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I love how all posts about goalkeepers fit both hockey goalies and football keepers.

Like, a post about a goalkeeper way outside his crease? 

Does Manuel Neuer think he is a midfielder again?

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Or did Ben Bishop decide that it was “adventure time”?

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And a post about a goalkeeper annoyed on the bench?

Was Carey Price pulled out?

Or is Iker Casillas mad at his defenders everyone?

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And a post about just a pure, perfect, adorable goalkeeper?

Is it Marc-Andre Fleury?

Or is it Marc-Andre Ter Stegen?

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Anyways, who cares, goalkeepers are the best

the two sides of bayern players

angry lewy

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cute lewy

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scary manu

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adorable manu

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confused thomas

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excited thomas

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serious joshua

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happy joshua

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sad xabi

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happy xabi

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serious juan

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happy juan

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FC Bayern Munich Master Post Part 1

Manager - Carlo Ancelotti
- carletto
- rm still think he loves them
- taught Zidane all he knows
- chews gum a lot
- celebrates a goal by raising his eyebrow
- always benches young players

21 - Philipp Lahm
- capi
- leaving football bc he’s too good
- spends lots of time wondering about his team
- smol but ready to fight
- best right back in the world
- Ronaldo can’t score if he is in the way
- deserves better


1 - Manuel Neuer
- likes beer
- will drink you under the table
- pretty amazing goalkeeper
- broke his foot playing against rm
- likes hazelnut spread

5 - Mats Hummels
- snake
- he’s a meme and he knows it
- bleached his hair and blinded everyone
- everyone has a crush on him
- speaks better English than English people
- dropped coffee on himself whilst being filmed

6 - Thiago Alcantara 
- used to play for barcalona and left his brother there
- probably our best midfielder
- he loves manuel
- precious
- ¼ Spanish squad 

9 - Robert Lewandowski
- satan
- better than any striker you can think of
- did the 5 in 9
- what that tongue do
- best no. 9 in the world
- will make you hot and bothered
- never misses penalties
- our only real striker
- daddy af 

8 - Javi Martinez
- javi taketh javi giveth
- the bus left him behind once
- confused all the time
- 2/4 Spanish squad

10 - Arjen Robben
- diver in a former life
- bald af
- vintage goals with left foot
- swears in Dutch