So I haven’t done this in years! But lately my dash has been kinda empty(I also unfollowed a bunch of blogs that don’t update anymore…like it’s been years!) and I want to follow more awesome folks who share interests similar to mine, so that I can feel involved again and take part in more fandom related conversations.

Basically what I am asking is that  if we have similar interests and you want to share them with me, then give this post a like/reblog this post and I will check out your blog and might give it a follow if I like what I see;) No you don’t have to follow me back(albeit won’t lie that would be nice to have new mutuals, but yeah, not a necessary requirement)!

My interests include 

Harry Potter, MCU and DCU in general,

In particular

  • Carol(The price of salt)
  • Swan Queen(Once upon a time; btw I haven’t watched this show since 3x17 so I don’t care for the rest of it but Swan Queen IS MY OTP since the day the show aired so yeah!)
  • Person of Interest
  • Supergirl (not a fan of yawn hell so this one is also a similar case like Once and I am basically tumblr watching it nowadays)
  • Wynonna Earp
  • Castle
  • Agent Carter
  • Outlander
  • Humans
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine

and a whole bunch of other shows and films and celebs and books lol, check out my blog to get a better ideaxP

Anyway I hope that this will help me to expand my interests and become more active on here again, 

Thanks for taking your time and reading it and liking/reblogging it :)