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Hey do you know any good dark fics?

Hey there - depends on what you consider a darkfic. I’m assuming you mean destiel since that’s all I read, so that’s all I can really rec.

I don’t read anything that has MCD or unhappy endings (where Dean and Cas end up apart) so I can’t rec anything like that. But below you can find some of my dark(ish) faves. Mind the tags!

In a Mirror, Darkly
(slave AU, dom/sub)
We know good people go to Heaven and bad people go to Hell, but where do the medium people go? Welcome to Limbo, a fourth plane of existence, ruled by angels and built upon the servitude of the humans enslaved to them. While on a routine salt n’ burn, the Winchester boys encounter a garrison of angels. Sam ends up being taken to Limbo; leaving it up to his brother, Dean, and the angel, Castiel to infiltrate the plane in order to rescue him.

(serial killer AU)
It’s been months since FBI Agent Castiel Novak found out his lover, Dean Winchester, was a serial killer using Castiel for access to the FBI investigation into his crimes. At their last meeting, Dean thought he had killed Castiel, but Castiel survived and has been hunting Dean ever since.

When Your True Destiny Is To Lead (deancasjimmy)
(endverse AU)
In 2017, Henry’s grandsons; Sam and Dean, struggle to survive in a world where Lucifer walks the Earth, demons and victims of the Croatoan virus destroy everything in their path, and angels are selfish and frightened.
It’s been eight years since the Winchesters formed Camp Salvage. Eight years of hunting, fighting and protecting those around them. Dean is tired. He’s tired of being responsible for so much. But there isn’t an end in sight. The Devil toys with the world, and it won’t be long until the Croats kill them all. Dean is done. He’s had enough of fighting losing odds. Then—they hear word of an angel. Dean puts his game face on once more, leading a team in search of answers, help, or simply retribution. What they find instead, sends them into a tailspin that can only end two ways; wholesale destruction, the final, true end of all things, or the longest of shots; they win. With some unexpected tactical advantages, maybe Dean finally stands a chance: not just to survive, but to find a reason to want to.

The Face Behind A Mirror
Castiel, a lone alpha wolf, would like nothing more than to be left alone in his house to die. He wants nothing to do with the outside world and doesn’t have anything to offer to anyone. Then, one early morning, a black car crashes into a tree right beside his house. The driver is rendered unconscious and doesn’t remember a thing after he wakes up. He is also an omega, but there’s something very wrong with him.

Poisk Istiny (Finding Truth)
(mafia/gangster AU)
A rival family is stealing the Patricolo Family’s Boston shipments and collecting a neat payday five hours away on the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Their Don, Dean Winchester, is wary about reaching out to a long-time New York ally. The Russian Bratvas do things differently. The young Pakhan, Castiel Krushnic, is hard-nosed and violent and while violence is mainstay in any underworld family, this boss has a special flair for it. It leaves an uncomfortable taste in Don Winchester’s mouth. Encouraged by his Consigliere, Bobby Singer, he finally relents. The Pakhan is quite different from what he was expecting. Dean learns the man’s secret by accident and decides to keep it to himself. They have bigger fish to fry as they discover traitors in both of their organizations while their enemy ups the stakes for each of them. After members of each family are kidnapped, the stakes get even higher.Betrayed from within leads to exposing long held secrets and when long denied desires are unleashed it puts each of them on a path that will change their lives forever.

Red Right Hand
(serial killer AU)
It all starts with the mysterious note left on Dean’s chair.
It all ends with Dean coming to terms not only with what he’s capable of, but how much that knowledge doesn’t bother him.

It Satisfies, It Is Great
(this isn’t really dark, more super angsty)
All Castiel Novak ever wanted was someone to love him, really love him. When Sam Winchester comes into his life, that void is finally filled. He is beautiful and kind and Castiel falls for him quickly. But when Castiel meets Dean, Sam’s older brother, Castiel is forced to re-examine everything he thought he knew about life and love.This is a story about the struggle to make the right choices, a story about self-loathing and self-sacrifice. It’s a life long journey of soul searching and coming to terms with the life you have, and the life you’ve always wanted.

