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Type of ship that melts my poor little heart:

Person A - is a feared badass but turns into a cinammon roll around their significant other

Person B - is generally sweet and calm but becomes a heartless devil if you try to hurt their lover

Life is Strange: Pairing GIF

1. Max Caulfield x Chloe Price (Pricefield) 
“ Max…..I’ll always be with you. Don’t you forget about me.
― Chloe Price. 

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2. Rachel Amber x Chloe Price (Amberprice)
“Love is being stupid together.”
― Paul Valéry.

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3. Rachel Amber x Max Caulfield (Amberfield)
“Rachel Amber. She was my Angel.”
― Chloe Price. 

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4. Max Caulfield x Victoria Chase (Chasefield)
“It is never too late to fall in love.”
― Sandy Wilson.

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5. Max Caulfield x Kate Marsh (Marshfield)
Even angels need angels.
 Kate Marsh.

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6. Rachel Amber x Victoria Chase (Amberchase)
“Everybody must have a fantasy.”
Andy Warhole

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7. Chloe Price x Victoria Chase (Chaseprice)
“Truth exists for the wise, beauty for the feeling heart.”
Friedrich Schiller.

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8. Max Caulfield x Warren Graham (Grahamfield)
“Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.”
Albert Einstein.

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9. Max Caulfield x Nathan Prescott (Caulscott)
“Max Caulfield, right?”
― Nathan Prescott.

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10. Victoria Chase x Nathan Prescott (Chasescott)
“If I were pressed to say why I loved him, I feel that my only reply could be: ‘Because it was he, because it was I’.
Michel de Montaigne.

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11. Rachel Amber x Nathan Prescott (Amberscott)
“ I’m sorry. I didn’t wanted to hurt anybody.”
― Nathan Prescott.

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12. Kate Marsh x Nathan Prescott (Marshscott)
“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” 
― William Shakespeare.

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13. Warren Graham x Nathan Prescott (Grahamscott)
“I’ll always believe you.”
― Warren Graham.

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aries + sagittarius

“You were you,
and I was I;
we were two
before our time.
I was yours
before I knew,
and you have always
been mine too.”

taurus + virgo

“I still search for you in crowds,
in empty fields and soaring clouds.
In city lights and passing cars,
on winding roads and wishing stars.”

cancer + pisces

“I don’t know how you are so familiar to me—or why it feels less like I am getting to know you and more as though I am remembering who you are. How every smile, every whisper brings me closer to the impossible conclusion that I have known you before, I have loved you before—in another time, a different place, some other existence.”

libra + leo

“Letting you go – There is a particular kind of suffering to be experienced when you love something greater than yourself. A tender sacrifice. Like the pained silence felt in the lost song of a mermaid; or the bent and broken feet of a dancing ballerina. It is in every considered step I am taking in the opposite direction of you.”

scorpio + capricorn

“One day you meet someone and for some inexplicable reason, you feel more connected to this stranger than anyone else–closer to them than your closest family. Perhaps this person carries within them an angel–one sent to you for some higher purpose; to teach you an important lesson or to keep you safe during a perilous time. What you must do is trust in them–even if they come hand in hand with pain or suffering–the reason for their presence will become clear in due time.”

aquarius + gemini

When two souls fall in love, there is nothing else but the
yearning to be close to the other. The presence that is felt
through a hand held, a voice heard, or a smile seen.

Souls do not have calendars or clocks, nor do they understand
the notion of time or distance. They only know it feels right to
be with one another.

This is the reason why you miss someone so much when they
are not there— even if they are only in the very next room.
Your soul only feels their absence— it doesn’t realize the
separation is temporary.” 

