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So our department grad advisor wanted to talk to me about my article.

He is apparently putting the counseling services and such prominently on the grad handbook website and linking my article there for new students to read. He also wants to send it to all the faculty in the department (many of which have already read it I think…). He also is going to come up with a best practices guide for the professors teaching first year grad students to make sure they dont use the courses as a weeding out and more like professional development.

Asked me if I had other ideas. we talked a bit. I forget a lot of what we said, but will keep thinking of things to improve upon. he also laughed at the guy who comment on the article to “just take a long walk” at least he is aware that wont work


Sir and I were at the timeshare in Palm Springs last week. I left work early on Tuesday and we drove out that afternoon. We had a great time while we were there; we shopped, ate, drank, swam, visited The Living Desert, had a fantastic dinner at Rooster and the Pig…we even had sex! And no fights!

But there was something that nagged at me a little during the trip, and which reared it’s head shortly after we got home. Sir has a bad case of NRE for the new partner he calls Bones. This manifested in him messaging Bones a lot while we were in PS. I’d estimate that at least ¾ of the time Sir was sending some message (text, email, FB, whatever), it was to Bones. Which I get. He’s excited. They have a connection. Bones taps into a side of Sir that makes me a little nutty. Fine. But within a couple hours of getting home, Sir asked me if he could take Bones to the timeshare in Palm Springs. And that hurt. A lot. It made me feel like the last few days had been some sort of ruse and it was all building towards him taking Bones on vacation.

So my feelings were hurt, but I didn’t immediately say anything because I knew if I did, I would probably end up saying something unkind. So I stared, said no, and we changed the topic.

Saturday, I had a date with The Geek, then went to a poly women’s discussion group. I’d been hoping to talk about this matter with the group and get some feedback, but the conversation was largely dominated by one of the other attendees and the facilitator didn’t do much to change that. I walked into the group hoping to have a community to share with, as Sir is often encouraging me to find; I walked away from the group feeling more frustrated and alone.

So during dinner that evening, I told Sir how I had planned to ask the group for support on this matter, then explained to him how hurt I felt. He was receptive to what I shared and promised to do better. We spent the next few hours on the couch watching Rick and Morty.

I had a lunch date with a HS friend today and Sir left for a day with Bones while I was out. Last night, he’d mentioned that they might be at a particular bar in the valley and maybe I could join them there. since Bones and I have yet to actually meet. A few minutes ago, he sent me a picture from the bar. Apparently they made it out and apparently he’d forgotten about me.

So whatever. I go back and forth with this whole poly thing. Some days, I’m into in; other days, I wish I had a single partner who considered me enough for them. Or even just considered me. At least I have my cats.

Birthday review

First of all, I’d really like to say a big THANK YOU to all those people who took the time to wish me a happy birthday (here, on FB, twitter, IG, whatever). Once again, to all of you: thank you! ( ˘ ³˘)♥ Also, I personally want to thank @giulvid, @mrtviolet, @sincoe, @nekopatoridesu, @fou-de-mon-chasseur-gaston, @mint–tofu and tiburonsin_lefou (my dear help me find your tumblr account please xD) for actually taking their time to make something for me! ;AAA; I’m so happy! TwT I always get scared everytime my birthday is coming up because “getting older uh no thanks *crying*” but then every year I end up spending a fantastic day because I’m surrounded by amazing people and I should never forget this. <3 And – of course – you all contributed to make my day even more fantastic! I’m so repetitive but…THANK YOU ✿♬゚+.(。◡‿◡).+゚♬✿。

As for the birthday itself, I’m the only one eating sweets here, and so I asked my mum to buy something that everyone would eat…AND SO THEY’RE BACK


And then. The presents.

So, when my mum or my boyfriend ask me what I want for my birthday I usually don’t know what to say because I DON’T KNOW and they (well, especially my boyfriend) get very…frustrated? XD This year I was so confident because I was like, “ok, there are these two games I like and I’ll be fine ok thanks <3”. As if.