I haven’t read this one yet but it’s on my to-read list:

With Understanding
(kidnapping/Stockholm/Lima syndrome AU - kinda)
Winchester takes a deep breath. “I’m your soulmate.”
Castiel should be saying something reassuring, something to convince the psychopath in front of him that he can be molded and should be kept alive. He is a trained FBI agent that has been in the Behavioral Analysis Unit for nearly a year. He knows what to do when kidnapped.
Instead, “What the fuck is wrong with you?” comes out.
(Supposed serial killer Dean Winchester kidnaps his soulmate, FBI Agent Castiel Novak. What ensues is a battle of wills – one determined to be loved, and one determined to be free.)

If anyone else has more dark fics, please reblog and add your favs ^^

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Your top ten favorite destiel fics?

Ahahhaa my top 10 destiel fics? That’s going to be a hard one because I read so many! And at the risks of repeating myself to because goddamnit, Wave is awesome! Here goes:

Wrong Place, Right Time by  palominopup

Summary: Dean goes into a bar for a drink after a bad week…Cas is there and mistakes Dean for a “hooker”, he offers Dean money and Dean - who hasn’t been laid in awhile and well, look at Cas - would you turn him down? - anyway… Cas wakes up and the cash is still on the dresser of the hotel room. Move ahead a week - Cas is in a car accident and takes his precious Vette to Winchester Motor Company where the CEO is no other than the hooker.

Note: Cas has a kid and ohgod it’s so sweet and domestic at times i almost puke!!

The Way to a Man’s Heart is Through Chlamydia by violue

Summary: Dean doesn’t expect to see his one night stand again, but then again he also doesn’t expect to find out he has an STD. Sometimes life is hilarious like that.

Note: Don’t even. This is too cute.

Pride And Prejudice And Knotting by Angrysouffle

Summary: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single alpha in possession of a good fortune must be in want of an omega. Castiel is the most arrogant and irresistible alpha Dean has ever met, and virginal to boot. Dean is the most rebellious and flirtatious omega Castiel has ever come across. Also the most beautiful and difficult to propose to. Will Dean and Cas ever get their act together? Will Sam and Gabriel or Hannah and Charlie beat them to it?

Note: I have never read P&P but I will after reading this and the fact that the author blends the ABO universe so well into the hierarchy thingy in such setting is on point!! Can I say Cas is awesome?

Exonerated by thecouchcarrot

Summary: AU Dean/Cas. Years ago, Dean Winchester was the detective who put serial killer Castiel Goodwin behind bars. Last spring, Cas was proven innocent and his conviction overturned. Neither could’ve predicted the way their lives would intertwine… Now Complete.

Note: This is fluff and then it became angsty and then you’re like no Cas! Unfortunately the author has pull the fic out to publish it :( but good for her!

Santorum Will Pry My Porn From My Cold Dead Hands by AlreadyPainfullyGone

Summary: AU President Santorum bans all pornography, and Dean decides to start his very own prohibition racket. Unfortunately, the only person he can find to ‘perform’ is Castiel.

Note: If you haven’t read this. GO. GO NOW and read this. This is pure fluff and it will make you crack up, you’ll snort juice out of your nose. Like fucking hell!!!

Shut Up (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is) by kototyph

Summary: Dean’s done some pretty stupid things, but getting drunk-hitched in Vegas to a colleague he barely knows might just take the cake. His surprise husband, Castiel, is a little weird but likable despite that, and Dean figures they’ll go back to Boston, get a quiet annulment, and go their separate ways. Six weeks later, he’s still married to one of the strangest, most genuine and definitely most dangerously lov– likable guys he’s ever known. Dean doesn’t know why or really even how it’s happening, but it’s getting harder and harder to remember that he has divorce papers to file.

