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Guys help me make a IY fandom birthday page!!

I found this cool birthday page here and I decided to add it to my blog so I can enter the birthdays of people of the fandom!! I used to have some written down in a note on my phone but I lost it :’) So I thought it would be cool to have them all in one place for everyone to see ~

 I already added some that I remember but if you want me to add yours pls reply to this post or reblog it so I can know when your birthday is ?

modern day eric and dyl

-eric has poor meme taste but dylan laughs anyway bc he’s too supportive
-eric tags dyl in those pics on fb that day, “everyone has a crazy aunt and that’s me!!! 😛😛😛”
-have 3 separate conversations going via text, messenger, and snapchat all about different things
-dyl takes creepshots of eric using the dog filter with the caption “gottem”
-eric started a group chat on fb and added a bunch of people with his name and said, “ur probably wondering why ive gathered u here today” and they all left without responding
-dyl constantly puts out of context quotes said by eric on his story (“the potato famine really was bullshit”)

Blogging 101 on Marketing

Yesterday, we pushed out an article on content strategies, today, we will go over some tips on growing a  following on a blog. We will keep this article short and straight to the point since marketing has more to do with taking action than actually just reading a few tips.

1. After producing a really good article on a specific topic, the next step is reaching out to potential influencer or blogs who can share your content. For example, if you wrote a piece on personal development, find a few of those pages/accounts/social media who speaks on those space. Ask them to give feedback on your article and see if they’d be willing to share it.

2. The above strategy will save you a ton of money. The other way is by spending a lot of money. If you have money then, just spend it getting various people to help share your article and so forth. Learn various advertising practices like FB ads, twitter ads, and so forth to get your article out.

3. Leaving a link to your article on various blogs.

4. Guest writing. This is where you write for another big blog or so forth in exchange for their free advertising. Not only will this be a great strategy to get backlinks to your own blog which helps boost your searchability on search engines, but you also get to brand yourself as an expert on said subject.

5. Learn SEO. This is where you learn to title your content a certain way, use certain keywords to help your article be found. More on this in the future!

6. Collaboration. Kinda like guest writing, you collaborate with another author on the space to put something together.

7. Measure and track. Advertising is expensive… so make sure to track whether your effort are paying off. Are the partners you’re collaborating with getting you back the visitors/followings you want? Are your ad spending giving you a return in terms of new followers, email list subscribers?

Let us know if anyone finds this helpful. We will do something on branding tomorrow.

Okay so first time submitting here so here we go:

I’m the general manager at a froyoz yogurt shop. We recently hired this one girl and omg!!!! So when we first told her to come in for an interview, she did, but took so long getting the paperwork back to us. She kept giving is different “excuses.” I only say it like that because I can’t validate any of them. But first is was the flu, then a stomach virus, then a car accedent. But my then district Manger REALLY wanted her for her personality so we had he back for another interview. The 1st and 2nd interview were a month apart, btw. And she’s only 16 years old. So we eventually get her working and I told her all the ropes: that we have a GroupMe where we all communicate cause not all of us has a fb, I also added her to our group chart that day and how to request off days and all that jazz. So yeasterday she was scheduled for a night shift which she never showed up for…. I get a call from my shift leader 30min after she was supposed to start to tell me she’s a no show. So we both call and text her. Nothing for a good hour. Then the texts me back and was all “I never got a schedule.” Like????? What????? You clearly got a schedule. So I reminded her that we, ya know, have a GroupMe. And she was like, “oh I didn’t know that’s where everything was posted. I’m sorry. I do remember you sending me a invite to it but I don’t use that app so I didn’t join.” What even??? Like I specifically told you all this info and you just disregard it. Like how are you gonna know everything, girl?? And she never mentioned yeasterday that she WASN’T coming in that night. And my shift leader texts me after his shift and this fucking girl never showed up at all. So he had to close the entire store my himself :/

Those weird ads on fb for super specific, badly photoshopped tshirts tailored to a point of nonsensical. Like “never mess with a Game of Thrones fan named Linda born on October 17th at 2:54 pm at St. Mary’s hospital and who also likes pizza.”
You all know the shit I’m talking about?

anonymous asked:

Kak choqi. Umur saya saat ini udah 23 th. Sampai sekarang saya belum juga dapet kerjaan. Saya udah mencoba ngelamar kesana kemari tapi enggak ada hasilnya. Saya bosan sekali setiap hari dirumah saja. Gimana ya kak saya enggak mau jadi beban orang tua. Saya juga ingin ngasih sesuatu buat mereka?

Halo anon.

Salah satu caranya? Berdagang.

Temen saya, ada yang kerjaannya di rumah doang, tapi penghasilannya bisa diatas 10 juta/bulan. Kerjaannya dagang online.

