fbf: s01ep02

Random thought

In the ep.2 Danny recalls a moment when Alex tied him a tie (oops, unintentional pun). Well, that’s mean that they were out somewhere together? A restaurant, a theatre, something like that I suppose?

Not sure it’s important for the series plot (actually almost sure it isn’t), but I’d be glad to see that. Just give me more of Danny&Alex interaction)

Penny Dreadful is amazing,

the story is fantastic and gripping and beautifully written and you can’t stop once you start it, the details on the sets are Extraordinary.Even the characters are amazingly written and it brings a fresh take on horror in Victorian London,
My favorite has to be Dorian Grey, honestly even the actor is fantastic.
He speaks every word as if he put so much thought into it, and the words he carefully chooses, especially with the scene with Vanessa Ives, the careful deduction of her, it was hot as hell and yet it made you shiver, and the Séance scene scared the shit out of me, seriously, it wasn’t jump tricks, it was Psychologically effed up.
Penny Dreadful is easily 5/5 and I highly suggest it for anyone interested in gothic London and dark twisted fantasies. Plus Dorian Grey is hot as fuck.