Note: If you’re into fake!marriage trope and domestic sweetness this is your fic!!

Together, They Fight Crime by stoatsandwich

Summary: Dean is an ex-Green Beret who hunts monsters for the FBI. Castiel is a teenage psychic on his last chance.

Note: One word. Pain. Ugh.

The Prank That Filled the Spank Bank by Bookkbaby

Summary: It starts with a prank war and a chance meeting at the auto shop Dean works at. (Based off of Almaasi’s prompt: Castiel records audio pornography. Not professionally, or anything - he writes it and then reads it out, and uploads it free to the world. It’s not Dean’s usual type of porn - at all - but there’s something about Castiel’s gravelly, yet somehow smooth and beautiful voice that keeps him hooked.)

Note: Hilarious!!! Ohmygod.

And I Will Walk On Water by tracy_loo_who

Summary: This fic is set after season 4 and totals ~122,600 words. It’s a story about friendship and love, recovery and trust, free will, and Dean and Castiel’s journey through it all. It’s also about chocolate and hugs. If you read it, I really hope you enjoy it. ♥

Note: One of the first long fic I’ve read that is canon verse and to watch the fall of Castiel and his discovery of life as a human is beautiful. Sweet and ugh!

I Wanna Get Outside (Of Me) by emwebb17

Summary: Dean is a novice in the dom/sub world asked by his employer as a desperate last resort to be a sub for his recluse of a brother, Castiel. Castiel is a diagnosed OCD suffering from PTSD and agoraphobia, mysophobia, and dystychiphobia. Needless to say—he’s a mess who hasn’t stepped out of his home in literally seven years. The only times Gabriel can see traces of the way his brother used to be is when he feels in control—specifically when he has control over a sub. However, due to his idiosyncrasies and paranoia, keeping a sub around has been impossible. Enter Dean, who’s not a very traditional submissive, to try his hand at subbing for the hermit.

Note: This is just dom/sub relationship on point. I love the contract.

So here they are @emoprincxss . Of course, I have way more favs but I’m not going to list godlike Destiel fics like Carry On, Breathe of All Thing etc because well I’m sure you all are not new to destiel fics! Hahaha i see a pattern with my fav, I love fluff and domesticated fic but on and off I love some angst too :D 

And if you all are interested, I have my own fics too :) Which is just angst LOL. It’s A Terrible Life and it’s sequel It’s A Past Life.

Agent Castiel James “Cas” Novak sighed wearily as he sank into the seat on the train, rubbing at his wrist where his soulmark was. They were very puzzling words.

He blinked owlishly as a soldier hopped in and sat next to him. Huh…the guy must’ve just got home judging by the way he looked around.

Relaxing, Cas closed his eyes for a moment. He must have fallen asleep, cause someone was nudging him.

“Dude, I know I’m all warm and what not, but I was told you always get off here, and I also need to get off here.” Castiel sat up fast, staring wide eyed at the handsome soldier, his mouth gone dry.

“You make a wonderful pillow.” The soldier blushed.

“Heh, ya know…those words have made me blush since they appeared. The name’s Dean. Dean Winchester.” Cas grinned.

“Castiel James Novak.”

“So where are they?”

“My wrist. And you?” Dean blushed.

“My hindquarters…” Cas chuckled as he helped the soldier off.

“Heh…hey, wanna go out with me tonight? Or maybe tomorrow? Or another day? I’ve the next two weeks off work.” Dean grinned.

“How about we meet up tomorrow? I want you to meet my brother.”

“Great! I’ll bring mine. He’d probably show up anyway.”

The two men walked off, chatting, unaware that their brothers knew one another. But that’s a story for another time.

What a Show

Based (loosely) on this imagine

Here’s the song mentioned



You glanced at your watch. It was 5 minutes to show time and you were surprisingly alone up in the balcony.

