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Heart of Glass

You’ve had a crush on Henry for a while now, ever since you seen him in Man of Steel but you never thought in a million years that you would get to be in the same room as him let alone being hired by GQ to take pictures of him for their article on him.

While you’re setting up your camera, Henry walks in with his manager and stands to talk to your boss.

“Henry welcome! I’m so glad you have giving us he opportunity to do this. I’d like you to meet (Y/N), she’ll be working with you to get the shots we’d like.”

At the mention of your name, your blood goes cold. He’s here, already?!

Slowly you look up and your eyes meet Henry’s. You feel like his blue eyes just pull you into them, like they can see deep into your soul.

“Hi, (y/n) it’s lovely to meet you.”

He holds out his hand and you take it, and instantly regret it as the tingles go up your arm.
Don’t mess this up, (y/n)! Don’t become some fangirl in front of him!

“Hey, do you want to get started?”

He drops your hand and follows the lead of your coworker, who shows him what to get changed in to.

When he reappears, the thin, white t-shirt is too small for his massive arms and chest.

Focus, for gods sake! Don’t let him see you drooling over his muscles.

For the next half an hour, you take pictures of Henry in different places, wearing different t-shirts while he talks to you.

“Have you always wanted to do this?”

“Hell, yeah.” You say it without even thinking.

Shit, does he mean have I always wanted to take photos of him, or be a photographer?

“When did you know you wanted to be a photographer?”

You take a few more pictures while you answer him.

“Since I was little. Did you always want to be an actor?”

“Yeah, it was either that or going to join the army. Let’s just say I’m glad I ended up here.”

You look up at him and he’s giving you a wolfish grin and you can feel your cheeks start to go red.

Quickly you look down at your camera and fidget with it, hoping he didn’t notice what his smile did to you.

“Why the army?” You ask, distracting him from looking at you so intensely.

“My dad was in the army, along with my two eldest brothers. I guess you can say it just runs in the family.”

He gives you another massive smile before your boss comes stalking over and tells you that that’s all Henry has time for in his busy schedule.

“I hope you got enough shots.” He smiles while he speaks but you know that’s he’s silently threatening you.

It’s not good to threaten your employees in front of major movie stars, apparently.

“I’ll show you out.” Your boss says swiftly, trying to move Henry along with him.

“I’d prefer if (y/n) walked me out, if that’s okay?”

He doesn’t bother looking at your boss, but instead is looking directly at you.

You nod your head and he smiles. As you both walk towards the door, you can hear your heartbeat in your ears.

“I was wondering….”

You jump, him scaring you by suddenly speaking.

“…if you’d like to go out to dinner with me, tomorrow night?”

Astounded, you turn and look at him.

“Me? Are you sure?”

He smiles and it makes his eyes crinkle.
Oh Holy Jesus.

“Yeah, I’m sure (y/n).”

“Then yeah, I’d love to.” Your voice doesn’t sound like your voice as you speak.

Your still facing him while you walk and once you get to the door you quickly face forwards. Only, you misjudged where the door was and end up walking into the wall of glass besides the door.

Well, fuck! Something like this could only ever happen to me!

(Sorry it’s so late, I’ve had a hard time writing lately. X)