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Today I added a tag search bar.  So now all you have to do to find an image you like is to type in the tag name and hit the “# Search” Button.  This should give you all the images ever posted on Scifi-Fantasy-Horror with the tag you are looking for.  So for example… You are looking for images of dragons.  Just type in “Dragon” and the site will show you all the images tagged “Dragon” from this Blog.

If you use this feature please let me know what you think.  Was it useful?  Did it break?  I want to make sure there isn’t any bugs.

I hope this makes it easier for all my beautiful followers!  

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Sorry Umineko fans for this but…

‘’Sayo, Eva, Bern, X did nothing wrong.’’

Originally posted by katsgiflibrary

That’s bullshit. Some people say it seriously, I ask personally. They are free to  believe I guess, like I respect people who still believing in RosaTrice but…

Most of the characters in Umineko no ‘are saints’, it is part of being human (O witch …), one cannot be perfect for many good intentions one have.
Or will you say the plan of Sayo was totally okay? EVEN She tought THAT’S WRONG. O what Eva did to Natsuhi because her obsecion for the gold? Oh yes,let’s say Bern did nothing wrong seriously when she tortures Ange the whole history, “that’s okay because it help her to discober the truth…….”

I could say a lot of reasons why most of the characters in Umineko are “ no free of sin”, especially with Sayo because it is the character that I like more and know.
There are people who already did that (and others that don’t like her) And I accept it, because as I said none of them is perfect.
Say they did nothing wrong *seriously*, especially with most of the family characters (there may be exceptions) that is to ignore the heart, because you need to understand the situation, doesn’t care if you like more reality or magic, is about accep them in bad or good situations.

I guess now I don’t have to explain the symbolism of the Golden Land…

Do you want to continue to believe in that? Understood, after all, we can all have our ways of seeing the situation and  Umineko said it several times.
But honestly and personally, believe 100% in something like that at least for me, is ignore the heart.


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