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Working Title: Forward, Back (17/?)

Summary:  Knowing what’s going to happen doesn’t mean Sans can stop it.  Maybe he could’ve put it off forever.  Sans decides to go.

Rating: T

Part Summary: Alphys makes a decision.

>>First Part<<

C/N: Mental Illness, references to Alphys’ past suicide ideation. 

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People are making comments like “What did she do? Find that at a charity shop?” Meanwhile at least 3 Doctors have literally put together their look from stolen clothes in a hospital. So. Like. Shut up?

Can’t “political lesbians” just not use our word…find another word for leading a male-exclusionary, female-centric life in relationships (like “female-exclusive bisexual”). The material reality of a female-exclusive bisexual is similar to lesbians, but it isn’t synonymous - we didn’t make the “choice” to sexually and romantically exclude men. 

Glitch In The Matrix Stories #34

Dimensional Rift In Northern California

In the summer of 2005, I was hanging out with some friends at a now defunct punk Rock bar in Chico, CA, called the riffraff room. I don’t really drink so I had one glass of PBR (the cheapest beer in a college town) and listened to a pretty decent band while I was chatting with some longtime friends. We parted ways early in the night and I wanted to wander around town a little more.

I walked around an area with a lot of record shops and cool little boutiques, including a small comic shop that was still open at 11:00 pm. I am a huge comic fan. That night I was wearing a t-shirt with all the Marvel heroes on it, including Daredevil. I thought it was strange that the comic store was open so late, so I stepped in to check it out.

There was a really cute Goth girl working in the store. She was very polite but kept staring at my shirt. I made a comment about being a Marvel fan and she said, “Daredevil’s not Marvel anymore. Marvel traded him to DC for the Flash." 

I thought she was teasing me at first. I just said something like "Yeah, sure." 

I looked around at the books and sure enough, all the Daredevil books were DC and all the Flash books were Marvel. There was even a poster of the Avengers featuring The Flash. I asked her when this happened. She told me it happened after the DC versus Marvel event back in the 90s.

I knew this couldn’t be real. I was always up with the comic book news. So I bought an issue of DC’s Daredevil. I’ll never forget it because it had Grant Morrison’s name on the cover. I’m a huge Grant Morrison fan. I also bought an issue of the Justice League with Daredevil fighting the Joker and the Royal Flush Gang.

I left the store and noticed that the street lights were all out in the neighborhood. I went home a little later, forgetting the bag of comics in my car. The next morning, I went to visit a friend. I told him about the weird comics and when I took them from the bag, they were exactly the same as I remembered from the store. Daredevil by DC comics.

Like in every movie ever, when I went back to Chico, the comic store was gone. In its place was a small Scientology/Dianetics store front.

I have no explanation for what happened and of course when I moved to Los Angeles, those issues didn’t make it through the move. It could have been an elaborate prank or I could have stepped through an alternate dimension. I’ll never know.

Credits to: Quantumlepper (story)

Is This Sarah?

A little over a year ago, I was dating a girl I’ll call Sarah. We had been dating for about two weeks when this happened. For a bit of context I worked then (and still) 2nd shift at a call center, so I don’t get off work until 11 at night and the last thing I want to do is talk on the phone. 

I had just gotten off work and I was driving home when my phone started ringing. I keep my phone out on the center console while I drive, so I glanced down at it and saw it was Sarah calling. I was a bit annoyed, but I knew she knew about my stance on calling and figured it had to be important. I try to never talk on the phone while I am driving, so I dismissed the call and as soon as I got to a traffic light, I texted her I was driving and I would call as soon as I was home.

I got to my place about 5 minutes later and I pulled the phone out and hit her name to call her. There was a few seconds of ringing before a tired sounding female voice answered, "hello?" 

I was taken aback. It sounded like Sarah but whoever had answered didn’t seem to be expecting my call. I frowned and said, "um, hi?" 

There was a moment of silence then, "who is this?" 

