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I got my ears pierced! I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but… I’ve been really worried about it. Not about it hurting or anything, but… What people will see, I guess.

If I look in the mirror, the face I see is… me. Who I am now. I’m Bugsy. I’m Junebug. I live at the Temple of Ma'at in Memphis. I’m learning magic from an amazing man who’s adopted me, even though he didn’t have to. I think he just needed someone to cook for him. My skin’s dark, and I’ve got kohl around my eyes, and sometimes colored eyeshadow because it looks cool. My hair’s getting long in some places. Sometimes, Receba braids parts of it. I have long enough hair for my boyfriend to braid it. 

I don’t really see Bugsy from Azalea. 

Whenever I go home, I feel really… out of place? It’s my home. It’s where I belong. It’s where I’ve always been. 

It’s really cold in the winter, and I had to buy pants. I never thought I’d wear pants. 

I don’t have to worry about batteries in my flashlights, or buying mulch, or if the hose breaks. I can do simple spells now. 

My Pokemon team’s pretty much decided. I don’t have enough challengers to have to release things much anymore, and when I train, I train my personal team. The Pokemon in Ilex are stronger than they were before the war, but Scyther’s almost strong enough for an Elite Four challenge. I never thought I’d be able to say something like that. I’m amazed she listens to me.

I don’t really wear my collars or arm bands or anything here. I leave them in Egypt. I don’t think I could explain having solid gold jewelry when our economy’s the way it is. I stopped wearing button-up shirts a while ago. They’re just weird now. I’ve been wearing tunics so long, I sometimes think I’ll forget how to button or something. 

But I still usually try to wear… normal things. Clothes from here. Barefoot’s really not the best idea in my Gym, but I forget to wear shoes a lot. I look even more like a girl now than I used to, even though my voice’s lower now. 

…I lost track of what I was writing.

But I got my ears pierced. I have spider earrings now. They’re gold with green peridots. Master helped me pick them, and I think they look really good–but I don’t know what other people will think. Are they too girly? Are they tacky? I mean, they’re small. But I’m living in a time and place where people wear ten pounds of gold and it’s normal.

…I probably shouldn’t call him Master here. Gary and Green took it the wrong way. It’s just… weird to try calling him dad. I mean, I do think of him as one. And teacher doesn’t really sound right. But I don’t want anyone to misunderstand me. I guess there’s a lot of that happening already.

I don’t even know anymore.

I should probably add, since this is sounding depressing, that I really am happy now. More than I was. I have a lot of friends now. Lots of people I care about. I’m not lonely, like I was, even though I miss feeling at home in Johto. I miss seeing Falkner every day, and I miss Gary. I miss everyone else, too, but I guess those are the biggest holes in my life here. But most of what I miss, from who I used to be, and what Johto used to be, just isn’t there anymore. I don’t know how to reconcile who I am now with that.

Big angsty Bugsy post goes here too, hurr. 

Ho-Oh’s an asshole. :c

Word Count: 1,288

Characters: Bugsy, Malik, Receba, Ho-Oh

Bugsy wasn’t ready for this.

Gary’s was the only funeral he had ever been to. The only /formal/ one, anyway. The little stone grave markers he and Kurt had fashioned deep in the burnt-out Ilex forest for the rest of their town had come months later, after they were completely certain that no one else would return. It had been private, and quiet, and Bugsy suspected that Kurt had done his crying while he’d carved their friends’ names and locked the feelings away when he and Bugsy had gone out together to place them.

This was different.

The little Gym Leader felt horribly out of place, dressed in a borrowed black suit from one of Malik’s friends, fitted with magic. He didn’t have his own; hadn’t ever thought to get one, and he’d grown just enough that nothing he owned would have fit. Kind of like he’d been doing emotionally, really. He just barely didn’t fit in Pokeworld anymore; he’d grown just far enough away from the boy he’d been to notice. 

Bugsy came late in the service, with Receba at his side, who stuck out worse than he did. The alien was there as much to observe, to try to better understand his partner’s grief, as he was to pay his own respects–but his pale pink hair and faintly blue-hued skin stood out against the black suit he’d borrowed. 

Malik joined them, feeling out of place more than looking it–except that his eyes weren’t red from crying. He wondered, briefly, if they’d missed Falkner; blue hair was hard to miss, but he wasn’t seeing any he recognized. 