Oh my God I don’t know where to start T////T

LOOK AT THOSE CUTIES- FROM JAPAN ;A; I must admit that Popplio is my least favourite starter among the Alola ones, but this pokédoll version of him/her is so cute that I just can’t resist <333 and Dedenne! I know that in every generation there is a chosen one She alone will stand against the vampires the demons- a Pikachu copycat, but I genuinely love Dedenne because I’m a huge Hamtaro nerd ok

Persona 5 and Yo-Kai Watch 2 were the only things I asked for XDD and then I got so many good stuff jlkdjldksfjlfkjs I DON’T DESERVE THIS ;A; also, there’s another game (I went out for a walk with my bf and he was like “here, take it, there’s creepy monsters and stuff” – and he paid only 5 € and so I didn’t feel guilty XDDD) and a book about Japanese spirits <3 (I love Japanese folklore)

Pretty clothes (plus a bag – thank God; I always get mistaken for a middle-schooler because of my school bag – and everything else *cough* ok nothing’s gonna change. But hey – at least it’s very cute and colourful) and pajamas ~ friendly reminder that I only own cute pajamas and I’d be more than happy to wear them all day long

Disney DVDs (+ half of Dragon Ball <3)! ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ and my boyfriend being an idiot with Gaston memes. I won’t translate it but I totally deserve it XDD


Did I ever mention how much I love pandas? Oh, ok, just a thousand times



MY HOGWARTS LETTER (signed by Snape </3) *screaming* damn you Italian owls, it only took you 13 years! I’m done with university, I’m going to Hogwarts ok bye ciao (all joking aside, my boyfriend made everything himself and this is just the best birthday present ever <3 also the papers smell like coffee and vanilla and it’s awesome).


One last thing…we went out for dinner and the restaurant was empty


…an Italian actor (Stefano Accorsi) walked in XDDD which is weird because, you know, I live in a very little town XDDDD my mother was so happy oh my god ahahah anyway he was very nice and we took a picture together (◕ᴗ◕✿)

…aaaand that’s it! If you’re still reading this, wow! Thank you! XD and have a nice day!


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Do you like to cook?

I’ve been banned from the kitchen in my family’s home, actually.  Something about the house elves getting tired of putting out fires, but really it was only once.

Maybe twice.


I am going offline until sometime tomorrow, probably afternoon. No FB, twitter, tumblr, instagram, whatever. I will be available via text and snapchat but that’s it (also tumblr IM because of the way the app works on my phone I can still use it and not see any spoilers). I will NOT see/hear about any spoilers for the PLL finale, I am determined!

Does anyone else get super anxious when they see other people doing things that make you anxious even if that person is completely fine with it?

Example: When my partner’s talking to people on fb or rabbit or whatever I get anxious like it’s me talking to people? And people talking on the phone around me makes me nauseous?

Like, on behalf of everyone having a conversation rn AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Looking for Witchy/Pagan Friends!

I’m looking for friends at all levels of experience who want to walk these paths together.  I’m more than willing to be a resource but I’m not looking for a formal apprentice; I don’t have a curriculum.  Ask me questions.  Tell me about your craft.  We’ll talk and learn together!

NAME: Tuiliel
AGE: 26
WITCH BLOG: @tuiliel

PREFERRED COMMUNICATION METHOD: tumblr message, email, slack? discord? FB? whatever

INTERESTS / SPECIALTIES: hearthcraft (bit of everything around the house), green witchcraft/herbalism, spiritwork (especially the fae), journeywork (aka hedgecraft, astral travel, etc), energywork (especially energy healing), divination (lots of this, from tarot to water scrying to runes and back)… probably other things, too. I figure out the magic when I get to a problem to be solved and I’m really big on using what you have lying around & practical witchcraft.

GODS/GODESSES WORSHIPPED: Mainly Gaelic (Brigid, Arimed, Manannan, Fand, Flidais, Lugh, Morrigna); and Norse (Frey, Freya, Odin, Frigga, Hel), though others stop through on occasion.

OTHER NOTES: Other demographics in case that matters… I’m queer, white-passing but multiethnic, a spoonie (invisible disability, chronic illness, mental illness), otherkin-positive (faeborn, myself), I do baneful magic, I’m an empath.  And if timezones are likely to be a problem, I live on the East Coast of the US, so I’m around roughly between 10am and 8pm EST.