fc: ezra miller


Kevin Khatchadourian from We Need to Talk about Kevin

or, The Adventures of the Absurdly Attractive Adolescent Antisocial Mass Murderer and his Mother

Sons of an Illustrious Father

Mads Jensen: Hi. This is gonna be a round of bs questions because I am seventeen-year-old senior in high school and dont have much interview experience. Okay, so did you (Josh, Lilah, & Ezra) meet?

Ezra Miller: I met Lilah in middle school. Josh fell out of a wormhole & onto a train, which then brought him to us.

MJ: What’s some cool music?

E: We love the Band, notably the album called Music From Big Pink.

Josh Aubin: Speaking in Tongues by Talking Heads.

Lilah Larson: Dusty in Memphis by Dusty Springfield. & Crass’ The Feeding of the 5,000

MJ: Musical influences?

E: To me, inspiration is a Willy Wonka machine. A number of ingredients enter, their contacts & origins unknown, & art comes out. I can’t explain it.

J: I feel most inspired by the sound of light, particularly the scale of indigo.

L: I’m influenced by Josh.

MJ: Who writes most of your music, or is it a collective effort?

J: I do.

L: Christopher Marlowe.

E: What they mean is that we all write the songs that we sing.

J: No, I mean that I write all of it.

E: Josh that’s blatantly untrue.

J: Ezra-

L: We write the beginnings on our own & then flesh them out collaboratively.

MJ: Ezra- you act. How does that inform or affect your music?

L: Well, one thing is we get asked that question an awful lot.

E: Yeah, I’d say that’s the number one thing. I mean, we’re all deeply interested in film-

J: I hate film.

E: -& I think that informs us. Our love of film & Josh’s love/hate.

MJ: Where’s been your favorite place to do a show?

L: San Francisco, Albuquerque, Los Angelas, New Orleans…

J: My own hippocampus.

E: New York City- you guys are fucking traitors.

L: Yes, home is where the heart is I suppose.

J: I hate fucking New York. Just kidding- I hate New York.

MJ: Most challenging aspect of traveling around together?

L: Like any relationship, communication.

J: Communal chafing. Purple monkey dishwater.

MJ: The best part?

L: Being in a band.

E. (sings) La muuuusicaaa. That’s from Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights- write that down!

J: The best thing about being in a band? Lilah & Ezra.

MJ: Plans for the future?

L: Yes.

E: I’m looking forward to jetpacks & entire meals in pill form.

J: I hope to reinvent the straw. With the profit I will secure the land for a small farm, on which I will grow squash, pepper, artichoke, & salmon. Afterwards, I shall begin to build a spaceship & a time ship & I will travel the cosmos searching for meaning, prosperity, hope, & humility. Afterwards, I will die.

L: We’re also gonna release a new album soon.