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Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Hostage Rescue Team.
Law Enforcement’s Tier 1 Counter-Terrorism unit.

The FBI Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) is the counter-terrorism and hostage rescue unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The HRT is trained to rescue American citizens and allies who are held hostage by hostile forces, usually terrorists and/or criminals. The Hostage Rescue Team was founded in 1982 by Danny Coulson, former Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI, and completed its final certification exercise in October 1983.

It was originally composed of 50 operators. However, this number has since increased to well over 90 full-time operators. The HRT commonly functions as a high-level national SWAT team in extremely sensitive or dangerous situations. Today, it is part of the Tactical Support Branch of the FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG) and is based at the FBI Academy at the Quantico Marine Corps Base, in Stafford County, Virginia.

The primary roles of the HRT are hostage rescue and counter-terrorism. Secondary roles of the HRT include:

- Apprehending barricaded subjects
- Executing helicopter operations and rescue missions
- Executing mobile assaults
- Performing high-risk raids, searches, arrests, and warrants
- Coordinating manhunt and rural operations
- Providing force protection for FBI personnel overseas

To a lesser extent, the HRT may deploy teams or individual operators to act as snipers, or to provide protective service details for certain high-profile federal witnesses or dignitaries. Teams provide support for missions overseas and support Joint Terrorism Task Forces. Teams at home and abroad perform typical law enforcement activities, such as making arrests, processing scenes for evidence recovery, and testifying in court.

The HRT has provided traditional law enforcement during hurricane relief operations, tactical surveys, and special events such as the Olympic Games, presidential inaugurations, and political conventions.

Prospective HRT operators are selected based upon their background and experience, as well as their demonstrated performance during the HRT selection course. The rigorous two-week selection process includes long-distance runs, forced marches, obstacle courses, and other tests of physical and mental stamina. Throughout the entire selection process, candidates are evaluated on their ability to think under pressure and to perform while physically exhausted. After a six-month initial training period known as “New Operator Training School” (“NOTS”), they are headquartered at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Both the selection course and NOTS are near mirror images of the 1st SFOD-D (“Delta Force”) selection and training courses, with some minor adjustments for mission differences. Experienced HRT operators assigned to observer/sniper teams are sent to the United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper Basic Course. After successfully completing the course, they receive further instruction from HRT snipers. Maritime platoon operators are sent to a variety of maritime special operations courses, including Phase II of U.S. Navy BUD/S at Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado, California. HRT operators receive other specialized interoperability training from various U.S. Special Operations Command entities. HRT operators also conduct training with Allied nation counter-terrorism units such as the British SAS and German GSG-9.

When not operationally deployed, the HRT conducts full-time training for its members at various sites across the country. Two to three hours each day are set aside for physical training, a defensive tactics session, and combative training. One day a week is devoted to maintaining either perishable skills (such as fast roping, breaching, and photography) or specialized skills (such as mobile assaults, manhunt and rural operations), maritime operations, helicopter operations, parachuting, weapons of mass destruction training (provided by the United States Department of Energy), and cold weather operations. Three days are spent honing sniping or close quarters combat skills on the various training ranges available to the team. Biweekly, one day is allotted for gear maintenance. Discretionary time to be used by team leaders is built into the schedule. During a routine week of training, it is not unusual for HRT operators to fire 1,000 rounds of ammunition to keep their shooting skills honed. Every 12 to 18 months, the HRT also participates in at least one major combined exercise that may involve a variety of governmental entities, such as the FBI and the departments of Defense, State, Energy, and Homeland Security.

Three teams rotate through three 120-day cycles: training, operations, and support. During the training cycle, the team refreshes its skills and takes part in exercises, attends other courses, or trains with foreign and domestic units. During the operations cycle, the team is available for deployment (domestic or foreign). During the support cycle, the team works on special projects, maintains the HRT’s equipment, and conducts research.

The HRT is known to conduct joint training exercises and participate in exchange programs with US military units such as the US Army’s Combat Applications Group (otherwise known as 1st SFOD-D or Delta Force) or the U.S. Navy’s DEVGRU. The HRT routinely trains with other federal tactical teams such as the DEA’s FAST Team, the United States Border Patrol’s BORTAC unit or the United States Capitol Police’s CERT. Occasionally the HRT trains with French GIGN, British SAS and Special Boat Service, Irish Garda ERU, the Australian SAS, German GSG 9, and other international units. In addition to the HRT’s own facilities, the HRT routinely uses private and 1st SFOD-D Delta Force shoot houses and ranges. The HRT has also been known to train at Camp Peary and Harvey Point.