(quotes source: lang leav)

Star Sign Pairings


Bromance: Aquarius x Capricorn

<3: Aquarius x Pisces

OTP: Aquarius x Aries


Bromance: Pisces x Cancer

<3: Pisces x Aries

OTP: Pisces x Aquarius


Bromance: Aries x Leo

<3: Aries x Pisces & Aries x Aquarius

OTP: Aries x Scorpio


Bromance: Taurus x Capricorn

<3: Taurus x Virgo

OTP: Taurus x Cancer


Bromance: Gemini x Libra

<3: Gemini x Aquarius

OTP: Gemini x Sagittarius


Bromance: Cancer x Virgo

<3: Cancer x Taurus

OTP: Cancer x Pisces


Bromance: Leo x Aries

<3: Leo x Pisces

OTP: Leo x Libra


Bromance: Virgo x Cancer

<3: Virgo x Capricorn & Virgo x Taurus

OTP: Virgo x Libra


Bromance: Libra x Gemini

<3: Libra x Leo & Libra x Virgo

OTP: Libra x Scorpio


Bromance: Scorpio x Capricorn

<3: Scorpio x Sagittarius & Scorpio x Libra

OTP: Scorpio x Aries


Bromance: Sagittarius x Aquarius

<3: Sagittarius x Scorpio

OTP: Sagittarius x Gemini


Bromance: Capricorn x Taurus & Capricorn x Aquarius

<3: Capricorn x Virgo

OTP: Capricorn x Scorpio

Pink oliphant in the room

Have you noticed that all the owners of the ring


Have had an intimate relationship with another male, causing pairings between  blond-redhead and  darkhaired guys?

Even this one, dammit! (and I bet my family wasn’t the only one that grimaced when Smeagol called Deagol “My love”)

And for some reason the darkhaired one ends up a little bit of a corpse and the other upon him mourning

(good news: this one made it)

Ok…not always mourning but you see my point here

So…I think we found the secret power of the One Ring

Well played Sauron. Well played…

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Saiyuki Numbers , Colors, Pairings; a brief guide

In Saiyuki, especially on merchandise, you might often see numbers and one of four colors associated with our dudes.

For instance, this purple pouch with the number 3 on it.

It seems minimalist, there’s no character on it. But it represents Sanzo, our hot headed priest. There’s a couple ways to identify this;

Sanzo is represented with purple

Goku is represented with yellow/orange

Gojyo is represented with red

Hakkai is represented with green

Minekura even did a series of postcards featuring the guys with their respected color awhile back.

Another popular way to identify the guys is with numbers. Their names are linked to numbers, so we have

Sanzo - 3 (San = 3)

Gojyo - 5 (Go = 5)

Hakkai - 8 (Hachi = 8)

Goku - 9 (Ku = 9)

So if somebody were to say ‘I enjoy reading 353 fics’, it means they like reading stories with Sanzo and Gojyo.

Not all pairings are fully numbered, for instance 10K is commonly used for Tenpou and Kenren. 

Other times pairings are done the old school way, like Kougaiji x Yaone.

Some popular pairings that come up are:

393 - Sanzo and Goku

585 - Gojyo and Hakkai

10K - Tenpou and Kenren

Other well known pairings

Ukoku x Koumyou

Kougaiji x Yaone

Mixtures of the main four in different pairings

This is not an extensive list, and I have seen many different pairings over the years! Please note, this does not mean stories or art with these numbers/pairings are always sexual in nature. There are many fics that show the characters in domestic relationships sharing in intimate moments without having anything sexual happen.

I also want to ask that everyone be respectful of people’s OTPs and NOTPs. It doesn’t hurt anyone if someone likes a certain ship. This is a fandom and people are allowed to like what they like, or dislike what they dislike. Just be civil and don’t force your ideals in the faces of others, please!

I hope this brief explanation helps shed some light!


[15] pairings: [2] Chel/Kuzco (Road to El Dorado/Emperor’s New Groove)

First of all, I give a huge credit to Bleedgirl for making the amazing video linked below, all the edits in gif 1, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 10 belong to her, so go check her and her amazing videos out!

Bleedgirl: https://www.youtube.com/user/Bleedgirl87

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pfffzzr_VYI

And also I give a huge credit to RoxStar09 for making the other amazing video, all the edits in gif 2, 6, 8 and 9 belong to her, go check her and her amazing videos out please!

RoxStar09: https://www.youtube.com/user/RoxStar09

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOCE7edggIs

Chel/Kuzco is one of the rare crossover pairings I ship. I just think that their personalities go so well together. They are one of my fave hetero pairings.

30 Day Anime Challenge

Day 8. Your favourite anime couple?

