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bematthe  asked:

What would be the most helpful (or some of the most helpful) thing(s) someone could do (realistically) to help this cause?

We LOVE your question!  Let’s break down anti-fascist work into four broad, over-generalized areas, shall we?  

1) Protecting Our Communities From Bigotry

What does bigotry, fascism, racism, and hatred look like where you live?  Who are the targets?  Once you think about the fucked-up shit that’s been going on in your community, you’ll be able to figure out who’s been targeted by bigots.  Now you know who needs your support and solidarity.  Reach out to them and come up with ways to help them and/or stand with them.

Even a small act like putting up posters or distributing pins showing solidarity with these people and opposition to bigotry, sends a big message to them, to their attackers, and to other people in your community that feel the same way you do.

Example: one neighbourhood we know of in Toronto responded to a rash of alt right vandalism and racist harassment by creating lawn signs in the languages spoken there to show opposition to racist asshats.

Over 500 signs went up in the ‘hood!

2) Disrupting Fascist Activity

This is antifa’s bread-and-butter.  Fascism is an utterly illegitimate and dangerous ideology that is no longer up for debate or discussion after literally millions of people have died because of it or fighting to stop it.  So when it rears its ugly head once again, it is imperative to oppose, expose, and confront it immediately.

This tumblr has been dedicated to recording and reporting on anti-fascist activity all over the world for almost the last three years.  There are over 4000 examples of anti-fascist activity in our archive that you could sort through to find ideas and inspiration for the kind of things you and your friends can pull off.

Example: read our interview with an antifa crew in Nyköping, Sweden about how they went from a small group putting up antifa posters to running the nazis out of their town. 
3) Building An Authentic Anti-Fascist/Anti-Racist Youth Culture

Most anti-fascists we know got started when they were young.  Some of us started throwing “rock against racism” concerts or shows.  We’d meet up with crews from nearby.  We’d set up info tables at shows where we’d distribute information about the issues we were dealing with (and sell t-shirts & stuff to raise money).  We’d make sure that racists knew they were not welcome anywhere we hung out - in the parks, at shows, in the football terraces, etc.

Finding ways to promote an explicit and authentic anti-racist/anti-fascist youth culture is one of the most powerful things we can do because the ideas we put out there and the friendships that form in that youth culture will last for decades to come.  

You want a great example from Buenos Aires?  Check out the trailer for the upcoming documentary about La Cultural del Barrio.

4) Collaborating With And Supporting Other Anti-Fascists

In the past we’ve posted tips about joining an antifa group or starting your own.  The Anti Fascist Network has also published a good set of tips for starting an antifa crew.

You should also watch out for callouts for events or support from antifa crews - we regularly publish those right here on this tumblr.  When you see one and it’s near by you, back ‘em up.  If you’re not nearby but you know people nearby, get them out there!  At the very least, send them a message of support & solidarity.

As the antifa movement progresses, we’re collaborating more and more across borders.  Several crews hold antifa festivals like Manchester’s 0161 Fest or the anti-racist World Cup hosted by FC St. Pauli in Hamburg or The Torch Antifa Network conference in the U.S. or the anti-fascist MMA tournaments organized by Freedom Fighters in Poland.  Find something happening near you and go!  Or put your own thing together!

One of the best examples of cross-border collaboration and solidarity has to be The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund, which has helped dozens and dozens of anti-fascists and anti-racists all over the world.  We would highly recommend making a donation to the Defence Fund or holding some sort of fundraising event for it.  

OK, we hope that’s enough to get you started.  See you on the front lines!