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Fangirl challenge  | Relationships
Farscape, Aeryn Sun and John Crichton

anonymous asked:

If you don't mind doing fc's, Skulltulasgrip's Carey in 20. (the feminine school uniform) I can message her ref since it doesn't allow me to post links here.

(sorry this took me so long pls forgive me!)

I don’t mind doing fc’s at all, it’s really fun to see all the great designs people have! Hope you like it anon!


opening credits: different colors walk the moon
meeting for the first time: boom clap charlie xcx
hey, i kinda like you: shut up and dance with me walk the moon
i’m going to kiss you now: parachute matthew koma
falling in love: spectrum zedd
your place or mine: dangerous animals arctic monkeys
naked in bed: sweater weather the neighbourhood
first fight: i knew you were trouble taylor swift
maybe we should take a break: boats & birds gregory & the hawk
i want you back: sad song we the king
will you marry me: never let me go lana del rey
first child: to build a home the cinematic orchestra
we’re getting older: rather be clean bandit
if you die i’ll go with you: maps maroon 5
end credits: fire meet gasoline sia