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Made for @tasksweekly #34: Indonesia, under the cut are 196 textless and good quality gifs of the gorgeous Indonesian model/actress, DIAN SASTROWARDOYO. All of these gifs are made by me for roleplaying purposes from the Indonesian movie, Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2 (2016). Feel free to crop and resize, but don’t claim them as your own. Likes and reblogs are highly appreciated!

ETHNICITY: Indonesian (Javanese)
TRIGGER WARNINGS: flashing lights

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Under the cut are [ 114 ] 245x140 GIFs of Michael B. Jordan in ‘Fantastic Four’. All GIFs were made by me, so please reblog/like if using. Don’t include in GIF hunts, crackship gifs or otherwise unless permission is given.

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Sofia Boutella Gif Pack

  Under the cut are #131 textless gifs of Sofia Boutella in her role as Eva in StreetDance2. Lots of dancing gifs along with reaction gifs. All the gifs were made by me and made for roleplaying. Feel free to use and then like or reblog! 

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Under the cut, you’ll find 200 gifs of ALEX STEELE. They are all made by me and are sourced from her role in The Choking Game. These are for roleplaying purposes, so feel free to use them to your heart’s content!

PLEASE DO NOT: repost these gifs, reuse them in crackship gifs, crop them for gif icons, edit them in any other way, or compile them in gif hunts. You may link back to this gif pack in your gif hunts if necessary.

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Michael Fassbender drawing Nr. 51 goes out to the amazing Cherik Fandom! My biggest hugs to all of you! 😘❤️❤️❤️

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