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inside the magicians s02ep12

u ever see ppl on fb tagging their mates commenting ‘omg we need to make this it looks so good’ on those fb food atrocity vids and take a moment to grieve for them that they think kilograms of melted cheese bacon and nutella is the height of food

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just…. painful things like….. isak is gonna be on sana’s back now allll the time bc he wants an answer. he’s going to be extra protective of even, especially around sana now bc she knows someone who even presumably had a bad falling out with somehow and is now in avoidance mode and said person who he is avoiding comes with a whole squad who may or may not have also been close to even + they have a youtube channel which…… u heard it here first: chris b shares one of their vids on fb/insta and isak and even see it…and shit goes the fuck down. but most importantly: how much does sana actually know about what went down at bakka and if she does… what is it? see, just some painful good thoughts with @imansmeskinis ;)

As soon as Dale’s twitter was connected to the Skull twitter I essentially scratched that off the list. I take nothing on the internet at face value, but sockpuppeting is a special kind of creepy to me.

Also, everyone please understand condolences or I-told-you-so’s in my ask aren’t appreciated. A large part of an ARG is ELIMINATING fucky shit you find, so why would I be devastated or you feel validated?

AND the arg and the lost special are two different things. Obviously if you don’t believe there’s more you aren’t going to ARG, but this came AFTER we decided essentially Monday the 16th TFP was fake as hell and all the evidence of that directly in the show and known subsequent official content (like the PBS vids, FB, etc etc etc) .

If you can’t play/follow with that in mind, please take a step back for a bit, for your health and my annoyance.

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Blackhawks Hat Trick Movie 

(it’d be cool if you credited this blog if you use this for your gifs and stuff, thanks)

ETA: youtube took the movie down due copyright infringement, obviously, so if you want a download link, message me off anon and i’ll send it to you (won’t reply anon messages with the link though, sorry)

Which reminds me! i also went down the jedi hole and got robes+lightsaber! I’m working on a review video of sorts for the saber (it’s a Dominix LE V4 in Arctic Blue from Ultrasabers, it’s amazing but looks a bit washed out in pics bc of the lighting) and even did a May the 4th Be With You vid for FB and Twitter, but as usual forgot to even drop by and say hi here. Sorry !!!

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Do you know any good Stemily fanfics? Thanks!

My favorite fic about them (the only one I really liked) sadly was deleted. And there’re only 17 fics about “Stephen and Emily” on the whole internet bc people are scared to write I think. Good ones are short and they’re all smuts (awesome for me, don’t know how for you lol). So here:

Not-So-Platonic Circumstances by olicityotpp

Once Before We Say Goodbye by MissDelirious

But the best ones are secret trash fics, that are hiding under “Oliver and Felicity”. Some of them are basically about Stemily, some will give you a trash vibe 100%.

1. Co-stars AU:

Deny Everything by MachaSWicket (this is just the best)

in the angel city (chasing fortune and fame) by Lymans

Love in shades of wrong by Mariss95                

2. Jersey (inspired by that FB vid of course):

Of Baseball and Jerseys by hopedreamlovepray

Rounding Third And Heading Home by RedPensandGreenArrows

Extra Base Hits by MachaSWicket

3. Yoga instructor/spinning instructor AU (Emily and Stephen’s activities before their acting careers):

Feeling Myself by totallysmoaked

Working Out the Kinks by dettiot

4. WWE AU:

Eyes On Me by SuperSillyAndDorky06 (part of the “Strangers In The Night”, the whole thing is awesome btw)

5. Sex in maple syrup (inspired by Stephen & Emily’s Paleyfest talk):

Happy Anniversary by Civilliany

This is the best I can help. If I remember something else, I’ll add later. Enjoy.

So, I’ve had this idea, since Jared’s fb vid, where we see his fake tattoo-and ever since then, I’ve been imagining this scene of Sam doing a witchcrafty ritual to save Dean- and in my mind, I saw Sam pretty much like this; used as the altar for a bunch of dripping candles with runes and symbols marking his body- and as the spell takes hold, they begin to glow. 

I didn’t spend much time on this so forgive the roughness. But I still think it would make a great scene!


Relationship Goals? Pina-hipster na “Ideal Relationship” lang yan para kunware cool. 

Nagsubuan lang ng pizza, Relationship Goals na agad? Sabay lang nag-exercise Relationship Goals na agad?

Ang babaw lang.

Hindi pa ba sapat para sa’yo na in a relationship ka na, at kelangan mo pa ng goals? Ang maramdaman mong mahal ka ng taong mahal mo at masaya kayo pareho sa kabila ng lahat ng kapakshetan sa buhay, kung tutuusin, isang malaking goal na.

Hindi porket Relationship Goals na yung kanila, yun na talaga ang basehan ng tunay at masayang relasyon. Isang picture lang yan na inupload sa FB pero that doesn’t define their relationship as a whole. Tapos Goals na agad? ( Oo, napa-english talaga ako. Hindi ko din alam kung baket. ) Walang sira-ulong magjowang magpopost sa FB para i- self vid ang sarili nilang nagpuputang-inamohan at nagsusumbatan ng mga pagkukulang nila sa isa’t-isa. Walang mag-jowang ibbroadcast na 10 years na sila pero may umi-Ettiquette of a Mistress pala. Yung “almost-perfect” at edited version lang ng kwento ang pinapakita nila. Hindi ang buong episode. Hindi ang buong season. Hindi ang kabuuan ng kanilang relasyon. 

Hindi mo kailangang igaya o ikumpara ang kung anong relasyong meron kayo sa relasyong meron ang iba.  Hindi lahat ng bagay na nakikita mo pwedeng magwork-out sa inyo. May mga bagay na applicable sa kanila pero hindi applicable sa inyo.  Paano na lang kung ang gusto mong #RelationshipGoals ay yung tipong  mala-”I can show you the world” na ittravel at ililibot ka sa buong mundo pero sa totoong buhay puro siya rock ‘n roll to the world sa pagdoDOTA. Kung talagang mapilit ka at gusto mong maki-relationship goals, siguraduhin mong mutual ang mga plano niyo sa buhay. Hindi yung ikaw lang ang may gusto. Dahil minsan, sa halip na makatulong yang Relationship Goals, mas lalo lang nakakasira.

Kung tutuusin, mas masarap pa ring isipin na hindi niyo na  kailangan ng kahit anong #RelationshipGoals. Parang lakad lang din yan ng tropa mo, kapag sobrang pinaplano, hindi natutuloy.  Mas maganda yung excited kayo pareho araw-araw sa mga posibleng mangyari na walang iniintinding kahit ano. Nakakapressure lang yun. Dapat, relationship lang. Wag puro goals. Dahil alam niyo parehong mas mahalaga ang kung anong meron “ngayon”.  

At isa pa, kung totoong nagmamahal ka, kelangan mo pa bang isipin kung may patutunguhan o wala? Ang ending naman nun magmamahal ka pa rin di ba? Nasa relasyon ka ngayon hindi para may marating o may maabot na kahit ano. Kase, andyan ka na mismo, kasama yung taong mahal mo. Yun pa lang isang malaking achievement na. At the end of the day, dun pa rin tayo sasaya sa pinakasimpleng bagay na pinanghahawakan natin. 

( Pero kung talagang mapilit ka, bago mag-skip sa #RelationshipGoals, sana #PanoMagkaJowaGoals muna. Baka nagkakalimutan.)