Ho-Oh came last, stony-faced, wearing red-lined robes. His presence had everything to do with his pet human, and nothing to do with the deceased. It was hard to hide his feelings from Bugsy, now; relief, more than anything, that his boy’s strings would finally be cut after all this. Even in the event of a third resurrection, the Phoenix had the permission he needed to stop history from repeating itself. 

The air was heavy, and Bugsy felt Malik slip ahead of him to the casket first. 

It could’ve been worse, Malik thought. He hadn’t heard the gruesome details, didn’t /want/ to know them, but Gary’s body looked… good. For a dead person. The whole situation was so surreal. So awkward. Barring his father’s and Atem’s, he’d never been this close to a carcass. Both those times had been different. Not one that wasn’t reanimated and trying to eat his brains, anyway.

“Don’t go sitting up to say hi or anything,” Malik said, waving a hand over the casket. He glanced toward Bugsy out of the corner of his eye, whose composure had been slipping long before they got there. The kid wasn’t paying attention, and Malik whispered a quiet incantation, offering a little magical assistance where makeup hadn’t been able to put color back into Gary’s cheeks. “Jeeze. Talk about a dead audience. You don’t belong in there, you know? I bet you saw a lot of broken hearts today.” Talking was easy, but /looking/ at the younger male’s body wasn’t. Malik frowned. No, even with magic to help him look that much more like he was sleeping, this was too real. He stepped back. “You’ll be missed. If you don’t get eaten by Ammit, you should come back again sometime.”

A joke about wifi in the Afterlife lodged itself in his throat, and Malik shook his head. This wasn’t the time or place, really. 

He veered away, made his way over to the other casket; closed instead, with a framed picture of Joey to remember him by, the way he’d been. Receba watched him, watched the way his lips thinned, and watched as he laid a hand on the bin without words. 

“Bugsy,” Receba said, leaning down a little to whisper in Hieratic. His tail twitched uneasily, unsure of whether what he wanted to do was appropriate. By rights, wasn’t sure he should have been there at all; if it went against the will of the dead, if no invitation was the same as being excluded, even if Bugsy had asked him to come along. “May I speak next?”

The request startled the boy, and Bugsy stared for a moment, but nodded slowly. Receba offered a gentle smile, squeezed his hand, and stepped away.

Gary hadn’t liked him, and he hadn’t had the chance to try convincing him otherwise. They had never met in person, and from looking at him, Receba couldn’t guess how well Bugsy had /really/ known the brunette. 

Receba spoke in his own tongue, too unaccustomed to Hieratic or Japanese to trust his words in either. Bugsy had heard him use it before; caught the way that Receba mispronounced his name when he was too engrossed in what he was saying to remember the consonants, and wondered what kind of heartfelt farewell his boyfriend could offer to a man who’d hated him. 

“…Aa’ menle nauva calen ar’ ta hwesta e’ ale'quenle. No in elenath hîlar nan hâd gin,” he finished, and Bugsy could see the dampness in his eyes. “I will take care of Bugsy until you meet again.”


Well, that tore it. 

Bugsy had to bite his lip to keep from sobbing outright, even as tears filled his eyes for the umpteenth time, and even as his shaking legs brought him to the casket. It was the right thing to do, to look in on his best friend one last time, to say goodbye. 

The boy hadn’t made a point of watching Gary when he slept, the few times they’d had impromptu sleepovers. But he didn’t think he would look like this, and all the magic in the world couldn’t have made him look /right/, lying there, still as a statue, not breathing. 

Bugsy’s control shattered, and the careful wall he’d tried to keep up, for the sake of appearances, for everyone else’s sakes, came crashing down. His breath hitched, and the floodgates opened without anything left to stop them. It took all his willpower not to let his knees give way, to fall to the ground, to ruin the borrowed suit that he knew really didn’t matter. 

He couldn’t really believe that this was /real/, staring down at his friend’s still body, even as his vision blurred so badly from tears that he could barely make out shapes. He shook and sobbed, babbled without dignity, and apologized–for every disappointment, for every little regret that Gary probably hadn’t cared about at all–knowing that it was too late for any of that to matter, that nothing would bring him back. 

A warm hand gripped his shoulder, and Bugsy didn’t have to look to know who it belonged to. It was comforting, and reminded him that he wasn’t the only one there.

“…Thanks, Fènghuáng,” he managed shakily, dragging his sleeve across his eyes. No matter how much he had already cried, for some reason, he never seemed to really run out. 

Ho-Oh whistled, and Bugsy shook his head. He didn’t want singing or pretty sounds to drown out his heartbreak. 

