hit 1. If you see the right arm first, hit 2. If you see them both coming in for that sweet sweet embrace, hit them both. There are special grabs in the game, so be careful.

5.Universal parry in this game is df, or down-forward. It’s active for between 14 to 19 frames I can’t remember how much, and it will throw the opponents leg to the ground if done properly. Don’t guess on parries because you’re not blocking, be safe.

6. Most characters have a personal “reversal” that I call parry and so do most people. You can do their specific ones by hitting b+1,2 or b+3,4 or back+both arms/both legs.

7. “How do people glow?!” just hit all four buttons. You do more damage with your next hit and the first hit will have counter attack properties. On block it should do more as chip as well. Some characters have specific charges that don’t require the four button presses (See: Paul Crouching for a while. Leo’s stance change during her string, and the famous Jin double flex.)

8. “Are prop weapons useful? The bat looks broken because it can hit fire balls!” no. Prop weapons are specifically there for fun and are extremely unsafe and slow. A lot of people will get mad if you hit them with a big fish, it’s funny as hell.

9. “My buddy said ‘x’ character has a 4 frame startup move! They must be top tier.” your friend is lying to you, in Tekken 7, if I remember correctly, no move is faster than 10 frames. Also, before somebody says some dumb shit: grabs are a little faster by like 1-2 frames.

Also, tiers in this game don’t mean anything if you don’t know how to play the game. You could pick Xiaoyu right now with the mindset that she is the highest tier character and get your ass beaten because you don’t understand the flow of the game. Play who you like and I bet you’ll win more than just picking a top tier.

10. “I’m New to Tekken! Who should I play?”

Anybody that looks cool to you,but remember you gotta invest time into that character to learn them. I really enjoy Steve, but all of the changes from when I played T7 in arcade, to Evo, to now, has me fucked up. I’m still learning new things every day. The same goes for Leo, but I’m having so much fun that the time invested isn’t a grind yet to me.

If you’re one of those people that absolutely positively needs a direction and doesn’t expect me to answer specific questions and make this longer than necessary here are some people you can start with and be okay I guess: Paul (maybe), Lily, Bob, Claudio, Asuka (maybe), and that’s all I got.

11. “What’s KBD and why are all the pros mentioning it at least once?!”

It stands for “Korean Back-dash” and it let’s you cancel the backwards animation while block and still being able to control your character. You cut the recovery animation of back-dashing, it’s cool, it helps, and it’s kinda necessary.

That’s it for now, hope this helps!

*Screams* I know I wrote this story.

My cloud storage? No. My manual backup? No. My Tumblr history? No. Google? No. I remember, I had “Seven Characters” with sketches for each character in that final confrontation. Did I delete it on one of my main-blog history purges? But why wasn’t it saved locally?

A-ha! Email search says somebody commented on it…yes, it was on my main blog, yes, I deleted that, and yes, I used a Read More cut so the email notification only gives me the first paragraph. Noooo!

The really remarkable thing is how rarely this happens. Once or twice a year I really, genuinely lose something I wrote and wish to restore. (I found FCD after my last meltdown.) Here? Well, I could always just rewrite the thing…

I like to imagine I had some small effect on the game I loved so much.

Like, a week after I posted an FCD about Qyzen trying to get the server status and being stymied because the servers that would’ve told him the server status were down, the admins changed SWTOR’s server-down message to link to their Twitter status.

anonymous asked:

Could you guys help me find 3-4 siblings that are between the ages of 18 and 25, of course they don't have to be actual siblings. Mix of both male and female if possible, poc suggestions highly welcomed. Dark hair, any eye color.

i’ll try and do most of the ethnicity breakdowns on the fcd im using that fit in with your age range!

black (afro-american)

  • keke palmer, raven goodwin, o’shea jackson jr, leon thomas lll

½ black (afro-american) and ½ white

  • aisha dee, alexandra shipp, ashley moore, jacob artist

½ mexican, ½ white

  • selena gomez, christian serratos, ashton moio, tyler posey

½ indian, ½ white

  • kelly gale, naomi scott, avan jogia


  • bae suzy, goo hara, im jin ah, kim jongin


  • yang yang, kris wu, fernanda ly, zhang xin yuan 

½ chinese, ½ white

  • natasha liu bordizzo, kelsey chow, jessica henwick, chloe bennet

anonymous asked:

Do band battle lives not contribute to song clear rewards? I've FCd a few hard songs and not gotten anything for it, even though I haven't FCd them before and the star is not pink on Free Live.

Yeah, band battle lives don’t count for song clear rewards. I’m not entirely sure about the reasoning behind why, but that’s just how it seems to be. Hopefully since you’ve already FC’d them before it wouldn’t be hard to FC them again.


May 18th 2014, Goodform Salon and Scott Caan host a benefit for A Walk On Water

McFetridge, Patrick Hoelck, Green Art People, Rebecca Friedman Ned Evans Tristan Eaton and Scott Caan. Additional auctions items were graciously provided by : Michelle Guzman, Jay Diola and Rebecca Friedman from Goodform Salon, Katin, kai fragrance, Body Glove, KIND Healthy Snacks, Labreau Surfboards, FCD Surfboards, Baker Skateboards, Happy Hour Shades, Nightcap Clothing, Chaser Brand, Patagonia and Vestal Watch.Everyone enjoyed signature Sailor Jerry cocktails mixed with Honest Tea prepared by The Spare Room, as well as craft #beer from Cismontane Brewing, refreshing AQUAhydrate and the world’s best coffee: Caffé Vita Coffee Roasting Co. Passed appetizers were courtesy of Cafe Firenze Moorpark and were a big hit ! The whole event was made possible thanks to the efforts of Siren Studios, BeCore, Vincent Reynaud, Lee Eric, Pat R. Notaro III, Sean Swentek, Jason Wolk, Barbara Wolk and many others. A Walk On Water is forever grateful to all those who made this event possible.

All images by Catherine Gregory of Images by Cat Gregory.