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Costa Rica Xmas Vacation

NOTE BY CO: This post was submitted in several parts by Sondra Rainwater who found the veracity of her comment to DG a while ago (about seeing Tony and Cait in an airport in CR over the holidays a year ago) under attack by Chasing_Frogs, mommydog67 and other extreme shippers (ES). She independently and graciously decided to send me this information in clarification. I’m just sorry she had to do so. Like with the Novel Adventures people in NC, when ES want to keep their fantasy alive they try to turn regular fans into “liars.” It is always fascinating when these fans discover what their fellow “fans” are doing and then tell their side of the story. Note, that I have added some screenshots of some of her tweets to illustrate the points she is making.

First submission by Sondra Rainwater:

A woman, whom I do not know just tweeted me, in regards to a tweet I made on Diana Gabaldon’s Twitter, and I found out it has to do with one of my tweets on your blog. Tweets are public, so I don’t mind, but what I do mind is this woman questioning me and pics on my twitter feed. I’ve been going to Costa Rica every Xmas and NYE for years. My pics are valid and so are my tweets. There is a tweet from Cape Santa Maria, on my twitter feed thanking for pics, from our stay. I sent this Frog Mommy this tweet from them to show their validity. I guess she doesn’t like the airport tweet. These people are a couple, and that’s a fact. If you need more info DM me on FB under my name.

Second submission by Sondra Rainwater:

In regards to my response to Chasing Frogs, go to my Twitter page or hers, to see my response. They show the tweet from Cape Santa Maria thanking me for the photos. There’s something really wrong with this woman. She must be stalking my twitter feed. Unbelievable!

[Screencap added by CO]

Third submission by Sondra Rainwater:

Sorry to send so many messages, but I just read about the time she claimed I was suppose to be in the Bahamas. The pictures I shared with Cape Santa Maria were from our June 30, 2013–July 11, 2013 trip at their resort. Not January 2016. I was new to twitter and just started sharing. Sorry again, for so many messages, but I can’t believe how this woman, who doesn’t even know me, knows so much about my vacations. I was in Costa Rica December 23, 2015——January 9, 2016 We did several resorts. She can call and check our dates, if she is so interested. We started at Xandari Resort, Bosque del Cabo, and Tango Mar. She can give Cape Santa Maria a call to check our dates as well. 

Fourth submission by Sondra Rainwater:

Sorry, but just one more thing. When you go to Costa Rica. Anyone will tell you, you fly into the International Airport, then catch a domestic flight, Nature Air or Sansa, to all other destinations. Most people do as many as 3 or 4 different parts of the country, while they are there, as every part has something different to offer. Each time you fly to another destination, you have to fly back to the International Airport to catch a domestic flight to your next destination. I was in and out of the International airport 3 times, actually 4, if you count the trip home. I was just lucky to catch them at the airport, where they were most likely catching a domestic flight, as well. I can’t believe the Frog Chaser is making such a big deal out of my tweet. I hope I’ve been able to set the record straight. If not, it certainly wasn’t for lack of trying. Lol! Thank you so much for liking my travel pictures. I’m a retired fashion designer, in better ladies evening wear. I did my last line in 1989 to get married and start a family. Dressed many a celebrity, some receiving awards in my dresses. Hard work! So, now I love to travel to beautiful places. Who knew that love of travel and a quick tweet would get this woman so upset. Thanks again for liking my travel pictures. My response to Froggy is on my twitter feed. Sorry, you had to deal with all this mess.

[Screencap added by CO]

Thanks so much for clarifying all of this Sondra!  I’m so sorry these extreme shippers put you through this in the first place. They are so desperate to believe that Sam and Cait are a real couple that they come up with all sorts of conspiracy theories and they turn innocent peop!le into liars. They have been spreading rumors that Tony is Cait’s gay friend to try to excuse his presence in her life and have even posted that assertion on clickbait sites that thousands can read. The things they have written about Sam’s girlfriend MacKenzie are just awful. Anyway, they came up with a whole bizarre theory last year that Sam flew from Thailand and spent New Year’s in CR with Caith despite Sam, Nell Hudson and the guy from the gym that Sam was using all saying he was in Thailand for New Year’s. Unbelievable!

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