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under the cut you’ll find #195 medium gifs of pakistani actor fawad khan (b. 1981) in his role as prince vikram singh rathore in the romantic comedy khoobsurat. all of these were made by me so please don’t claim as your own or post in gif hunts. please like and/or reblog if you found them useful! part 1/2

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Under the cut there are #110 gifs, all made by me, from the movie The Whole Truth  requested by myself and made to be used for roleplay purposes.
► tw:cigarette, smoking 

  • If you find this useful, please like this post or reblog if using. It means a lot!
  • Don’t use them on gifhunts! Don’t crop them for gif icons! Don’t use them in rp bios! Don’t use them in crackships

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by clicking ( here ) you will find 132 gifs of BOOBOO STEWART in descendants 2. all of these were made from scratch by me. if you want to make these into gif icons or whatever i don’t really care but give me credit. like or reblog this if you want.


Made for @tasksweekly #34: Indonesia, under the cut are 196 textless and good quality gifs of the gorgeous Indonesian model/actress, DIAN SASTROWARDOYO. All of these gifs are made by me for roleplaying purposes from the Indonesian movie, Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2 (2016). Feel free to crop and resize, but don’t claim them as your own. Likes and reblogs are highly appreciated!

ETHNICITY: Indonesian (Javanese)
TRIGGER WARNINGS: flashing lights

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you’ll find thirty gifs of zendaya in spiderman: homecoming under the read more. all of these gifs were made from scratch by me. i don’t really care if you edit them into gif icons or anything but, if you do, please credit me! if you find this useful then feel free to like or reblog this post!

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Bryan Greenberg Gifs: Part II

In this pack you will find 050 HQ GIFS of Bryan Greenberg in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong.

All of the gifs were made by me for roleplaying purposes. Feel free to use them as sidebars, reaction gifs or include them in your gif hunts, but don’t forget to give credit!

DO NOT repost them or edit in any way.

A like or reblog is always appreciated! ♥

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