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Limbo (Derek/Stiles)

frostniskare “I bet I can make you scream my name.” Sterek

This is your fic prize for winning second place in my birthday giveaway! I really hope you enjoy where the muse took the prompt, as I’m sure it’s not in the direction you had in mind. Hopefully, you’ll like it anyway! For those who read my “Just Like Me” series, this fic could be considered a prequel in that verse. However, you do not need to have read that series to enjoy this! Fic #42 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge

 Limbo. Derek/Stiles. Teen. Also on AO3.

Stiles and his team are on an undercover stakeout that’s not going too well. Derek’s using his powers for good, but Stiles knows it’s not the right moment for their relationship to change. 

“I bet I can make you scream my name.” The words are accompanied by the thick stench of whiskey and good old-fashioned bad breath.

“Yeah, see, I’m not really feeling it so I’m gonna have to decline that bet.” Stiles scans the club looking for the potential suspect, trying to ignore the old pervert attempting to pick him up. He’s not interested, and he made it clear, so the guy should leave soon.

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Kill Zone - Prologue

Characters: Reader ( Special Agent Y/N Singer), Special Agent Castiel Novak, Dean Winchester, Cindy Stevenson (OC), Ella McKenzie (OC), Agent Samuel Campbell, Agent Crowley MacLeod,    

Pairing: AU Dean x Reader (eventually)

Warnings: Blood, violence, injuries, torture (not overly graphic), murder, character deaths  

Word Count: 2000ish

A/N: This is a serial killer AU of sorts. Not the typical kind, but it has all the death and violence these kinda AU bring with it. It was sorta inspired by Criminal Minds, and that is why my agents are profilers.

This series will have deaths, violence, love, heartwarming moments and everything in between. I am hereby warning you for yet another rollercoaster ride led by me ;)

Thanks to the amazing @percywinchester27 for being my advisor and beta on this one.

Technical Terms: MO: An offender’s method of carrying out an offense


Cindy was running as if her life depended on it, because it did. The branches snapped under her bare feet. The sharp rocks dug into her skin like razors each time she fell, but every time she got back up. Blood was soaking through her shirt and jeans from the wounds where his knife had pierced her flesh. Her racing heart was pumping her blood faster through her veins, causing the blood to escape her body even faster, and making her head spin.

I don’t wanna die. I don’t wanna die.

The words repeated themselves over and over again in her mind, like a chant, as she tried to get away from her kidnapper. Her kidnapper, who had set her free. Who had instructed her to run, before slowly walking off in the opposite direction, carrying his rifle over his shoulder.

She had cried and begged for her life, screaming till her throat was sore and hoarse, but he hadn’t turned around. He hadn’t worthied her a second glance, so she had done the only thing her exhausted and befuddled mind had let her. She had ran.

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Just Like Me Series Summary

Just Like Me Series. Stiles/Derek. Teen. 

Stiles, Derek, and their FBI team are called in to hunt for a serial killer. While in Portland, the bonds of the team are tested as relationships change and one of their own becomes the killer’s next target.

Sooner or Later. #1 Stiles and his team are called in to help catch a serial killer hunting around the Pacific Northwest. Stiles becomes obsessed, and Derek keeps him grounded. [01/10/17]  For @shealwaysreads 

Better Safe than Sorry. #2 Stiles, Derek, and Isaac check out the area where Paige Krasikeva was likely kidnapped by their perp. [01/11/17]  For @sterekseason 

Open Your Eyes. #3 Stiles and Derek get some new information Danny before going back to the hotel to get some rest and review case files. [01/12/17]  For @im-a-feather-in-the-wind 

Nothing But Trouble. #4 Stiles gets Boyd’s assistance with his theory about the killer the team’s hunting. Then he has to deal with a suspicious Derek, a sleazy Matt, an annoyed Allison, and a relieved Jordan. [01/13/17] For @eeyore9990 