"It’s Jim, is this Sarah?” I asked, getting more confused. 

There was another moment of silence. “Yeah, it’s Sarah… Jim who?" 

I had no idea what to think. Was she pissed I didn’t answer when she called and now was messing with me? Was she hurt and confused? 

I stammered, "Jim… your boyfriend!" 

I heard soft muttering while I waited for a reply. Who was she talking to? 

Finally she said, "look my name is Sarah, but my fiance’s name is Jason and he’s with me now, so please don’t call me at 11.30 at night again.” And with that, she hung up.

I was totally reeling, wondering what the hell was going on. I checked the phone to see if I had somehow dialed the wrong number, but sure enough it listed Sarah as my last contact and I swear it sounded like her. I sat in silence considering this when suddenly my phone rang. I nearly jumped out of my skin in surprise when it did. It was Sarah. I answered right away. “Hello?" 

"Jim, can you pick me up? My car broke down." 

”… Um, sure. Did we just talk?“ 

"Huh? No, I called but you didn’t answer. You said you’d call.”

I started to explain but didn’t bother. I just got back in the car and drove over to her, chalking it up to a bizarre crossed connection with the phone and a strange coincidence with the woman’s name. The rest of the night was stressful enough that I pretty much forgot about it.

Sarah and I ended about 2 weeks later. The exact circumstances don’t matter, but suffice it to say we did not part on good terms. I went on with my life, after all we were not together long and you date a lot of people in your life. We never unfriended each other on FB though for whatever reason, probably because neither of us could really be bothered. 

About 3 months ago, the long forgotten incident came flooding back to me as I was scrolling through my news feed. Sarah had just started a new relationship. His name is Jason.

Now I know all this could be a really bizarre series of coincidences, but just the same, maybe I should buy them a card to congratulate them when they announce their engagement?

Credits to: JiminKY (story)

anonymous asked:

What does a day in the life of Mr ENTJ look like? :P

My job is 80% travel which means from Monday to Thursday I’m not home, I’m at the client site in another city and/or state. The typical cadence of my week is: 

  • Fly to the client on Monday and work a half day.
  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays are hell days for consultants because they’re full work days.
  • Thursday, I work a half day and then fly home from the client.
  • Friday, we all work from home and handle firm administrative work (proposals, time sheets, expenses, travel booking) in addition to squeezing in appointments (doctor, dental, car, dry cleaning, bank) because we’re gone most of the week and everything’s closed on the weekends. 

Combined with the following asks:

  • Do you fly two times a week every week? Yes. All strategy consultants are on a plane two times a week, every week, to the client site and back wherever it is in the country, no exceptions. I have a home office in Downtown Los Angeles but I’m never there and it’s understood it’s better to live closer to the airport than your home office because of the travel requirements.
  • Why do you travel so much? It’s an expectation of this role, physical presence is crucial to be effective in this business. Most of the work strategy consultants do needs to be conducted on-site because we work with sensitive data that can’t be sent over email and we interact with the organization’s stakeholders regularly. Studies show that face to face interaction increases the efficacy of delivery and assists with building relationships. 
  • Do you ever get sent overseas to international projects in other countries? Yes, but it’s rare. I’ve had a projects where the client’s headquarters were in Canada and Switzerland, in Asia because I was conducting training for internal arms of the firm, in my home country because I knew the language, and few other engagements that needed my particular set of skills.
    • Note that international travel is expensive and there needs to be a business reason for the firm to justify your travel. They’ll only select you if you have a very particular set of skills they can’t find anywhere else. You can’t just go, “Hey, I want to work in Paris because Europe sounds cool!” and have that automatically approved. If there’s a local resource in the client city who can do the work then your organization has no reason to fly in someone from across the world when someone next door will do.
  • If I want your career will I have to travel that much too? Yes, unless you join a regional consulting firm with local clients then you can negotiate driving to and from the client site like a traditional job.
  • Who pays for your travel? Flights, hotel, rental car/taxi, and food are all paid for by the client but we keep all the loyalty points we earn (airline, hotel, and rental car) so most of us accumulate insane account balances and loyalty statuses resulting in free vacations. All business expenses are charged to the corporate cards we’re each given upon hire.
  • How much does your travel typically cost?
    • Flight: $600 to $800 for a round trip ticket = $800
    • Hotel: $300 corporate rate per night * 3 nights per week = $900
    • Rental Car: $50 per day * 4 days per week = $200
    • Taxi to and from home: $50 * 2 = $100
    • Food: $75 per day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner * 4 days per week = $300
    • Total: ~$2300 per week * 4 weeks per month = $9,200 per month 
  • How do you feel about the travel? The glitz and glamour of business travel wears off quickly after the 10000th flight delay and 99999th screaming baby (pro tip: noise cancelling headphones are a godsend). If you want to spot a consultant, just look at the most unimpressed person in first class with a black Tumi bag, iPhone headset, and navy blazer.
  • How do you maintain a social life if you’re gone Monday to Thursday? You don’t, that’s why most people in this career burn out and quit to exit to industry after 2-3 years. It’s a huge sacrifice not to be home Monday to Thursday. You’re physically inaccessible during those days so you communicate via text, calls, facetime, FB messenger, whatever works. That’s why my weekends are so important with reconnecting with friends and family.
  • How many hours of sleep do you get per night?
    • I aim for 7-8 hours. I avoid skimping on sleep at all costs.