You smiled to yourself and stretched out a bit. The seats on either side of you were empty (as was the one in front of you, which made you extremely happy—you wouldn’t have to spend the entire show trying to peer around the back of some giant’s head).

The lights were just beginning to dim when a noise to your left startled you.

“Cas, what the hell?!”

“Y/N, where are Sam and Dean?”

“They’re out doing their fake FBI thing.”

“Oh.” Castiel looked around. “Where are we?”

“The Chicago theater.”

“For what?”

“I’m taking a ‘me’ day,” you said. “I’ve wanted to see this show for a while now…” You felt that small blush cross your cheeks. The Winchesters (mostly Dean) always liked to tease you about the enjoyment you got from musicals.

Castiel looked at the program in your hands. “Book of Mormon,” he read. “I didn’t realize you were Mormon.”

“I’m not, Cas.”

“Then why are you seeing this?”

“I… It’s a really… interesting story,” you said, as the house lights went down and the first doorbell sound effect rang through the theater.

You glanced sideways at Cas, the bright lights from the stage giving you enough light to see his reaction. He cocked his head to the side, as he often did when confused by a human action. You were sure that he would vanish, having much more important angel things to take care of. But he remained in the empty seat, fascinated by what was happening on stage.

At the end of the first number, Castiel began to applaud with the rest of the crowd. “That was good,” he said. “Is there more?”

“Much more,” you said. You hoped that the angel would stay and watch the show with you, so you could have someone to talk about it afterward with, but you weren’t sure if you really wanted him to see this show. True, he wasn’t Mormon, but it still touched on religious themes that might offend him.

But you weren’t going to let that ruin your day out. You felt yourself relax and enjoyed the talent that was happening before you. After each number, Castiel clapped, a smile on his face. Everything was going great.

But then it happened.

That number that you listened to a little too much on your iPod.

You recognized the opening drum beats and felt your entire body stiffen. You slunk down in your seat.

Hasa diga eebowai!

You didn’t look over at Castiel until it came time for the character to explain the meaning behind the African term. The angel’s face was flat—no expression for you to read. You’d never seen the angel mad before and you worried what would happen after the number.

Surprisingly, Castiel clapped after the number (it was a little unenthusiastic, but he still did it nonetheless). He remained seated, which surprised you even more. You felt yourself relax a little as the show moved on.

Eventually, the lights went up, signaling intermission. You couldn’t make yourself look at Castiel.

“That was… interesting,” the angel said, drawing your attention to him.

“Do you… do you like it?”

“The songs are catchy.”

“Castiel, I’m sorry. I should have warned you…”

“Warned me?”

“About… well, about how it wasn’t really a religious show. And about that song, I’m so sorry–”

“Y/N, there’s nothing for you to apologize for.”

You stared at the angel.

“This is a work of fiction, is it not?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“There is no need to be offended by works of fiction. I’ve learned that much during my time with humans.”

You laughed once. “If only everyone else could realize that.”

The angel smiled at you. “I am confused about one thing though.”


“The ending… it seemed unresolved.”

“Cas, that was just the end of Act I.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means that in a few minutes, the show will start again, picking up from where it left off.”

“There’s more?” The angel’s smile almost split his face.

You laughed. “Yes, Cas. There’s a lot more.”

The lights flickered, signaling that Act II was about to begin.

“This is very exciting,” Castiel said, leaning forward in his seat in anticipation.


“I can’t Dean, and you know it.”
“Cas, I’m in your head. I know you want this too.”