Me Too. #5 It’s been three days since Paige disappeared, and Stiles knows they’re running out of time. Still, he and Derek somehow manage to steal a personal moment together before they’re forced to get back to work. [01/14/17]  For @loveactually-rps 

Countdown. #6 Paige has been missing for three days. The team is on a countdown, but Stiles is finally ready to share his theory and put his plan into action. [01/15/17] For alexanderhal

Just Getting Started #7 Stiles and the team are in place and ready to carry out the plan. It’s time to catch a killer. [01/15/17]  For @allirica

We’re Family Here. #8 The team goes out for pancakes to celebrate another killer caught, and Stiles kisses Derek because that’s a thing he gets to do now that they’re together. [01/15/17]  For @cobrilee​ 


the dream that you wish by  thedeathchamber


FBI Special Agent Harry Styles struggles with a case that involves him at a personal level. Louis adjusts to his new life and continues his on-going struggle with his psychic abilities and what they entail.

aka. the sequel to the Medium/Criminal Minds-inspired AU which some people actually asked for.

the Psychic / FBI series


“Soon enough, I fear Jack Crawford will come knocking. I would encourage you–as a friend–not to walk through the door he holds open. It’s dark on the other side, and madness is waiting.”

-Dr. Hannibal Lecter, “Hannibal”   

Open Your Eyes (Stiles/Derek)

im-a-feather-in-the-wind said: Sterek “shh. Stop fussing. I’m just braiding your hair” :D

This is the third part of what I have reluctantly admitted to myself is a little series (glares at the muse). This follows Better Safe than Sorry in the Just Like Me series. I really hope you enjoy this, bb! This is also #9 in the 2017 Prompt Challenge. 

Oh! And I love hearing y'all’s theories! It’s part of what’s got me eager to keep writing so y'all can see if you’re right or not (since I had the whole story in my mind when I wrote Sooner or Later)! That being said, I won’t be directly addressing anyone’s theories because that’s part of the fun of reading a mystery!

Open Your Eyes. Stiles/Derek. Teen. Also on AO3. #3 in the Just Like Me series.

Stiles and Derek get some new information Danny before going back to the hotel to get some rest and review case files.

It’s half past ten by the time they get back to the bureau’s Portland offices.

Isaac heads down to the lab so he can run results for some of the stuff he collected from Paige’s car. They aren’t expecting to find anything, but they know from experience that the proper procedure must be followed when dealing with a case like this. The last thing any of them wants is for someone to escape justice because they’re missing a lab result they didn’t collect. When Stiles and Derek enter their command center, Danny’s busy on his laptop, and Lydia’s organizing paperwork that’s falling off the printer.

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Good Cop, Bad Cop (M) [PRLG]

Summary: Asshole FBI!Jungkook / Cop AU. In which you, a corrupt police officer, cross paths with the FBI who threaten to have your freedom revoked, but on one, simple condition.
Genre: Action/Angst/Drama/Smut…eventually
Words: 3,418
Warnings: Violence, drugs, death/murder, wild cops that cannot be stopped
A/N: Inspired by the many cop shows I watch, but mainly my thirst for Jungkook in a suit. 

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FBI Series (Pt. 2)

A/N: This is part two of the FBI Series, I hope you like it :)

Part 1

(Y/N) got into her room tossing her bag on the floor and started walking to the bed, she throw all the paper that laid on the bed to the floor and popped  down on the mattress. She was more than just tired, she was dead Working on a bar was harder than she thought. She was glad she didn’t had to walk all the way to the motel. And then her mind drifted to the guy in the leather jacket and green eyes.

Her phone started ringing but she just ignored it, she wasn’t in the mood to answer to nobody so instead she grabbed her clothes and headed to the shower. Once in bed she led her mind slip away, thinking a little about her family, her childhood, happy memories. But then she remembered her job, and what she was doing in town and the happy memories where gone.

Dean woke up to the sound of a closing door as he glassed around he saw his brother getting out of the bathroom with his hair still wet. “Hey man, where were you last night?”