The Osage Indian Murders

These were a series of murders of Osage people in Osage County, Oklahoma in the early 1920s. The Osage land happened to be oil-rich. Each Osage man had a headright, to a lucrative annual share of the oil revenues. And they were getting mysteriously killed. Newspapers described the increasing number of unsolved murders as the “Reign of Terror”. Estimates are that 60 or more wealthy, full-blood Osage were killed from 1921 to 1925. Whites would then get their headrights.

The obscure branch of the Department of Justice tasked with investigating would eventually become the FBI. An undercover operation discovered that a wealthy white rancher and his two nephews had arranged the killings. One nephew married an Osage woman, Mollie Kyle, then murdered her sisters, mother, and cousin to inherit the headrights and cash in on insurance policies. The ranchers killed more and more to silence co-conspirators and witnesses. And investigators, when they got involved, discovered Mollie was already being poisoned. The proto-FBI findings lead to Congress passing a law which  prohibited non-Osage from inheriting headrights from Osage, who had half or more Native American ancestry.


Brave local and Federal Law Enforcement officers secure the road to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge center currently under siege by radical extremists in Oregon.

by the way, when tony calls peter during the ferry mission, he’s like “great things are about to happen” and then he’s interrupted. and him calling peter to compliment him on his good job at that exact moment? right as the FBI was getting ready to bust those dealers?

it’s very clearly suggested that tony was calling peter right then exactly to tell him that the FBI was on the case as they spoke and to thank him for his help on that whole thing. this would actually be the first opportunity tony would have had to talk to peter about this without prematurely and illegally disclosing details of an undercover FBI operation happening beyond his jurisdiction

just so we’re clear about that

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What do you think are best written jimon fics?

fuck!!!  this list of course is not a comprehensive WHATSOEVER, bc this is one tiny selection of JUST the ones i have bookmarked on ao3.

the secret tomorrow will hold by @eversall

Simon falls onto his new neighbor, falls in love, and falls into the middle of an undercover FBI operation. Not necessarily in that order.

This is one of the first fics I ever read for Jimon and it hooked me in. i personally think EVERYTHING Maddie writes is amazing but i decided for the purpose of this list i would just name one of her fics, but let it be known: everything she writes is amazing.

lean in by @thealmostrhetoricalquestion

Jace is in the kitchen when Simon goes in to get a glass of water. He’s hunched over a chopping board, wearing nothing but boxers and a white shirt, and he looks exhausted but determined, eyes slightly unfocused as he chops up onions with considerate care. Simon whips his camera out of his back pocket and holds it up, flicking the switch and making hushing sounds as he zooms in on Jace’s face, lowering his voice to a whisper. His viewers are going to love this.

i’m such a sucker for mundane au’s but any form of social media au? i’m at your feet. Simon as a very humble content creator and Jace as his best friend/roommate who “unwillingly” stars in and gets dragged into Simon’s shenanigans.

How do we survive? by @quecksilvereyes

Surviving is an art that’s painted across your body. It’s in Simon’s teeth, in the sun on his skin, in Maia’s throat, in her cracking bones, it’s in Jace’s runes, in his cocky smile as he downs drink after drink.

ik you asked for jimon but i highkey love jace/simon/maia so i’m counting it. this fic floored me the first time i read it and it continues to floor me every time i reread it. 

Over Many Setting Suns by ghostlin

Luke laughs. “Simon Lewis has your back. How’s that feel?”

Jace gives him a sour look, trying not to grin at the little bubble of elation growing in his chest at the thought. “Honestly? Terrifying.”

16k words of utter beauty, Simon and Jace working incredibly hard together to solve a giant problem and i am SPEECHLESS

in the taste of blood and salt by @firstaudrina

Even though his body has stopped wanting the venom, Jace still wants the bite.

i cant even talk about this fic. i just cant. you have to read it to understand the sheer raw heartbreak that this fic causes me

My Power, My Pleasure, My Pain by Creatrix

Elaine wanted to meet this mysterious person who’d kept her son away for weeks. Jace was the only one available.

25k of fake dating and secret pining, my other weakness. i think about this fic so much when im not reading it, thats how good it is

Desire by @meliorn

Simon is fucked. And not in the way he’d like to be. Valentine’s Day is coming up and he is very much still single.

or, the one where Simon asks Jace to teach him how to flirt in preparation of Valentine’s Day.

date COACHING is literally the step up from fake dating and i am 100% here for it

home is just a room full of my safest sounds by shewitches

Simon looks appalled, but the fact that he’s ignoring the mountain of work he should do to sit and have coffee with him says a lot. Simon dramatically stands up and starts to walk towards the door backwards. “I have never been this offended. Really, you’ve managed to offend me more than anyone else. I’ve had people boo me off stage before — but this? This is too far. You’ve gone too far, Lightwood.”
When he backs into the door to the breakroom and everyone glares at them, Jace can’t stop himself from laughing. He still has a few minutes before he should make sales calls, so he doesn’t get up and follow him.

it’s an office au and i have never loved anything the way i love this concept and this fic. 

and lastly, it’s not a fic but i just want to recognise that @jimondaily does amazing work in what is essentially archiving so many jimon fanworks, not just fics and headcanons, but other kinds of works, so round of applause for the fantastic admins

and bc this list is v selective and many many people got left out, i also think @softjimon, @simonlewhiss, @the-undergod and @ghostlyjimon. im missing a billion other people but this list is long enough already. thank you so much for this ask!!!