Additionally, since that original post is cut off: 

Saturday and Sunday

Whatever I want which usually constitutes one of the following:

  • Relaxing
  • INTJ time, usually traveling 
  • Friends time
  • Family time
  • Surfing
  • Sleeping in
  • Updating Tumblr
  • Packing my bags and prepping for Monday
Birthday review

First of all, I’d really like to say a big THANK YOU to all those people who took the time to wish me a happy birthday (here, on FB, twitter, IG, whatever). Once again, to all of you: thank you! ( ˘ ³˘)♥ Also, I personally want to thank @giulvid, @mrtviolet, @sincoe, @nekopatoridesu, @fou-de-mon-chasseur-gaston, @mint–tofu and tiburonsin_lefou (my dear help me find your tumblr account please xD) for actually taking their time to make something for me! ;AAA; I’m so happy! TwT I always get scared everytime my birthday is coming up because “getting older uh no thanks *crying*” but then every year I end up spending a fantastic day because I’m surrounded by amazing people and I should never forget this. <3 And – of course – you all contributed to make my day even more fantastic! I’m so repetitive but…THANK YOU ✿♬゚+.(。◡‿◡).+゚♬✿。

As for the birthday itself, I’m the only one eating sweets here, and so I asked my mum to buy something that everyone would eat…AND SO THEY’RE BACK


And then. The presents.

So, when my mum or my boyfriend ask me what I want for my birthday I usually don’t know what to say because I DON’T KNOW and they (well, especially my boyfriend) get very…frustrated? XD This year I was so confident because I was like, “ok, there are these two games I like and I’ll be fine ok thanks <3”. As if.

Oh my God I don’t know where to start T////T

LOOK AT THOSE CUTIES- FROM JAPAN ;A; I must admit that Popplio is my least favourite starter among the Alola ones, but this pokédoll version of him/her is so cute that I just can’t resist <333 and Dedenne! I know that in every generation there is a chosen one She alone will stand against the vampires the demons- a Pikachu copycat, but I genuinely love Dedenne because I’m a huge Hamtaro nerd ok

Persona 5 and Yo-Kai Watch 2 were the only things I asked for XDD and then I got so many good stuff jlkdjldksfjlfkjs I DON’T DESERVE THIS ;A; also, there’s another game (I went out for a walk with my bf and he was like “here, take it, there’s creepy monsters and stuff” – and he paid only 5 € and so I didn’t feel guilty XDDD) and a book about Japanese spirits <3 (I love Japanese folklore)

