Here’s a picture taken by a friend of mine of a stuck super jeep from our mountain rescue team FBSR. I have to admit that I am the culprit behind the wheel. However it is not as bad as it looks and it only took 15 minutes of winching and we were back on track with no damage. Back on track may not be the correct phrase as we are in the middle of nowhere far away from any track. In Iceland you can drive off-road any where you like in the winter when everything is covered in and protected by deep snow.

The picture is taken by Matti and you can see more pictures from this tour and many other on his flickr.

This photo is taken by my friend Matti. It is taken in the “Fjallabak” area between Landmannalaugar and Þórsmörk, not far from Álftavatn. Notice the two cars in the picture. These are jeeps from an Icelandic rescue team driving on the snow far from any road. One of them is being driven by me. One of the unique activities in Iceland is off road driving like this. Once the moss freezes and the snow creates a protective blanket you can drive anywhere you like. Don’t take it as off roading is ok or legal in any other conditions. 

Have you ever played with toy trucks in the snow?

These are actually not toys, or well perhaps they could be considered life size toys. The two grey trucks are modified super jeeps from the Reykjavík Air Ground Volunteer Search and Rescue Service. I was tired of the slow going in rather difficult snow conditions so I got out of the truck and climbed a small hill in order to get a better view of the path ahead. From this vantage point I got this top down view on the trucks pulling each other loose. A little tilt shift emulating in Photoshop gave this result.