Under the cut, there are #134 gifs of HEATHER MORRIS as herself oon the MTV show ‘Punk’d’.

All of these gifs are sized 180x180px„ usable on Tumblr and were made by me, so please don’t claim as your own or use in gif sets. Feel free to use, reblog if you wish and please like if you found it useful. Please note that gif quality is determined by video quality.

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anonymous asked:

I'm in a roleplay and I want my character (Brittany) to get these people gifts but I don't know what to have her get them: Blaine, Finn, Kurt, Marley, Quinn, Rachel, and Sugar. It's all canon. Do you have any ideas?

Ahh Christmas… Brittany’s favorite time of year. I’m currently going through this right now but if it’s a canon RP, it would depend on which season you’re basing this off and also whether you want to play off the comical aspect or not. For example, if my roleplay was based after season three and I wanted to go for comedy, I’d have Britt get Quinn a hamper of Pepto Bismol products as a quip at when she dyed her hair.

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