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Jeffrey Marsh: “Every day, you’ve got to love your own personal style.”

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Sunsets - Neymar Jr

I would find any possible excuse to leave the situation I was in if there was a pretty sunset in my line of eyesight. In many cases I would make up some excuse like ‘I need to go to the bathroom’ but if I was that desperate to lay my eyes on the beautiful sight that I had beheld my eyes on I would mutter a simple ‘excuse me’ and rush outside to appreciate it.

It frustrated my boyfriend Neymar as I had cut many cuddle sessions and make out sessions short to go and watch the sunset. He saw no point in it, once or twice me ditching him had ended in serious arguments. 

“Amor, dinner is served.” Neymar called me, making me get off the sofa and place my magazine on the coffee table before walking through to the dining room. I was shocked at first, seeing that the table was not laid and Neymar was not in the room. 

Confusion filled my mind. What the hell was he playing at? 

Footsteps clattered into the kitchen and I turned around to see my boyfriend dressed in grey sweatpants and a plain white tee with a snapback placed on his head.

“Um babe, where’s our dinner?” I questioned Neymar. Had he cooked dinner and forgotten to lay the table. That was such a Neymar thing to do. 

He replied with a smirk and placed his hand out for me to take. “Follow me.” 

I took his hand gingerly and he clasped it tightly, tugging me slightly. He led me up the stairs and took me down the corridor that our bedroom was in, before entering the room.

“If this is some cheesy and dumb attempt to make me sleep with you and for you to tell me ‘I’m your dinner’ you can forget about it.” I said sternly, placing my hands on my hips, completely unimpressed. Neymar laughed and shook his head.

“I wish I’d have thought of that but it’s not that. Open the balcony door.” Neymar gestured to the door, a smile placed firmly on his face. 

Cautiously, I walked over to the door and opened the door slowly. What was before me shocked me.

There was a small white table with a white, lace embroidered tablecloth placed over it with two white chairs on either side. Two plates heaped with food were in front of the chairs with a bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice in the middle. I was smiling from ear to ear. I turned back to Neymar who yet again had a cheeky smirk on his face.

“You did this?” I grinned giddy.

“Yep. All by myself.” He smiled proudly, walking over to me and ushering me out onto the balcony that overlooked our gorgeous garden.

“This is so…. amazing Neymar. But why are we outside? Not that I don’t love it because I really do, but surely this could’ve been done inside.” 

“It could’ve been but I know you like looking at sunsets so I thought we could spend some time together while you watch the sunset.”

“You’re so incredibly sweet.”

“I know. Watching sunsets makes you smile and watching you watching sunsets makes me smile. Win, win.”


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