“Went to town” Dean answered as he got up “grab a few beers, you know” last night flashed in his eyes and he remembered the little brunette that was staying in the motel.

“Hey!” Sam said bringing back Dean from his trance “got a call from Garth he said he might have a work for us a few towns ahead. It´s a simple salt and burn case but is something”

“Yeah, just let me take a shower” the older brother answered and walked to the bathroom, taking a quick shower.

He got out and saw that Sam had already his bags on the foot of the door “wanna catch something to eat before we head out?”

“Sure. I’m starving” Dean said graving the keys of the impala and walking to the door. Sammy followed him but he graved the bags that were close to the door “watcha doing?”

“We have to load the truck, Dean” Sam answered with a duh-tone

“I know we have to load the truck but we can come back for the bags, I mean what’s the rush” he said faking a smile

Sam just looked at him confused for a moment before lowering the bags “if you say so” and followed his brother to the car.

Dean had no idea why he said that. They never done that, staying at a town after finishing a job but he just wasn’t ready to leave. Out of the corner of his eye he saw something moving so he turned around to see (Y/N) walking towards the road. He stopped for a second, his mind in war.

“Hey! (Y/N)!” both Sam and (Y/N) stared at Dean with a confuse look. This made Dean to realize what he just did, but hey, there was no way back, was it?

“Dude what the hell?” Sam asked through gritted teeth

Dean just flashed him a look and walked towards (Y/N) was still standing a couple yards away from them

“Hey” he said again

“Hi, Dean” she answered. Awkward silence

“Look my brother and I…” he pointed at Sam in the impala

“Dean” she interrupted “I appreciate the ride last night but that’s all it was, just a ride”

“No, I know but it looks like you need another one and we were heading to town anyway so we can stop by the bar, drop you off” he said with a little smirk

“I’m not going to the bar; I just want to get some breakfast and…”

“Awesome” it was time for Dean to interrupt her “got a place in mind? Because me and my brother are starving” (Y/N) started to shake her head while looking for an excuse “come on, we insist, right Sammy?” he turn to see his brother giving them a weak smile

“I don’t know“

“I’m buying”

The trio walked inside the dinner and toward the closest booth, Sam sat on one side and Dean in front of him, (Y/N) hesitated for a moment then decided to sit with Sam. Both of the guys looked a little shocked about her decision but she needed to make clear she had no intentions of getting close to Dean, not in every possible way. At least not yet.

“So (Y/N)” Sam said, he clearly hated awkward silences “what are you doing in town?”

“Oh, you know just passing by” she said looking at the menu, she felt the boy’s eyes on her “what about you? How’s work?”

“Good” Dean answered before Sam could “we are almost done. How long are you staying in town?”

“Told you, till my problems catch up with me”

“That’s not a straight answer” he leaned closer to her

“It´s not like you need one” she stared directly at his eyes, not blinking, not breaking the contact

“Are you guys ready to order?” the waitress asked making them both snap out of it

“Yes, please” Sam said “I’ll have the vit shake” at this (Y/N) and Dean looked at him annoyed

“I’ll have the special” she thought for a second “with extra bacon. Actually with extra everything, I’m not paying for it anyway” she said smiling at Dean

“Well make it two” Dean said handing her menu to the waitress, her hand lingered a little more than necessarily on his, then smiled seductively before walking away.

“Man, I’m not complaining but what is it with you and all the girls?” Sam asked

“I might as well be a chick magnet” he said smirking

(Y/N) huffed a little too loud than she should have. She saw Dean’s smirk fade away and Sam trying to suppress a chuckle “What? It’s not like is not true, not everyone is into you”

“Here you have” the waitress had returned with their meals. (Y/N) dug into hers without a second though.

Dean had to admit he was impressed by this girl’s appetite, she had finished her dish but she still looked hungry “Want some dessert?” he asked raising an eyebrow

“As long is on the menu” she answered imitating his facial expression. “Be right back. Don’t leave without paying or I’ll hunt you down” she said before standing and walking toward the bathroom

Dean smiled and scanned the menu for some pie when he noticed his brother was wearing his bitch face “What’s wrong Sammy?”

