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Say hello to our newest addition: The Dossier.

We at OFA are pleased to introduce a brand new expansion of our blog:

The Dossier, our open-source intelligence hub for the activist community.

It’s a kind of mini-wiki, if you will. An index of places all over the web that we think activists should be familiar with.

Here you’ll find over 200 sources of info on:

  • White supremacists and other Hate Groups,
  • Antifa,
  • Cyber Security Research,
  • Dank Web (our term for clearnet sites like 4chan. not darknet. but stll shady)
  • Dark Web and Deep Web,
  • Fake News / Propaganda,
  • Real News / Not-Propaganda,
  • Governance and Policy,
  • Gun Culture (especially in the US),
  • Human Rights,
  • Internet Freedom,
  • Information Security News,
  • Notable Hackers and Technologists,
  • Tech News,
  • Law Enforcement and Police,
  • Government Transparancy,
  • Military Affairs,
  • “Patriot” Militia Groups,
  • Private Intelligence Companies,
  • and a smattering of US Intelligence Agencies.

We hope we’ve given your bookmarks menu and twitter feed a boost. And maybe on one of those far-right hate sites you’ll find something you can use against them.

We make no claims to completeness. In fact, you can help us make it better. Message us and let us know what we missed.

“Know your enemy. Know yourself. One hundred battles; one hundred victories.” - Sun Tzu

Yours in solidarity,


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This is Steve Stephens, a 6'1" and 224lb man who posted a video of himself killing a 74 year old man on facebook and says he has killed 13 others yet that last one is not yet confirmed by police. He committed this crime in Cleveland, but he is now on the run and the FBI has launched a nationwide manhunt in all of America for him. He is armed with a gun. He drives a white pickup truck. Avoid him at all costs. If you see him, call the police immediately. Spread this to everyone who lives in a state near Cleveland and everyone you know in America for that matter. Do not try and engage him. Stay safe and watch out.


Death of Allen Ross

In 1986 Allen Ross, an introverted Chicago film-maker, married Linda Greene after only having met her three days before. Linda was the leader of a new-age cult, which she named The Samaritans. It was no secret that she dabbled in the occult, and her followers were deeply attracted to this. Greene had a series of strange beliefs and was constantly paranoid. Some of her theories were that:

  • Bar-codes are evil
  • Evil can be projected into the bodies of celebrities
  • Evil can be projected into soy milk
  • Jesus Christ gave his soul to her so she could look after humanity

Linda bought an old haunted jail as a crash pad for her cult, while the couple lived in their own home. During his time with her, Allen (who was Linda’s 6th husband) became increasingly obsessed with spirituality and would “spend days in a catatonic state”. In November 1995, Allen suddenly went missing from his home. His distraught family hired private investigators and psychics, who could find no trace of him anywhere. Not surprisingly, Linda was the main suspect and she went into hiding. The controversy of Allen’s disappearance caused the cult to disband, and none of them were talking to police or FBI investigators. In 2002, Allen’s remains were found under the couple’s home. He had been buried in the basement after being struck on the head with a blunt object. As Linda was already dead, the case could not be perused further.

Recently, Ghost Adventures investigated the building were the group spent most of their time. You can watch it here.


They go by many names,

They come from all backgrounds,

But they all have one job in common,

Protecting life.


Brave local and Federal Law Enforcement officers secure the road to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge center currently under siege by radical extremists in Oregon.

She's Like The Wind - Part Two

Summary: You have been blind for over 10 years. During the apocalypse, you use your utmost strength in order to survive while also fending off your mixed feelings for the big bad leader of your community, the Sanctuary.

Pairings: Negan x Blind Reader

Warnings: language. violence.

Note: the wives are in this chapter for like a second. but just fyi, they are very ooc for story purposes.

Both you and Jesse stood there in silence as Negan approached the scene. You heard Dwight chuckle lightly under his breath, and you knew that he was heavily debating about ratting on your best friend. Negan’s heavy footsteps ceased and you could guess that he was now only a few feet in front of you and Jesse. You swore that you could practically feel him smirking at the both of you.

“How are my two best guards doing on this fantastic damn day?” Negan’s voice blurted out, and you could sense a slight sarcasm in his careless tone.

“We’re doing fine, thank you.” You immediately spoke up in response with a firm tone. You knew that Jesse was scared, and that any response from him at the moment would be incomprehensible.

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