Dazzling DC Ladies Month

♥♥Maxine Baker/ Avatar of the Red/ Animal woman/ Little bird♥♥ Introduction: Maxine is the daugter of Buddy Baker, the Animal man. She is born as the Avatar of The Red, place where all animal and human life forms get their prowers from. When she awakens her powers, she leads her father to The Red to fight agains The Rot, which threatens to destroy all life. Powers: Animal control, flight, healing and genetic manipulation, super smell and strenght, tracking First appearance: Animal man #1 (1988) Recommended reading: Mostly the n52 Animal man

Dazzling DC Ladies Month


Mary Marvel/Mary Batson♥♥   Introduction: Mary Batson is the twin sister of Billy Batson, also known as Captain Marvel. While accompanying their parents on archeologic trip to Egypt, her parents get killed and she gets kidnapped and illegally adopted. When Billy gets his powers from the magician Shazam, he searches for his sister and finds her, but gets kidnapped instead. Shazam’s helper, Tawky Tawny instructs her how to invoke Shazam’s powers and transforms in Captain Marvel. Since then, she has helped stop crime numerous times, on her own or in a team. Affilations: Marvel Family, Justice League, Superbuddies, Black Marvel Family   Powers: Her powers are gained from the ancient wizard Shazam, including enhanced intelect, accelerated healing, divine luck, magic resistance, flight, willpower, invulnerability, superhuman speed, agility, stamina, strenght; teleportation and eidetic memory   Recommended reading: 

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