“Who is she? And why is having breakfast with us?” Sam asked “look they are called one night stands for a reason; you out of all the people should know that and…”

“Wow, Sammy. Hold on, I didn’t sleep with her last night” when he saw his brothers face he added “Nor ever, we just met at the bar and I drove her to the motel, that’s it”

“Since when you pay for others people’s food?”

“What you’re talking about? I always pay for your food!”

“Look” Sam said in a whisper “If you like this girl and want to stay a couple of days with her I can…”

“Sam!” Dean said in a deadly tone “no one is into no one ok? I just did this out of the goodness of my heart”

“What you did out of the goodness of your heart?” asked (Y/N) taking his sit next to Sam

“Buying you breakfast” Dean answered with his eyes on the menu

“Oh” (Y/N) sounded hurt “so I am just your charity of the day?” Sam turned his face and saw her looking at her entwined fingers. He looked at Dean with no clue of what to do, he had hurt her feelings.

“No, (Y/N)…” Sam said the same time Dean spoke: “I…I didn’t mean it like that…”

(Y/N) lifted her face with a grin on her lips “It’s so easy to fool you guys” the brothers looked at her with narrow eyes “so, what are we having for dessert?”

“You don’t deserve dessert” Dean said pointing at her.

“Good thing I’m on a diet then” she said crossing her arms over her chest. Dean asked the waitress for the bill

“No you are not” Sam said to her. He was so tall that even sitting she had to tilt her head to look at him.

“Yeah, you are right” she answered “but after what I ate, I might as well be”

“Shut up, you are perfect” Dean didn’t even registered what he said because he was busy paying the bill, but when he saw his brother’s eyes wide open and a little blush on (Y/N) cheeks he cursed himself for saying that

Thank God (Y/N) was there to lighten the mood “Well Dean you know how to compliment a girl, I can give you that” she smiled and walked toward the door.

The two brothers stared at each other for a second, both confused about what just had happened, before following her outside.

The parking lot was almost empty except for a few cars. She was standing near the impala waiting for the guys “Well I had a great time with you guys, thank you for everything” she said with a smile, her eyes covered by her sunglasses. A guy walked out of the dinner making the little bell ring.

“We can still take you to the bar” Dean suggested “if you want”

“Nah, I need to buy some things first and go to the bank” Dean opened his mouth but she interrupted him “Dean I’m fine, it’s just a block away and I’m pretty sure you have better things to do than just driving around”

“This doesn’t have to be a goodbye” That was probably the cheesiest thing he had ever said but he really mean it, there was something about this girl he couldn’t put his finger on.

She smiled “Goodbye Sam” she said looking at him, he smiled and nodded towards her. She looked at Dean “Bye Dean”

She started to walk away but she hadn’t moved more than a few steps when she froze in her spot

“(Y/N)?” Sam asked with concern, this made Dean look up.

“Shh…” she murmured. They all stayed I silence for a second. And there was it. That mumbled sound and the repeating knocking. She ran towards one of the cars on the parking lot. The brothers following her

The man inside the car kept knocking the window and screaming for his life. The heating of the car was burning his skin. Literally. When (Y/N) touched the handle of the driver’s door, she screamed in pain as she watched the burning in her hand. When she saw Dean about to do the same thing she stopped him “It’s too hot, look for something to break the glass”

“Hurry up Sam!” Dean yelled. The man’s skin started to boil, and he had started to have seizures.

Sam appeared with a shovel and a hammer in his hands; he tossed one to his brother and started hitting the windshield while Dean attacked the driver’s window. But the glass wasn’t breaking.

(Y/N) called an ambulance, telling them to hurry. A crow had started forming around the car; their murmuring could almost silence the man’s yelling. Almost.

