fc: heartbreaking scene

Windstruck ♥
  • Myung Woo: I'm glad that I saw you before I left.
  • Kyung Jin: No! Myung Woo... Myung Woo. Don't go.
  • I'll follow you, if you go.
  • Myung Woo: No. It's not your time yet, you have many days ahead of you.
  • Kyung Jin: No. No.
  • Myung Woo: Don't be so sad because of me. We'll meet again. Can't you feel it?
  • When we meet again, tell me all the happiest memories you experienced from this life. And when you hear me whisper in the wind, you'll meet someone who has a soul like mine. Now, let me leave you with your love in my heart.