Employer screwed me over, I screwed him back with help from the FBI.

It was the early 1990’s and I worked for a telemarketing company with the initials “SMC” in Logan, UT. I was employed for two full days when I came to the conclusion that we were just scamming old people out of their money using grossly unethical methods.

I quit after my second day of work and when I received my paycheck I noticed that I was paid minimum wage instead of the $10.00 per hour I was promised when they hired me so I went back to complain. The office manager told me, “You didn’t finish the 90 day probationary period so you only get minimum wage.”

Bullshit. They never said anything about a probationary period in training and I know it wasn’t in the contract I signed upon hire. (Yeah, I actually read it before signing it.) As the office manager opened the door to have me leave he said, “See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.”

I was fuming. I called the city offices and discovered that SMC didn’t have a business license and reported them. Less than an hour later I watched as the police showed up and told them they would have to shut down operations until they had a business license. (It took ‘em two weeks.)

When they were back in business I used an elaborate scheme to get myself on their call list and recorded several of their employees efforts to sell me their crap (it was Utah and legal to record the calls). I knew what they were doing wasn’t just unethical, it was illegal.

Not only did I report it to a local news station who had their consumer reporter (Debbie Dujanovic) do a two part story on the scummy company but I also reported them to the FBI.

The owner of the company was one of the 200+ people that was arrested by the FBI in a nationwide sting of dishonest telemarketing companies. The FBI called it, “Operation Disconnect”.

“See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.” Ha!

Why everyone should love Miss Congeniality
  • strong female lead character who calls out all misogyny
  • strong female villain who is feminine without being sexualised
  • supporting cast of female characters
  • incredibly valid points about how feminism isn’t a case of giving up your femininity but more a case of understanding that just because a woman likes to be pretty and wear dresses doesn’t mean she’s against feminism.
  • did I mention the intelligent woman who takes charge of an FBI operation, because the men can’t find their bum with both hands and a map?
  • and the fact that said woman goes into pageants hating them all and comes out from the other side after learning that it’s not just about bikinis and dance numbers but about people trying to make a difference, just like she is, but just in a different way.
  • women and friendships and mutual respect
  • Michael Caine as a camp pageant consultant
  • interracial lesbian relationship

It really strikes me as the most unexpectedly genuinely feminist films I have seen in a long while. Because it’s all about women accepting and respecting and supporting each other, no matter how different their beliefs and world views are. And I love it.

Man Charged With Trying To Blow Up Oklahoma City Building
Jerry Drake Varnell, 23, allegedly told undercover FBI agents he wanted to carry out an attack like the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing by Timothy McVeigh.
By Mike Hayes

A self-proclaimed anti-government revolutionary has been charged with trying to blow up an Oklahoma City bank with a 1,000-pound bomb that turned out to be fake, according to court documents.

Jerry Drake Varnell, 23, on Friday drove what he believed to be a stolen cargo van packed with chemical explosives into Oklahoma City and parked the van in an alley next to the BancFirst building, authorities said.

He had intended to execute an attack like the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing by homegrown terrorist Timothy McVeigh, but was unaware that the plot was doomed by months of planning and coordination with undercover FBI agents, according to the criminal complaint.

The case dates back to Dec. 21, when a confidential source informed the FBI that Varnell was allegedly interested in bombing the Federal Reserve Building in Washington, DC, in a manner similar to the 1995 attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

The confidential source, who the FBI said was serving a prison sentence for a probation violation, started a dialog with Varnell through encrypted chat applications and Facebook Messenger.

According to the FBI, Varnell told the confidential source things like, “I’m out for blood. When militias start getting formed, I’m going after government officials when I have a team.”

He also allegedly discussed the possibility of explosives, telling the source, “I think I’m going to go with what the okc bomber used. Diesel and anhydrous ammonia.“

Varnell continued to discuss the attack with the source over the course of several months, claiming that he was in the process of putting together a team, authorities said. He also brought the source to a “bunker” he was assembling on his parents’ property, where he lived.

At one point, Varnell allegedly told an undercover FBI agent that he wanted to switch his target from the Federal Reserve Building in DC to the BancFirst building. When he was asked why he wanted to change targets, Varnell allegedly said "I don’t want to kill a bunch of people.”

