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At Royal Oak Theatre Michigan for an All Time Low concert and this happened. MCR will truly always live on. #lastyoungrenagades #mychemicalromance #mcr #atl #alltimelow #royaloaktheatre (at Royal Oak Music Theatre)

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When All Time Low released The Party Scene I was 14 and a freshman in high school. One of my best friends, Eric, burned it for me and told me Circles would “be my shit.” 

Earlier this month, All Time Low released their seventh studio album, Last Young Renegade. I’m now 26 and heading into the second year of my PhD. Eric is about to finish film school. And you know what? Even though we aren’t as die-hard about the band as we used to be (I’ve seen them 11 times but the last time was in 2014), we still call each other every time they release an album to talk about what we think. Yeah, All Time Low has evolved and matured, but so have we. It’s nice.