Destiel Telepathy/Soulmates AU. More than a hundred years ago angels revealed themselves on earth and enacted a plan. No longer would they be wasting man power on sending cupids to match people up into couples. Instead, Fate had written out the plans and everyone would be born with a soulmate. When you turn 18 a telepathic connection is formed between you and your future partner. This allows the bond between a couple a bit of time to strenghten and grow, which is particularly useful in pairings who are not destined to meet until later in life. There is only one caveat. The most important rule of the system. Do not try to cheat Fate. Do not organize your own meeting. Enter Dean and Castiel, FBI agents from different states who have had their bond for 12 years now. Dean was raised in a far less devout family and he believes they could arrange a meet up and keep it off of heaven’s radar. Cas was born into a religious family and it was drilled into him from birth that people who try to cheat the system are sometimes stripped of their soulmate bonds. He refuses to let Dean risk it. Not that it isn’t tempting. Dean’s just about at the end of his rope and is considering hiring a private investagator or something. That is until a huge case results in a reassignment that may just put an end to all their problems.

[Part 1 /?]

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Do you have a link or master list for all your imagines?

Here is a link for my masterlist ( XXX ) it has my stories in the beginning and if you scroll at the bottom you will find all my imagines but here they are in detail in case you’re on mobile:

Gif-Imagines ~ Supernatural

  • Dean Winchester

Reassuring Mark of Cain!Dean.

Date with Dean, resulting in a jealous Jo.

Alpha/Teacher!Dean and Omega/Student!Reader.

Dean being turned into a woman.

Dean masking his feelings for vamp!Reader with fake hate.

Teen!Dean and Teen!Reader cuddling at the roof while watching the sunset.

Reader flirting with a guy and Dean getting jealous.

Teen!Dean and Teen!Reader dated during high school and you got pregnant. Only for Dean to find out ten years later.

Dean comforts self conscious Reader, ending up confessing his feelings.

Teen!Reader being comforted by, boyfriend, current age!Dean.

A waitress insulting plus size!Reader and Dean defending you.

Not believing Sam when he reveals you Dean’s feelings for you.

Dressing up as a sexy librarian to get back at Dean for teasing you for reading a lot.

Becoming a demon when Dean became one and hunting down Sam.

Dean being jealous of your crush on Patrick Stump.

Dean falling in love with you while being with Lisa.

Teaching Dean how to slow dance.

Dean giving you a piggyback.

Dean comes just in time to save you, his fiancee, from burning on the ceiling.

Dean gets a video from your phone while on a hunt only to see you, his wife, being tortured.

Hipster, teen, Dean with many tattoos.

You sing Good Enough, by Evanescence, to Dean at your wedding day.

Imagine waking up after an accident and coming face to face with Dean, your favorite Supernatural character, and according to him boyfriend of years.

You are a princess and fall in love with your father’s knight, Dean Winchester, even though you are forbidden to.

You babysit your neighbor’s, and best friend, Dean Winchester’s child while he is out on dates while trying to hide how hurt you are by it because you have feelings for him.

Dean fantasizing about you and your lips when you bite them in front of him.

  • Sam Winchester

Dean finding out about Sam’s and Reader’s secret relationship.

You are married to Sam but in The French Mistake you are married to Mark/Richard/Robert/Sebastian, which causes Sam to be jealous.

Sam killing Reader’s hellhound puppy gifted by Crowley .

Alpha!Sam being rough when he knots you, his Omega, for the first time.

  • Castiel

Falling in love with prince!Castiel.

Reader’s and human!Castiel’s daughter going to him at night for comfort.

Reader finding out that Castiel can play the piano.

Finding out Castiel is ticklish.

Practicing tying a tie on Castiel.

Castiel searching for a wedding ring for you with Dean.

Stargazing with Castiel.

Working with Castiel as undercover FBI agents.

Castiel laying his head on Reader’s lap.

Castiel taking control when the Leviathans are using him to save you.

Castiel lying with your newborn baby sleeping on his chest.

You faint on a hunt because of your asthma and when you wake up you have to face your worried boyfriend Castiel.

You have a panic attack and Castiel kisses you to calm you down.

