Thomas and Kumail on Abbas Jafri ~

  • Kumail: I also had a dream- I told you-
  • Thomas: You had a dream about a certain someone.
  • Kumail: I told you- okay, so, backstory, for a little bit, I got obsessed…with a male Pakistani model.
  • Thomas: For a little bit?
  • Kumail: He- I don’t want to F him, I just find his face compelling.
  • Thomas: But, you were jealous when I made up that I maybe F’d him.
  • Kumail: Yeah, I didn’t like that bit, it was not great.
  • Kumail: I found out yesterday he was born in the city I was born in.
  • Thomas: God, what would you do if you found out that he watches the show and he’s a big fan, and he listens to Indoor Kids? All he needed was this episode to be like “He likes me”.
  • Kumail: Anyway, I had a dream that he got married, and, the way I told Thomas was, I was like “I had a dream Abbas Jafri got married to someone else”.
  • Thomas: But he just said it like, “To someone ELSe”, and then that ‘someone else’, just lingered in the air for a while like-
  • Kumail: I had a dream he got married to someone else. What a bummer-