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                                                                                                  “I saw you staring at her.”

Food Crawl || Cal + Delilah

[Calvin loved birthdays, it was a no real secret, he loved anything that celebrated someone he loved be it friend or otherwise, and Delilah was one of the best friends Calvin had, she indulged him in his dorkiness, and even though they didn’t have deep meaningful conversations she was still someone he considered himself close to. He’d gotten her a gift of course, it was nothing major but something he was sure she’d like, but what he was really looking forward to was the food crawl. Delilah was a lot like Cal in a few ways, and one of them was enjoying free food. He waited outside of  his car for= Delilah to meet up with him and when she did turn up and was close enough he threw up the two fistfuls of confetti he had in his hands] Happy birthday, Donna. [He opened his car door and took out the crown he had sitting on the seat and put it on her head] Ok now you’re birthday ready. Hop in, I hope you’re hungry 

olá sétimo período! tudo bem com você? então, achei você fraco. resolvi que vou pro nono, ALO VOCÊ NONO PERÍODO, terei três cadeiras adiantadas esse semestre?

depois resolvo as outras. só sei que 2013 meu salário triplica! beijos, #toloucaprameformar