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What the JL soundtrack should have been.

Thoughts about justice league

-I loved it. I know it got bad reviews and I didn’t like Batman v superman that much, but justice league was much more light hearted and fun.

-adored adored adored Barry Allen and Ezra Miller has so much charm and buoyancy that he made the whole movie ten times better

-gal gadot even though she was once again outshined by her fellows because she spent a lot of time uselsssly hacking at things with her sword was absolutely lovely. Adored her performance and role in the story. Just wish she had some more awesome solo moments.

-Steve Trevor mentions made me emotional. Thank god he wasn’t forgotten.

-Bruce getting pushed back and fucking Barry going like “if she kills you, we’ll cover for her.” Brilliant.

-Aquaman, holy fuck

-all that female fanservice. Why is super man shirtless? Why not?

-Lois Lane is lovely as always.

-goddamn I liked cyborg’s tech.

-Barry trying to get a fist bump.

-Bruce wayne is definitely bleeding.


-“at least someone around here has a date.”

-the demon bugs were…kind of an uninspiring mook type but they were alright

-my eyes sort of glazed over for some of the action sequences but I found them visually appealing so it was ok

-the flash’s super speed was cool. Not quite as cool as quicksilver’s, but fairly cool

-“put the word out in the fish community”

-aquaman giving a dramatic speech only to realize he’s sitting on the lasso of truth.

-my biggest criticism tho is vital…

-where is the invisible jet? Is it in the movie? Did I miss it? Did anyone see it?

Barry Allen was the MVP of Justice League

He is a treasure and I loved every single scene he was in (there are spoilers here!)

  • He’s a precious cupcake who has always believed in his Dad and visits him as often as he can
  • He is a prankster who will find creative ways to mess with you if you get on his bad side
  • He is the cutest fanboy when he realizes that Bruce Wayne is Batman and asks to keep the batarang
  • He is an eating machine and the way he talks about his metabolism and awkwardly asks for more food is too adorable
  • He is the sweetest nerd and just needs some friends and really really wanted that fist bump from Victor and finally got one
  • He is adorkably awkward and usually just pushes people out of the way 
  • He is delightful when he realizes that Superman can actually see him moving at super speed and has that flabbergasted look on his face
  • He’s also fantastic when he saves that family in the car and then looks over and sees Superman carrying a whole building to safety
  • He owned my heart when he showed his Dad his degree and the first step to clearing his name
  • He is my love and I need to see more of him now