Basically, I’ve had this idea for a while that I wanted to create some merch for the fandom, as we don’t really have any at all, besides a few small things on Red Bubble. 

It wouldn’t be anything large - just small prints, badges, and sticker sets, and I wouldn’t charge a shit tonne of money. Like currently, pricing is between £0.75 and £9.00 ($0.93-$11.15USD) which doesn’t include shipping. 

If anyone would be interested, I’d appreciate if you reblogged or liked this post, adding your opinions towards my idea, and if it garners a bit of attention I’ll post more info about it :) Thanks for your time 

Reasons Patrick is your unproblematic fave

• Probably one of the only gone characters that didn’t kill anyone
• Is a dog
• He didn’t speak
• Scared a fucking lion away from Lana???
• Like damn he saved her life???
• Therefore indirectly saved the lives of many people in the Fayz
• Is a dog
• Isn’t a weak ass bitch
• Loyal to Lana all the way through
• Is a dog
• He’s named after a hella starfish???
• Doesn’t judge Edilio, Dekka or Roger on their sexuality
• Doesn’t know what sexuality is
• Isn’t power hungry
• Isn’t thirsty for attention
• Doesn’t care that he ain’t a moof and doesn’t care that Lana is
• Accepting of Lanas baes (Quinn and Sanjit)
• Is a dog
• Is nice to everyone
• Tried to fight Coyotes
• Is cute as hell
• Also most importantly he is a dog

If you want science fiction books with more than 1 badass heroine who are all actually badass - like I could name ten at the top of my head, each with their own individual strengths - READ THE FLIPPING GONE SERIES

If you want YA books where there is a vast majority of people being represented, like gay and lesbian characters that are flipping incredible to some amazing black characters, a guy from Honduras and hey look we even have a Muslim guy - READ THE FRIKKIN GONE SERIES

If you want dystopian books with characters that react in a scary situations by being terrified and called cowardly turn awesome and badass over a few books with some amazing character development that will make you feel so fondly for them you feel like your heart will burst - READ THE FUDGING GONE SERIES

If you want a book series that deals with issues head on such as racism, prejudice towards minorities, and bulimia etc, as well kids  under 13 with machetes, ravenous coyotes, kids with superpowers, an awesome dog that survives when half the kids die (you go Patrick) ,kids literally starving and fighting a plague - READ THE FLICKING GONE SERIES

If you want 6 amazingly written novels that will make you cry, rage and laugh, (sometimes at the same time) with a huge range of amazingly developed characters that will make you feel feels that have not been felt before - READ THE GONE SERIES. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

me reading gone for the first time: “omg that bully guy just killed a girl?? i hope this doesn’t get brushed over, because…he killed a kid??? also i bet astrid tutoring him is gonna end up being a handy plot convenience lol (what can i say, i’m a cynic)”

me reading hunger: wow this is getting intense?? omg orc saved astrid from being killed by the kids…okay “nobody hurts astrid” is kinda sweet actually

me reading lies: omg he’s helping kids be safe from the fire, lol shut up howard he can be as altruistic as he wants

me reading plague: omg orc’s pov chapters are…really sad, like they’re really frickin’ depressing, HE FEELS SO BAD ABOUT EVERYTHING AND HE REALLY LIKES ASTRID BECAUSE SHE WAS NICE TO HIM AND THAT’S SO FRICKIN’ ADORABLE AND SWEET AND OMG *~REDEMPTION ARC~* IS IN FULL SWING, HE IS ASTRID’S KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR (SHUT UP DRAKE), he should probably stop drinking, poor guy ( ;_ゝ; )

me reading fearhallelujah he’s found religion please be happy charles

me reading light: he got a hug from astrid!! all is well ❤

…………and then he gets blown up by a frickin’ missile 

What Orsay really saw in Gone characters dreams...
  • Drake: Death, violence, darkness, murder etc.
  • Little Pete: Amazing vivid shapes and creations beyond human understanding
  • Caine: Taking over, killing Sam, Diana...
  • Diana: Surviving, food, evil plots but mostly Caine
  • Quinn: Fishing, food, family, probably Lana
  • Lana: Food, Patrick, The Darkness and maybe Sanjit
  • Edilio: ROGER, GAY, ROGER, GAY SEX and probably something to do with surviving
  • Astrid: Survival, family, Little Pete, Sam, food and other really considerate things
  • Orc: Killing Drake and beer - mostly beer
  • Brianna: Running, food and killing Drake
  • Computer Jack: Apple Macs and Brianna
  • Dekka: Literally just Brianna
  • Mary: Protecting the littles, food, death, weight, anxiety
  • Sam: Astrid tiddies.