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Not as they seem - Part 1

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Summary: Sam x Reader - The reader gets a visit from “agents” Sam and Dean whilst she tries to figure out her new found powers. Turns out, Sam and Dean might be able to help her.

Triggers: None

Word Count: 1784

Y/N = Your name  Y/L/N = Your last name

3 parter story where reader’s mother died in a fire and she has powers. Sam x Reader starts developing in part 2!

Part 2  Part 3

The powers started around 8 months ago. You just woke up one morning, and suddenly you had this unexplainable power. At first you couldn’t control it, your daydreams would just manifest themselves, or when you tried to explain to others what was going on they just wouldn’t work. It was all just funny looks and whispered concerns back then.

Still, slowly but surely, you learned how to control whatever it was. Mainly just so that you wouldn’t suddenly start a rampage by showing people something that wasn’t supposed to exist though. You didn’t really want to use them, saw no need for it.

The only time the weird new power came in handy was when you were volunteering at the rest home between your work at the bar and your night classes at the local college. If there was anywhere that your power felt like a gift it was there.

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