“…I’ll miss you,” Bugsy whispered, “I hope you’re somewhere better.”

Receba pulled him away, offering a much-needed shoulder to sag against, and   Ho-Oh took his place. The Legendary looked down at Gary’s body, too, unimpressed, unperturbed. 

And had nothing kind to say.

If his pet human weren’t so close, perhaps Ho-Oh would have berated him, knowing he would never hear. It made no difference whether he did or didn’t, not now. But the unpleasant taste in his mouth remained.

And it would /continue/ to be there. Ho-Oh’s memory spanned more lifetimes than humans often dared to think about, and he would remember.

“You have your immortality,” Ho-Oh said, shaking his head. “Next time, do something better with it.”



The last one’s the prototype. He started off angry and kinda a butthead. Because being tiny means you have to puff up and look dangerous. 

One time, Malik gave him cat ears to distract Atem from working. 8]

He found fuzzy legwarmers through a Through Way in the dungeon. I have no idea what universe it leads to.

I drew Meritities again, because she's so cute, but she’s… half her appropriate age in-game. So I tried for thirty-three-years-old Meri instead of seventeen-again Meri. 8] …So of course, she looks exactly the same. I like see-through Egypty things. I’m torn as to whether she’d wear anything underneath, but this works for me. …Since she’s got contact with modern times, she probably has modern underwear, too. Mostly so she can run around in things like that without offending the future-types.

Ho-Oh + Bugsy - Pillow Talk



Took place two+ days ago. When Lugia showed up. Couldn’t wrap it up to satisfaction, but oh well.

Word Count: 458

Bugsy wasn’t entirely surprised when Ho-Oh sank into bed an hour after he did, but he was surprised that the Phoenix didn’t bother changing into his younger form. He rolled onto his side, as much to give the bigger male more room as to be able to face him. Ho-Oh’s face was tilted away from him, hidden by a billowy red sleeve that more than covered half his pillow along with his face. The boy frowned a little. His companion was secretive, but he looked like he was hiding, and Bugsy didn’t think he’d ever seen the Legendary do that before. 


Ho-Oh made a sound of acknowledgement, barely moving his sleeve enough to make eye contact. Bugsy’s frown deepened, and he closed the distance between them, ducking under his arm and shoving his blankets out of the way. With Ho-Oh around, with how warm he always was, he didn’t really need them. 

When Ho-Oh still didn’t respond, beyond settling into the pillow just that much more, Bugsy spoke again. "Are you okay…? You’re being… distant.” Still no response, and Bugsy pressed on. “Is it the construction?" 

"Forgive me,” his voice was heavy, and Ho-Oh felt Bugsy’s worry filter through their bond. Ho-Oh tried to smile down at the boy, and he combed long fingers through his hair. “The construction only bothers me with the noise. I don’t mean to worry you.”

That was something, at least, and Bugsy managed a smile in return, though it was short lived. His tendency to worry was as much a byproduct of the town he lived in as it was from his personality, and he really couldn’t escape it. He sobered again, absently pulling his bangs back out of his vision. “Is it Ryuujin?" 

The Phoenix didn’t need to respond–Bugsy felt the tightening in his chest without having to look for it, and he hugged the older male tightly. "I’m sorry. I just… I couldn’t tell him not to stay. It wouldn’t be right.”

“I know your nature, Bugsy,” Ho-Oh whispered, brushing his fingers through the boy’s bangs. “You help your kind without reservation. I expect nothing less from you.”

Something about that didn't quite sound like approval, and Bugsy sighed into his robes, closing his eyes. “I’d help him even if he weren’t my kind,” Bugsy insisted. “But… if it’s a problem for you, I’d tell him to go. I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

“I’m not at risk. Not from him,” Ho-Oh murmured, all too eager to feign sleep if it meant avoiding further questioning. It was easy enough, with the teenager wrapped up in his robe. The Phoenix whistled softly, almost a sigh. “If a problem arises, I know you’ll take care of me.”

Stupids From FB Rpland

Or: Why Do People Never Think I’m Roleplaying, 2011 Edition!

Gonna try to put this shiny dramatics behind a cut for the sake of people’s flist. In short:

Bakura accuses Atem of being a Weeb after hearing that he’s been failing Japanese by inventing new suffixes to tack on his pronouns. Malik finds this entertaining. The Internet Police find it less entertaining, and get butthurt accordingly. Malik decides to harass stupids on the Internet because he’s bored. His target doesn’t realize any of this is roleplay and gets butthurt. OOC explanations make it worse.

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