Pretty clothes (plus a bag – thank God; I always get mistaken for a middle-schooler because of my school bag – and everything else *cough* ok nothing’s gonna change. But hey – at least it’s very cute and colourful) and pajamas ~ friendly reminder that I only own cute pajamas and I’d be more than happy to wear them all day long

Disney DVDs (+ half of Dragon Ball <3)! ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ and my boyfriend being an idiot with Gaston memes. I won’t translate it but I totally deserve it XDD


Did I ever mention how much I love pandas? Oh, ok, just a thousand times



MY HOGWARTS LETTER (signed by Snape </3) *screaming* damn you Italian owls, it only took you 13 years! I’m done with university, I’m going to Hogwarts ok bye ciao (all joking aside, my boyfriend made everything himself and this is just the best birthday present ever <3 also the papers smell like coffee and vanilla and it’s awesome).


One last thing…we went out for dinner and the restaurant was empty


…an Italian actor (Stefano Accorsi) walked in XDDD which is weird because, you know, I live in a very little town XDDDD my mother was so happy oh my god ahahah anyway he was very nice and we took a picture together (◕ᴗ◕✿)

…aaaand that’s it! If you’re still reading this, wow! Thank you! XD and have a nice day!



Sir and I were at the timeshare in Palm Springs last week. I left work early on Tuesday and we drove out that afternoon. We had a great time while we were there; we shopped, ate, drank, swam, visited The Living Desert, had a fantastic dinner at Rooster and the Pig…we even had sex! And no fights!

But there was something that nagged at me a little during the trip, and which reared it’s head shortly after we got home. Sir has a bad case of NRE for the new partner he calls Bones. This manifested in him messaging Bones a lot while we were in PS. I’d estimate that at least ¾ of the time Sir was sending some message (text, email, FB, whatever), it was to Bones. Which I get. He’s excited. They have a connection. Bones taps into a side of Sir that makes me a little nutty. Fine. But within a couple hours of getting home, Sir asked me if he could take Bones to the timeshare in Palm Springs. And that hurt. A lot. It made me feel like the last few days had been some sort of ruse and it was all building towards him taking Bones on vacation.

So my feelings were hurt, but I didn’t immediately say anything because I knew if I did, I would probably end up saying something unkind. So I stared, said no, and we changed the topic.

Saturday, I had a date with The Geek, then went to a poly women’s discussion group. I’d been hoping to talk about this matter with the group and get some feedback, but the conversation was largely dominated by one of the other attendees and the facilitator didn’t do much to change that. I walked into the group hoping to have a community to share with, as Sir is often encouraging me to find; I walked away from the group feeling more frustrated and alone.

So during dinner that evening, I told Sir how I had planned to ask the group for support on this matter, then explained to him how hurt I felt. He was receptive to what I shared and promised to do better. We spent the next few hours on the couch watching Rick and Morty.

I had a lunch date with a HS friend today and Sir left for a day with Bones while I was out. Last night, he’d mentioned that they might be at a particular bar in the valley and maybe I could join them there. since Bones and I have yet to actually meet. A few minutes ago, he sent me a picture from the bar. Apparently they made it out and apparently he’d forgotten about me.

So whatever. I go back and forth with this whole poly thing. Some days, I’m into in; other days, I wish I had a single partner who considered me enough for them. Or even just considered me. At least I have my cats.

Fellow bi girls: have you ever been to a pride parade? What was your experience?

I finally have the opportunity to go for the first time and i am… overthinking it to the max.


We have internet where we are staying in Mexico, but it is not the best. It is only made worse with eight people all trying to check their email, FB, or whatever. I will try and provide some updates, such as the news links I posted this morning. That is dependent on how busy I am in the evening/morning and whether I can even access any pages. I won’t be able to regularly post pictures of artifacts, though. 

We are going to try and visit an unexcavated site this weekend. I am going to be taking a lot of pictures and will try and share at least one. The rest will have to wait until I am back in the States.