Jadi dia bikin Fanpage FB, isinya adalah semua gambar barang2 yang dijual di bukalapak/tokopedia/toko online lainnya. Lalu dia iklanin fanpage dia pake fb ads ke seluruh indonesia (terutama indonesia timur). Dan akhirnya, orang2 pada beli ke Fanpage dia. Dan dia, cuman ngontak si pedagang di toko online sebelumnya, dan minta kiriim ke klien dia, sehingga seolah2 temen saya yang dagang, padahal bukan. Dan dari situ, dia dapat penghasilan.

Teruntuk anak muda di Indonesia. Kalau memang sulit untuk mencari kerja, maka saatnya kita yang bikin kerja. Berdagang, berbisnis, dan banyak hal lainnya yang bisa dilakukan. Jangan sampai kita jadi berdiam diri karena kita tidak mendapat kerja, jangan sampai kehidupan kita hanya bergantung dari ketersediaan lapangan kerja.

Banyak ngobrol dengan orang-orang yang berdikari, banyak ikut komunitas yang mempertemukan kita dengan banyak orang, banyak belajar dari orang yang bisa mencari uang secara mandiri. Dengan bertemu banyak orang yang luar biasa, niscaya kamu akan terpacu juga untuk menyamai, atau bahkan melampaui mereka.

Semangat non! Selamat membuat pekerjaan!


Baekhyun is wanted at enrapture

Grindr ain’t wiser, Jack’t is wack, Scruff ain’t rough enough, and Growlr just doesn’t have the type of audience that caters to the famous men loving faces of South Korea. Word on the street is that Enrapture is the meeting app that has the sexiest men and the most fun. Meet afriend, alover, a forever, or a never again!

So download Enrapture today on any smartphone and get captivated~

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so my friend just went to “meet up with a friend”

this guy and my friend have had each other added on fb for 6 years. they’ve never met up but he added my friend, who figures they know each other

this guy messaged my friend recently and was like ‘wanna hang out” and he was like sure?

he gets there and this guy is talking and talking the guy was like “remember when we were in Florida and i was fighting with my wife”
and my friend was like “??? I’ve never been to Florida……….” and realizes something feels off…

so hes like “how do we know each other, again?”

and the guy is like “we went to this HS together, we had class together…“

ameer is like “uhm i didnt go to that HS… i went to this other one…”

they just stared at each other like

also i’m fucking tired of white people who have been making a game out of going to protests/rallies. literally there are these two sisters i met at an anti-war thing who think of it as a fucking extended crafts project. they make these elaborate ass protest signs and drive around going to various events with them where they spend the entire time taking pictures, then they go home and make funny jokes on facebook, share whatever the fuck snl did this week, and call it a fucking day.

like one of them in particular wears her hair in “dreads” and the one time we interacted in person she made sure to tell me abt her black boyfriend and the time she got into a shouting match with her racist/homophobic uncle and like …. god i just can’t stand white people and how all of this is just a joke to them meanwhile the rest of us are trying to organize politically and somehow get through every single day at the same time

anonymous asked:

I don't recall if this has been asked before, but what marketing did you do early on and vs. now? I know FB ads seem better than Twitter, and organic Tumblr engagement is always a plus for audio dramas, but what else can newbie creators do to get our content out there?

We have actually never spent any money on ads, though I have some podcasting friends who have had good experiences with Facebook ads. 

This is frustrating advice, but, as far as I can tell, there’s not one thing or a sequence of things you can do to get ears on your podcast. It takes time. A lot of time. While we never spent any money promoting the show, I spent months of my life sending press releases to every podcast newsletter, blog, online magazine, etc. that had ever written about audio dramas (which were not very many 18 months ago so then I expanded to ones that covered entertainment at all). I spent hours on /r/podcasts, twitter, tumblr, finding people who listened to ADs and asking them to listen. I harassed Facebook friends, emailed old acting contacts, submitted to awards, reached out to other podcasters, and so on. 

Basically, you just have to chip away at it. You have to post constantly but not spam. Avoid copy-pasting everything. Personalize it. Only reach out to press when you have a few episodes you can send them. Be engaged with your audience. Keep going. That’s the biggest thing: keep going

I saved this picture back in 2011 when I joined the Starkid fandom and I used to obsessively search google and tumblr blogs, desperate to know more about these crazy people. I completely forgot I had this until I watched Joey’s air guitar video released today by the Tin Can Brothers for hitting 28k on their kickstarter. It’s like a bell went off saying “hey you’ve seen this before” and despite having forgotten for years, now I feel weirdly satisfied that I finally know where it’s from!

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