Best friend Taehyung finds out you and Jungkook are dating. Only problem is that he also loves you


Saw someone use this app on fb (kpop is not funny) and decided to try it out myself

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in principle i rly love those pictures where, like, it’ll be a funny instagram or facebook comment, and the person who took or edited the screenshot wants to make it glaringly obvious that This Is What Is Funny. This Is What You’re Supposed To Be Laughing At.

like everything in the comment thread will be blurred out or covered up except for the funny one, which will have a red circle around it, and an arrow pointing to it. jst in case you weren’t sure where you’re supposed to look even though it was self evident on its own. i love that there are some ppl out there with so little faith in others’ abilities to recognize humor when they see it, and i feel like the people who doctor circles and arrows onto a funny fb comment are the same people who think political correctness is ruining comedy bc they yelled “triggered!” at work one time and nobody laughed.