anonymous asked:

Uv! Qb lbh xabj jurer pna V svaq Fnvunen'f "Fber jn puvtnh lb!" fcevgr/neg? V qvqa'g cynl gur tnzr lrg, ohg V xabj gung ur orpbzrf n cebgntbavfg. Vs lbh xabj, pna lbh fraq n yvax sbe vg? Fb fbeel, sbe nfxvat ohg V qba'g jnag gb fcbvy zlfrys zhpu zber guna V nyerqnl qvq :/

Hiya! Don’t worry, I’m fine with people asking me for those kind of things c:

Also to all that are reading this and aren’t this anon, this file contains big Ch1 spoil/ers. In case this anon has V3 spoil/ers blacklisted I’m not tagging this as spoilers as you all can’t look at the files anyway unless you purposefully download.

I uploaded it for you here as a downloadable zip file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xuvb05xa3f69qg4/RequestedSprites.zip