fc: ten


A/N: Its been forever but it’s here!!!

We continued walking around the block making small talk. This was probably the most we had really said to one another since the Johnny incident. It was weird but actually kind of nice.

After our small walk, Ten led me back into our shared room. He helped me into bed and slid under the covers next to me.
“Hey ____” his voice was soft.
“Yes?” I responded.
“Do you think I could touch your stomach?”
I was a bit surprised by his request but complied nonetheless. Ten reached over and put his hand over my belly and almost immediately I felt some kicking.
“I guess it likes me” Ten chuckled.
“Yeah,” I quietly replied and rested my hand on my stomach alongside his. Seeing this, Ten slid his hand over mine. There was a short silence between us before Ten spoke up again.
“Everything’s going to end up okay,” I glanced over at Ten and saw that his eyes were shining red again. Rather than making me uncomfortable, as per usual, they were kind of enchanting this time around.
“Ten….” his name rolled off my lips in a sigh.
Before I knew what I was doing, I had leaned forward and pressed my lips to his. Ten seemed shocked at first but soon he responded to the kiss. Our lips moved against one another slowly at first but the kiss became more aggressive as time passed. Soon, our lips had detached and Ten had started to kiss my jawline and neck.
“T-Ten..” I breathed out.
“Mmm,” Ten hummed against my skin. The moment felt so comfortable, so inviting, but it ended faster than it started.

Ten had suddenly pulled away, confusing me.
“Someone’s here” he quickly said and stood up.
“Wha-” my words were cut off by a sudden explosion. What looked like a blue akumabi filled the room and I scrambled out of the bed to stand behind Ten. His hand took hold of my arm, gripping tightly as if to keep me near.
“Ten…what is this?” I asked, fear eminent in my voice. Ten refrained from responding and continued to stare at the new hole in our ceiling.
“Just stay here,” he whispered and let go of me.
“But Te-”
“DONT MOVE” I flinched at his tone and nodded hesitantly before watching Ten jump out onto the roof. My heart was beating out of my chest and I felt more and more restless with each passing second.

“So you’re the human that enchanted my son” A rich voice spoke from behind me. Before I could react, a hand was put over my face and I saw a green light. Suddenly, I felt sleepy and my eyelids grew heavy. I tried to fight the feeling but soon gave in to the darkness.

When I awoke, I was in a dark room. Upon closer inspection, I found that I was bound to a table. Panic quickly set into my mind. Where was I? What was going on? Where was Ten? Is he alright?

“Youre finally up,” a familiar voice spoke up. I looked in the direction of the sound and found a woman, seemingly in her 40s, but with an aura of youth among her.
“Who are you? What do you want?” I struggled against the bonds that tied me down.
“Im Ten’s mother,” the lady smiled wickedly, “and I want your child. I intend to remove it with my magic,” She raised her hand and her fingertips began to glow a crimson red.
“STAY AWAY FROM ME!” I screamed.
“But then how would I get my grandbaby?” She cocked her head to the side, smile still intact.
“DONT TOUCH ME! HELP!! TEN!!!” I yelled loudly.
“Oh Shut It!” She spat and waved her hand at me. I tried to open my mouth again but found that I was unable to make a sound. “I’m not going to let my son be tied down by a human whore!” She lifted my shirt and began tracing her fingers along my stomach, leaving the crimson from her fingers on my skin. The more she traced, the more my skin started to burn. I wanted to scream out in agony. I wanted this to be another nightmare. I wanted Ten to help me…..

His mother began to chant some incantations under her breath and removed her hands from my body. I glanced down at my stomach and saw that she had drawn some sort on me. The pain was unbearable by now. I felt fatigued, as if the life was being sucked out of me. A sharp pain, stronger than before caused me to arch my back and steuggle harder against my bonds. I was writhing in pain and desperation to be free. The pain intensified and I felt as if my stomach was being ripped apart.

“Look darling, your child is almost here,” Her words caused me to look down. My eyes widened when I saw it. A tiny body was being lifted out of the symbols on my skin. I pulled against the ties, wanting this to stop. I wasnt ready yet. I didnt want this yet. I wanted Ten here….. but that wouldnt happen.

I felt like I was dying. My whole body hurt so much as my child was forcibly taken out of my body. Tears began to spill from my eyes as I watched in despair. A final surge of pain filled my veins and my body fell against the table.

Cries filled the room and I knew the baby was now out of me.

“My my, its a beautiful boy” my head snapped to her direction. She was holding the baby in her hands. “Too bad you wont be able to see him grow up,” A shrill laugh escaped Ten’s mother’s lips. She waved her hand at me and turned around. “Feel free to scream and shout or whatever now. I’ve gotten what I wanted” With that, she began to walk away.
“What are you doing with my baby?” I cried out, causing her to stop and snicker.
“You shouldnt worry about what Im going to do with him,” She turned around again, revealing her now red eyes. “You should worry about yourself. You see, since my idiot son transferred the root into you, we can’t kill you. If a root holder is murdered, their giver would weaken in power. We cant do that to our Ten. So instead, you will be held captive and kept on the brink of death, but not quite there fully.” She walked closer to me and with one of her hands, gripped my wrist. I let out a scream as my skin began to burn under her touch. “Since you’re not a demon you have trouble controlling the root without proper training. Thus, you can be tortured but not killed. You’ll spend eternity suffering here in the underworld.” She let out a laugh. “If Ten knew that when he transferred it and trained you, maybe you could’ve escaped, but thankfully you now never will and he’ll be forced to believe that you’re dead” With those final words, she snapped her fingers and disappeared from the room. The ties around my wrists and legs came undone. I was free to move but the trauma kept me from doing so. My arm was burned, my stomach, from the looks of it, was also burned in the shape of the symbol Ten’s mother had drawn, my insides felt as if they were on fire, my heart hurt, my head hurt. My thoughts, which shouldve been placed on my situation, kept roaming to my new baby…..He was beautiful….he was mine….but he’d never know….just like Ten would never know I was alive.