On June 1, the confidential source arranged for Varnell to meet with an undercover FBI agent known only as “the professor,” who they said could obtain the explosives and help construct the bomb. At the meeting, Varnell said he held a “three-percenter ideology,” a reference to the heavily armed militia group. Varnell also agreed to let the undercover agent obtain the explosives for him instead of him trying to make them himself, the complaint states.

The fake conspirators met several times and communicated on encrypted chat over the next several months. According to court documents, the FBI agent, per sting operation protocol, gave Varnell several opportunities to back out of the operation, but each time he expressed a desire to move forward.

On Aug. 11, Varnell met with the undercover agent and assisted the agent in the construction of what he thought was a 1,000-pound ammonium nitrate/fuel oil bomb at a storage facility in El Reno, Oklahoma.

Shortly after midnight on Aug. 12, authorities say Varnell drove in what he believed to be the stolen cargo van from El Reno to an alley outside the BancFirst building. After parking the van, he walked several blocks to where the undercover agent was parked, and the two drove several miles.

Varnell then allegedly attempted to detonate the bomb by dialing a number on the FBI agent’s "burner phone,” which actually rang a phone belonging to the FBI.

Varnell dialed the number at least three times, according to court documents, but the bomb constructed of inert parts never detonated. He was then arrested by members of the FBI task force.

So I’ve been reading The Burglary by Betty Medsger. Just finished it last night- once I started it I couldn’t really put it down. 

It’s a fantastic book and y’all should read it. It’s a historical account of the Media burglary- a small group of antiwar protestors stole every record from a small FBI office in Media, PA, and leaked it to the press. What they found helped expose an FBI program called COINTELPRO- a massive campaign to spy on and neutralize ‘dissidents’ like civil rights protestors. 

The FBI spied on anyone who was even remotely ‘seditious’. We’re talking Ray Bradbury here, people who weren’t even activists and just talked about not lying down and taking tyranny up the butt. It’s fucking horrifying. 

….I guess the takeaway here is, well, a couple things.

a) Every mess we’re in right now is either directly or indirectly the fault of J. Edgar Hoover. One unelected political appointee with an agenda fucked up American politics forever.

b) We need to watch the government like a hawk to make sure they can’t get away with shit like that again. The FBI and NSA both share some of the bloated bureaucracy and overreach that Hoover introduced to the FBI– at worst, they’re incapable of dealing with real criminals because they’re too busy focusing on minor political dissidence at home.

c) …My opinion of a lot of the violent ‘60s underground has kind of changed thanks to this book. It’s impossible to tell how much violent crazy bullshit that happened in the ‘60s was originally planned by the people who carried it out, and how much they did at the urging of undercover FBI operatives who wanted an excuse to arrest them. They’re still at fault for going through with it, don’t get me wrong, but considering that in some places every black student was under surveillance, every group of protestors was considered a threat that needed to be taken down with dirty tricks, and the FBI gave a lot of activist groups every tool they’d need to commit a crime… well. Things were a lot worse than they should have been.

d) Nonviolent resistence doesn’t have to be spineless. It’s not a choice between ‘limpidly calling your senator a few times a year’ and ‘throwing bricks through windows’. Nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience can be as forceful and passionate as any violent protest. I’m not saying y’all should go out and try to rob an FBI office right now (hi, Mr. NSA!) but I am saying maybe we should study the Freedom Riders and the anti-Vietnam protestors a little more. Figure out what they did that worked, and start doing things like it.

e) We can resist. And at least in the short term, we can win. We can change things for the better.

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My character and her partner go undercover in a suburban area, besides the new identities and learning their backstory how else might hey be prepared? Also what are the rules for undercover work?

In undercover work, not only do you have to learn your background, you have to look the part too. Even if this means looking like a homeless drug addict with all the unhygienic territory that comes with it. An undercover cop must also learn everything they can about the assignment, if this includes drugs then they must know how they are bought, sold, diluted, transported, smuggled, concealed, used, and also trafficker’s language and street terminology.

There is one rule that exists above all others: never be the instigator of a crime. This is called ‘Agent Provocateur’ in legal terms and its to prevent entrapment. Entrapment is tricking someone into committing a crime that they would not have originally committed if you were not there to provoke them into action.

Below are some websites that you may find helpful:


Guidelines on Undercover Operations

The Art of Darkness: Keys to surviving undercover

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TW CSA. i just read about an fbi operation that saved 84 children from sex trafficking in the US. one of the kids was as young as 3 months old. then i read this woman on twitter saying that it's wrong for policemen to save children from trafficking because most children do it voluntarily because it offers them the money to escape poverty. i felt so sick. never trust anyone who justifies child rape because "most" (fact check???) kids do it voluntarily. ew.

Agreed. Some people in this world are truly heartless dumbasses to think children want to be trafficked and r*ped their whole lives.