Dean kept on swinging at the window but nothing happened. He knew something was wrong. The man stopped moving and just lay there, unmoving. That’s when the glass finally shattered and the door just opened making the body fall into the ground. You could still hear the flesh boiling, and the smell wasn’t any good either.

(Y/N) stood behind the guys just looking at them waiting for their next move, but their reactions was what got her attention. They didn’t look scared or repulsed, they looked confused, then determined. In the distant you could hear the sirens coming.

(Y/N) was sitting on an ambulance getting her hand bandaged when a police officer came to take her statement of the happened. She was telling him everything when Dean came by and the officer greet him “Agent Simmons, I’m so happy you are still in here. Maybe helping us with this…” he looked at (Y/N) “situation”

“Agent Simmons?” She asked raising an eyebrow

“Yes” the officer said “he’s FBI, he helped us with the disappearances in the woods” someone called for him and he left with a nod leaving Dean with (Y/N).

“FBI? Really?” she asked

He smirked at her “It’s not like I can go around telling people I’m the law. Identity thing you know”

“I’m so happy I didn’t got drunk with you on the bar”

“What? Have you done something bad?” he took a step closer to her

She thought for a second and then answered “Yes, a lot of things” she said in a serious voice “More than I should have”

Dean wasn’t expecting that answer, she smiled looking at the badge around her hand

“Does it hurt?” he asked

“They gave me so much pills I can barely feel my toes”

“Dean!” Sam called from behind the dead’s man car

“Don’t go anyway, I’m driving you to the motel” he said and walked towards his brother

“What did you find?” he asked Sammy

“Look at this” he answered holding a little bag with some herbs and bones


“Probably” Sam said looking around

“Seems like we are staying after all”

Part 3

We’re Family Here (Stiles/Derek)

@cobrilee said: Stiles/Derek: “If we get arrested, it’s your fault.”

Since you helped cheer this along, I thought it only fitting to use one of your prompts as inspiration for the last part of the series, Bri! I hid it in the version you read so it’d be a surprise. This is the final part of the Just Like Me series, and fic #15 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge. I really hope y’all enjoyed this series!

To everyone who read this series as I wrote it this week, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the comments & encouragement. Without y'all, I wouldn’t have decided to let my muse turn this into a series, and I wouldn’t have managed to write the whole thing in a week! I really hope you enjoy this last part. Thanks for going on the ride with me! <333

We’re Family Here. Stiles/Derek. Teen. #8 in the Just Like Me series. Also on AO3.

The team goes out for pancakes to celebrate another killer caught, and Stiles kisses Derek because that’s a thing he gets to do now that they’re together.

It takes a couple of hours to complete the paperwork for the arrest. Rafe has to play nice with the head of the field office since no one bothered alerting her to the fact they were targeting one of her agents. The team’s general philosophy is that it’s easier to apologize after the fact than to get permission in the first place, and this is just one example why. Since Jackson and Derek fired their weapons, they have additional paperwork to complete, and Allison gets to gloat about being finished first since they took away her opportunity to get a shot in. Stiles types fast, so he finished quickly.

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Miss Jackson: Part 2

HUGE Disclaimer: This is gonna be a dark fic. It involves murder, death, killing, and other dark themes that will be introduced as the story proceeds. If that doesn’t sound like your thing, I suggest turning back right now.

Also, I am in now way trying to romanticize mental illness/murder. I don’t think it’s ‘cute’ or ‘attractive’, I am simply using these things to create a story.

Notes: Based off of Miss Jackson by Panic! At The Disco

Word Count: 1k+

Song: The Killing Moon - Nouvelle Vague 

Warnings: Everything state above.

Part 1

Your name: submit What is this?

My name is Y/N.

“Total paranoia is just total awareness.” -Charles Manson 

Alright everybody, listen up!” Michael, Castiel’s older brother, shouted, everyone out of their offices and gathered into the main room.

“You never said he would be here,” Dean whisper shouted at Cas, glaring at him.

“I told you, Dean, they think this a serial killer. Not exactly something that should wait to be taken care of.”

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