Castiel leaving you to protect you and returning 4 years later to find you with a son that looks like him. (Part 1)

You watch Castiel interact with your son and him looking happy, even though he doesn’t know that Castiel is his father. (Part 2)

You die on a hunt and Sam and Dean have to tell Castiel, your boyfriend, the news.

Castiel getting a tattoo and you being there with him.

You surprise Castiel when he returns after a hunt with your child walking for the first time towards him.

Castiel defending you when a waitress calls you fat.

Dean gets you and Castiel a very interesting gift.

  • Team Free Will

Having a talk with Team Free Will’s female versions.

Getting out of a long-time relationship and TFW comforting you.

Dean, Sam and Castiel as dogs in our universe.

  • Other Supernatural Characters

Crowley getting Reader to meet your/her grandmother Rowena.

Dying in Dean’s, Sam’s and Gabriel’s arms.

You are Balthazar’s mate and have to tell the boys.

Crowley leaves you to protect you but after some time begs you to come back to him.

  • Love Triangle

Student!Reader in a love triangle with Student!Dean and Teacher!Castiel.

Reader cheating on Dean with Sam.

Having depression issues and falling in love with Dean but not telling him. Dean feels the same but won’t speak because of Sam’s feelings for you.

French Mistake in reverse, with Reader ending up in the Endverse episode.

You leave the bunker to protect Sam and Dean who have fallen in love with you.

You live in a universe where everybody has one soulmate. You, however, have two. Dean and Sam Winchester.

  • Family/Friendship

You are Sam and Dean’s teen sister and you get drunk at a party.

You are Dean’s 18-year-old daughter and think that he does not care about you. Only for him to prove you wrong.

Imagine introducing your half-siblings Oliver and Thea Queen to your half-brothers Sam and Dean.

  • Actors/Real People

Being in love with Jensen.

Jensen follows you on twitter.

Jensen getting flustered.

Oh Westy Deleted Scene - Misha taking West to sleep.

Misha being nervous because Reader has not accompanied him on a Con, only for you to surprise him.

You are Jensen’s girlfriend and record a song with him at Jason Manns’ studio.

You are Misha’s wife and an actress on Supernatural.

You are Misha’s wife and shoot a scene with him where Castiel dies. It is so emotional that you can’t stop crying even after the scene is over and Misha comforts you.

Misha comes late from work to find you, his wife, waiting for him.

Imagine the SPN cast finding out that you, the newest member to the show, have extreme depression and comforting you.

You are Misha’s wife and an actress on Supernatural. (different)

You in the French Mistake and have to spend the night with your fake-husband Sebastian Roche.

You fall in love with Mark Sheppard before being thrown into the SPN world where you are married to Crowley.

You are friends with J2M2.

Misha is your first kiss.

J2M2 comfort you during a panic attack.

J2M do silly things to calm you down.

You are Misha’s wife and an actress on SPN. You can’t attend a Con due to having given birth to his child recently.

You are a famous model and actress and fall in love with Jensen when you join the show.

You are a famous model and actress and you and Jensen fall in love but don’t tell anybody because you are a lot younger than him.

You are a famous singer and meet Jared at the People’s Choice Awards.

You are married to Grant Gustin and the SPN cast can’t stop talking about it during a Con.

You get adopted by Richard Speight Jr.

Misha defends you, his pansexual co-star, from homophobs at a Con.

You watch Doctor Who with Mark Sheppard.

Jensen and Rider!Reader fall in love.

J2M2, Rob and Richard comforting you when you find out your boyfriend is cheating on you.

You are pregnant and J2 and your husband, Grant Gustin, get overprotective.

An interviewer congratulates Misha for being recently married to you.

Misha comforts you, his girlfriend, for getting hate online.

You keep yours and Jared’s relationship a secret

You give birth to your twins and your husband, Grant Gustin, and J2 can’t stop crying.

Imagine talking through camera with Jensen and your friend embarrassing you in front of him.

. Imagine Jensen blurting out your name when asked who his celebrity crush is.

