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Y'all probably know that I’m a solid Aghase, but today I’m asking as a side-Monbebe if you’ll consider voting for the Monsta babes on Show Champion and helping them get their first win. Ever. These kids deserve a win so much, they’ve worked incredibly hard and are very talented. GOT7 is doing great right now and I always support them; however, Monsta X gets the vote today.
It’s really easy (for iPhone at least) to download idol champ app, connect with fb or whatever, and scroll down on the “vote” page to the show champion voting. Please consider helping, regardless of what fandom you are. I’ve seen everyone from ARMYs to EXO-Ls reaching out to help on this one. Personally, I really would love to see Shownu holding a trophy for once. (And, being honest, seeing these precious kiddos get all emotional is my endgame.) Vote Monsta X! Thank you in advance.


here have some sweet ‘n caring members to their lovable mc


SO. While going through old photos I saw that I had this one on my fb (for whatever reason). And I fancied doing a quick redraw to test my skills. Needless to say I definitely feel like I improved, ALOT. Not only did I draw this a billion times faster (granted I know it’s like, half the sketch, but I remember very vividly drawing this) but I definitely feel like I have a better grasp on volume. And eye line. Holy shit has that gotten better. 

Original: November 2014
Redraw: June 2016. 

P.S. Since the old drawing I’ve adopted a three legged cat that I promptly named Hiccup <3 

mommo’s become a pintrest addict, i’ve had two servings of italoice and have not hurled yet and i’ve given in to the temptation and cracked the laptop open so i could hear some voices rather than just peek at words

2moro: wake at ~8, food and medicine, do the works, return the emails, fb nonsense, whatever, class, go to bed

edit: OH MAN, IT’S FUCKIN WILD TO READ STUFF AFTER YOU LEARN THE HISTORICAL CONTEXT. that’s all. i’ve been thinking that for a few days. (i can’t tell if noah’s laughing or weeping or sick)

Kekejaman di Syria belum berakhir. Sudah lebih dari 300.000 nyawa melayang akibat perang yang tak kunjung selesai. Rezim jahat Assad terus membunuhi rakyat Syria yang menginginkan perubahan. Aleppo, basis rakyat Syria yang anti penjahat Assad, kembali mendapatkan gempuran biadab. Namun, lagi-lagi dunia membisu. Pemilik sosial media nampaknya tidak terlalu peduli dengan Syria. Kepada siapa kita harus mengadu? Tidak perlu! Kita bisa melakukannya sendiri.

Ganti seluruh profile picturemu dengan warna merah sebagai bentuk solidaritas global untuk rakyat Syria. Berhenti mengeluh kepada rezim kapitalis macam Fb, Twitter, tumblr, whatever. Kita lakukan dengan cara kita sendiri!

U.S. House of Representatives: Recognize Trudy Feikert as the Author of the YMCA Application Photo
In September of 2013, Trudy Feikert saw an application for YMCA membership and checked "other" in the "How did you hear about the YMCA?" box. Instead of checking any of the available options, she wrote in a new space, checked it, and wrote "Village People" to the side, alluding to the legendary disco track extolling the virtues of staying at the Y. She took a picture of this and uploaded it to Instagram, and then to her Facebook. Trudy's picture has since become iconic. Everyone loves Trudy's joke. And yet she is forced to endure every Tom, Dick and Harry claiming their friend Dave took the picture whenever some celebrity shares it on Facebook. Or their uncle, whatever. This joke is Trudy's and our government owes her its support on this painful question. We, the undersigned, request that the House of Representatives recognize Trudy Feikert as the author of the YMCA Application Picture.

Please sign this petition to recognize Trudy Feikert as the author and rightful credit-getter of the now-famous YMCA application photo. I thank you.