fc: jacob artist


Under the cut you’ll find 30 medium, textless, hq gifs of JACOB ARTIST in QUANTICO. All of these gifs were made by me so please like and/or reblog this post if you are using them. As long as you don’t claim them as your own you can use them in any way, but if you add them to a crackship, turn them into gif icons or anything of the sort, please ask for my permission and give me credit.

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quantico so far:
  • a black actress cast as the the assistant director of the training academy
  • one Indian actress playing the female lead and one Palestinian actress playing a major role (might be two P. actress’s cause the character has a twin but that might be like a whole Lindsay Lohan situation)
  • a Cuban woman (yet to be featured)
  • four women in total as major characters so far
  • a biracial actor (yet to be featured)
  • has talked about some feminism subjects already
  • has featured a Mormon (he’s problematic tho we don’t like him)
  • an openly gay Jew virgin (however writers have said where he falls on the LGBT+ spectrum is still a mystery despite him saying he is a gay man)
  • another openly gay man (rick cosnett everybody lets all fucking cry, yet to be featured)
  • got a good story so far
  • has touched issues of racism

aka i recommend it its only got one episode out rn so get on that shit

(feel free to add on anything more)