Jensen being jealous or your relationship with Brendon Urie, even though you claim it’s nothing romantic. (Part 1)

Jensen being jealous or your relationship with Brendon Urie, even though you claim it’s nothing romantic. (Part 2)

Jensen being jealous or your relationship with Brendon Urie, even though you claim it’s nothing romantic. (Part 3)

Jensen being jealous or your relationship with Brendon Urie, even though you claim it’s nothing romantic. (Part 4)

Chris Pratt proposes to you on set of Jurassic World.

Your husband, Chris Pratt, talking about you during an interview.

You have an interview with your boyfriend Chris Pratt after having recently announced you’re together.

You tell Chris Pratt you are pregnant.

Chris Pratt messes his lines because he cannot take his mind off of you.

Chris calling you his ‘soon-to-be-wife’ in a talk show all the time.

You are best friends with Robert Downey Jr and Jensen Ackles.

You run into Tom Hiddleston while at a bookstore and start a conversation with him which lead to him giving you his number.

You find out Tom Hiddleston is your new Literature teacher.

  • Crossover with Supernatural

Boss!Dean Winchester finding out about assistant!Reader’s past with Christian Gray, previous boss.

Supernatural/Hunger games crossover with Reader in it.

Your boyfriend Nico Di Angelo from Camp Half Blood coming to see you but your adopted brothers Sam and Dean didn’t know.

Imagine visiting Jurassic World with Dean and Sam and meeting Owen Grady who flirts with you instantly. Making Dean jealous, of course.

Imagine introducing your best friend, Peter Quill, to Sam and Dean. Only for him and Dean to argue all the time.

Vampire Academy AU where Reader is a Moroi and Dean wants to be her Dhampir, because he wants to protect her due to being in love with her.

You work at Jurassic world and Dean and Sam come to visit the place. Dean starts instantly flirting with you which causes Owen to be jealous.

  • Other Fandoms

Jurassic World has been rebuilt after the latest incidents and you get hired there as a Raptor trainer and you meet Owen Grady when he comes to visit the new park. (Part 1)

How you and Owen meet after he visits the new Jurassic World park. You save him from your Raptors. (Part 2)

Owen being impressed by you and wont stop flirting which causes Dean to be jealous. Dean is one of your Raptors. (Part 3)

Owen falls inside the cage with the Raptors and you jump in to save him.

Owen flirts with you all the time but is jealous when his Raptors like you more and listen more to you than him.

Hoskins offends you and instead of letting Owen deal with him you take matters into your own hands and make him pay for it.

You are an assistant director or the Raptors’ cages and you almost get killed when the I-Rex is chasing you and Owen. The result is Owen confessing his feelings for you.

Owen gets jealous and protective over you when Hoskins gets handsy.

Your younger brother Zach gets overprotective over you when Owen flirts with you.

You wake up in an unfamiliar place and soon realize next to a naked man that looks a lot like Chris Pratt. It’s Owen Grady. (Part 1)

You wake up in an unfamiliar place and soon realize next to a naked man that looks a lot like Chris Pratt. It’s Owen Grady. (Part 2)

You and Owen finally settling down and him talking to you about wanting kids.

You are the trainer of the new Plesiosauria and Owen comes to see your show.

You fall in love with King Henry V (Tom Hiddleston) and so does he, even though you are just a maid.


Request: Hello there lovely! Just want you to know your blog is AMAZING! And I would love to request. Sam x reader oneshot to the song Bartender by Lady Antebellum?

Request: could you do one based off the song stay with me by sam smith for sam? thanks babe

Request: So could you do a one shot where the reader is an FBI agent and she runs into the Winchesters on a case and she ends up following them and learning what they do and stuff? Also where she might end up falling for Sam a bit yah Kk sorry I’m done :) xx

Request: Can you write one where Sam and the reader kiss after a dangerous hunt and Dean starts laughing? Thank

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