I think the thing that I find most difficult nowadays is waking up for fazr salah. The sun rises at around 5 in the morning and I sleep at 12 every night. So for the past few days I’ve been skipping salah, sometimes accidently and sometimes on purpose to catch those extra hours of sleep. I realized this morning it’s not up to Allah to force us to pray; it’s our own will. And when you think about it, you need Allah’s blessing and you need that prayer more than Allah needs it. So if any of you are struggling to wake up, first and foremost a reminder to myself, then realize how salah improves your overall life. You need it more than anything. Alhumdhullilah, today I managed to wake myself up and I’ve been feeling more better and refreshed than the past few days. And my mother told me this morning, “today you have noor on your face but for the past days your face had been looking dull”. Prayer is everything! <3 So take the opportunity to pray, you’re alive and healthy to pray and you never know.. you might not get the chance to pray one day, when you’ll be wishing for prayer the most. Keep in mind the beautiful message recited in the fazr adzhan.. Prayer is better than sleep.

Organic Intensity

For you, my heart…ripped from my chest. Eviscerated, I am. And if I could, I would plunge my fingers through my chest and rip out my heart and give it to you. A pulpy mass of morbid diathesis.
In addition to my heart, there are some small organs that want to give you: glands… sweetbreads… variety meats. I’m offering these gifts. Rare gifts. I know that they don’t amount to much in the face of what you’ve given me.
I’ve heard these organs can’t survive outside the body for more than a few hours. But I’ll try to get there as soon as I can. Whatever happens, it will be on me. On my heart.

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enumera 2/3 coisas essenciais que um rapaz tem de ter/fazr para te conquistar, ou pelo menos para despertar a tua atenção

mas vocês querem as dicas toda para me conquistar? xD not gonna happen, sorry

me dê um tiro
—  Já passei uma vez e por mais que doa da mesma forma, passarei novamente, mesmo que não pareça. Terei que ser mais forte dessa vez pra superar, até por que não terei mais como estragar, correr atraz e te fazr voltar, implorar, te pedir pra não fazer. Não quero essa dor.