Okay, I’ve accepted madness now . . .

But, I decided to go and re-read some of the FB arc per chance (partly due to the fact they’ve returned) and I feel like these two pages are rather … stand-outy:

Now, when I was on the second page, my eyes immediately focussed on Giriko’s thing about timing. Why does it feel so bloody appropriate to this arc - like Kubo’s handing out a bone with a wink? Especially as the FB finally made their return now?

Now add on this theory I put on another forum (Its a long one, but please bear with);

Okay, so I’ve been in a bit of an anxious state since the past couple of chapters (this one included) no doubt thanks to the whole 5 weeks left thing. And Whether Ichiruki will become canon is really speculative to me at the moment (I’m sorry if this is making no sense) However, I’ve just had a watch of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLw4emy2QGA video.

Now, I would seriously advise watching this before  reading the rest of my post. I, like I’m sure many of you guys did, found when Yhwach was talking about the future being written individual grains of sand was super connotative of the sand and rotator poems Kubo did years ago. Add that to Urahara’s statement and we have some kind of canon that Rukia will be important to this fight. I just wasn’t sure how. Now, since the last two/three chapters and the revelations of Bleach ending  (or ‘ending’) I’ve been really worried that Kubo’s going to troll us (and nothing happen).

However, after watching this video it’s got me thinking. Now, I’m assuming the guy hasn’t read the rain drags black sun/rained dried by white moon poems as he’s got it flipped with Rukia as the sun and Ichigo as the moon (although he did use the words 'Rukia is Ichigo’s light’ separately from a Kubo-quote  ) but his points still stand. Mainly the point about the grains of sand themselves (bringing it back round to Yhwach).

His theory states the sand has a sun and moon on each side, and one of the sides, Yhwach can’t see. Now I want to add in my own bit here with the idea that Yhwach has to sleep. If we’re assuming he’s the standard diurnal god, he sleeps at night. Night hosts moon, moon is Rukia - you see where I’m going with this?
The reason I think he’s hit the nail on the head with the sun and moon on either side of a grain, is thanks to the names of the chapters  - Side A and Side B, I always assumed this was thanks to Kubo’s love of music and having two sides to a CD (ehe ) so this makes a lot more sense to me. She’s still the rotator, I guess (not gonna lie, I’m a little confused with that bit, but eh), but also being the other side of the same coin (shinigami side of Bleach, VS human side of Bleach ? ).

Then turning it back to introduce Aizen as the actual antihero - who knew this could happen and so orchestrated the whole thing, I mean, it would explain Kubo’s quote as to him still having a role in this arc, his real agenda, why Ichigo felt loneliness from his blade. I mean it would make an awful lot of sense, AND seems like the kind of massive plot-twist  Kubo is known to pull. (Seriously, watch the video if you haven’t already)

Like fuck, it’s a long shot, and like he said it’s vague but if this turns out to be correct, and Kubo ties it up. Like fuck. I don’t care, I’ll leave Bleach knowing it’s one of the best things I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading - if it turns out it has been foreshadowed for 400 chapters. Like ugh.

Anyways, I kinda hope that makes sense, and puts some hope back into a few (including myself) - (Goddamnit I don’t want any mroe holes in our ship!) 

*Edit* - Thought I should add, could it mean Ichigo might transfer his powers to Rukia this time? 'Flipping the coin’ and rendering a future Yhwach can’t see - with Rukia as the power house? Maybe that’s stretching it. I mean with the thing about 'one of their bonds being bound to Ichigo and the future’ (I can’t remember the exact line) in the page regarding Rukia and Renji? Just maybe? Agghhh, I’m getting too hopeful!

And finally, we get to these pages:

Namely the bit about the badge responding to Ichigo’s heart and time of pride in his shinigami powers - I never quite got the pride in his powers with that panel though - unless he was proud that he lost them, so he couldn’t see Rukia? (Which makes no sense whatsoever, so …  yeah …) 
Now, all four of the panels I’ve added were from the same chapter the ‘Time Discipline’. Considering Kubo’s all about the timing, time, and now the FBers, I can’t help but wonder if this certain ‘pride’ may have something do do with how his powers may change or grow, or something. It’s still to do with Rukia, whatever this mess of a post/theory is. 

If you made any sense of that, fucking wow. I wanted to just kind of put extra thoughts on an already spewwy kind of theory. Like I said it’s a massive long shot (confusing and vague), and I’m definitely clutching at straws because of my shipper heart wants these two lovely’s to be in love and then get together and be together forever, but it’s probably not likely. 

Any thoughts/additions? 

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