This giant colt is thriving and growing by the second. He is doing remarkably well and he is by far the biggest foal we have ever seen. His mother, our lovely Katrina has been very poorly and we keep treating her for her infection and its looking like she will recover well from her trauma. She is a very big, deep bodied mare, so this foal had loads of space for growing. 

 Now we need your help to name this huge colt, any suggestions? His prefix is ‘Herkules’. 

 🌟Also, he will be for sale! 🌟


Yesterday morning this Shire colt decided to try to enter this world with only his head first. We got him and his legs sorted out and here he is. His mother Warley Katrina (by Moorfield Edward) has been incredibly brave and we hope she will recover well. 

 This colt is the biggest foal we have ever seen, pictured at a few hours old.”


The Obscurus moves horribly beneath Credence’s skin. An awful inhuman growl comes out of his mouth, from which something dark begins to bloom.

This force finally takes over Credence, his whole body exploding into a dark mass that hurtles forward out the window, narrowly missing Graves.

Graves stands watching as the Obscurus zooms out and over the city.