Okay well, I don’t like to pick favourites, but I do have one, but I’ll list a few as well…

Oh and this may contain spoilers for some people, I don’t know, just a warning though.

Inuyasha Pairings. 

Inuyasha x Kagome.  These two, are of course, my OTP. They are a perfect pair. Kagome, unlike Kikyo, never wanted Inuyasha to change for her. She believed he was perfect just the way he is… And he really is. Kagome’s really fucking lucky.

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Fuck you Kouga.

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When they finally kissed!!!

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Sango x Miroku. They are, of course, an odd couple. But they are also perfect for each other, and Sango keeps Miroku in line. Haha. But really though, they made adorable babies.

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Sesshoumaru x Kagura. I really wish Kagura hadn’t of died. They would have been perfect… She really cared for him, and at her last moment, you saw he cared for her too.

NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I hated this…

Sesshoumaru x Rin (GROWN UP OF COURSE). Of course Rumiko left this up to the viewers to decide… It’s pretty split between the fandom that they’re either going to be future partners, or if Sesshoumaru was more of a father figure to her. I’m torn on it too… But since Kagura died… They’d make an awesome couple. OF COURSE WHEN SHE’S AN ADULT AND CHOOSES TO BE BY HIS SIDE!

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Rin x Kohaku (if Kagura hadn’t died). If Kagura hadn’t of died, this would have been perfect.

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Kyoukai No Rinne Pairing

Rinne x Sakura. Of course I ship them, that’s like asking me if I ship Inuyasha and Kagome…

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Gotta admit… That ^ was adorable.

Ranma ½ Pairing

Ranma x Akane. Two, in denial, love birds. Such a sweet and funny pair.

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Shakugan No Shana Pairing

Shana x Yuji. They’re perfect, I didn’t care for Yoshida at all.

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Vampire Knight Pairing

Kaname x Yuki. Yes they’re related, but they’re vampires. So shush.

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Although I’m not opposed to Zero x Yuki, I just prefer Kaname.

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Naruto/Shippuden Pairings

Naruto x Hinata. ALWAYS AND FOREVER. SUCK IT NARUTO x SAKURA SHIPPERS! WE WERE RIGHT! … Coughs Sorry, I lost my cool there… Let’s continue.

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Temari x Shikamaru. Aren’t they just perfect together???

Cardcaptors Pairing

Sakura x Li. Young love… So cute.

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Ouran High School Host Club Pairing

Haruhi x Tamaki. Perfect for one another.

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I have many more, but let’s stop it here…

A quick analysis on kisses

I’ve always thought about this picture and I wanted to share my thoughts on it as it’s very telling about the guys’ personalities when it comes to affection.

Sanzo; he has kisses all over, but not near his mouth. He probably wouldn’t allow anyone to come near his lips. He’s the most aggravated, as to be expected since Sanzo is more than likely the least interested in sex and is possibly an asexual. Interestingly enough he has kisses in his hair, possibly because it’s so alluring? Exotic?

Goku; he’s pretty much uninterested. He doesn’t look excited, shy, or anything. Maybe he just wasn’t into the folks who were kissing him, or he’s similar to Sanzo but to a lesser degree. He’s not really interested in intimacy judging from this picture. However it’s very cute that he got a smooch on his button nose. He’s the only one out of the 4 to not get a kiss to the neck.

Gojyo; as expected he’s loving this and making sure to show off the kisses. He’s the only one to have a kiss near the lips. He’s grinning with an expression that says he’s ready for more attention. Gojyo’s always been into receiving affection so it’s no surprise that, unlike the others, he’s soaking all this up.

Hakkai; he’s smiling but it’s very shy or embarrassed. He’s probably okay with intimacy but would be the type to want to get to know someone first. Unlike Gojyo he’s not able to handle sudden affection the way he can. He takes it in good stride though and like Gojyo and Sanzo got a very intimate kiss to the neck.

It’s always been funny to me how I can have shipping preferences for this series, but at the same time I can absolutely agree that some characters canonically could not be shipped together because of their personalities or circumstances. That’s the beauty of fandom, you got your canonical ships and your fan ships, OTPs, NOTPs, BROTPs.

Anyway! This was just a quick analysis on a picture that I’m more than likely looking too much into!