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Hi! I love your work, you are very talented and I can't wait to see more!! (especially the nsfw, those were hot lol) But in one of your latest posts you mentioned liking some really good English fanfiction. I was wondering if you had any Snape/Hermione ones to share? -3- Thanks!

Thanks! I’ve read many Snape/Hermione fanfictions….but the problem is, I don’t bookmark them (except a few on The Petulant Poetess and Ashwinder because I have accounts there) so I don’t remember all the title of the ones I like! I will just list some fics I remember I like and those in my short bookmark list…

Doing it for the Order by Desert_Sea
→ I followed this one from the beginning to the end, it’s pretty recent and very well done so it’s the first fic I remember! Go read this one if you haven’t!

Hermione Granger and the Intended Vessels by Severely_Lupine
→ I originally read this in Ashwinder. I really really really like this fic. Seriously. Snape is so…..Snape here. The plot is also amazing (but maybe a bit disturbing for some people? idk. I enjoy it personally). This fic made me feel so much!

Denial by little beloved
→Best adultery fic I’ve read.

In Annulo by ladyofthemasque
→ I read this a long time ago so I don’t remember the details of the story much, but it has a nice plot! For some reason this fic is the only fic I had bookmarked from The Petulant Poetess…

Hermione Granger and the Crystal of Time by Aurette
Of Muggles and Magic by Aurette
→ Everything by Aurette is good. These two are my favorite.

Unquestionable Love by CRMediaGal
→  The best story I’ve read where Severus is a dad!

In the Potions Classroom by happilyjaded
Outside the Potions Classroom by happilyjaded
→ A fun read XD (the latter is the continuation of the former btw)

Unkissed by chivalric
→ One of the Snape got pranked!fics I like

Don’t stand so close to me by Fayth
→ Great use of the song lyrics!

When I Cursed The Teacher by cathedralcarver
→ This one is funny XD
“ Snape starts to court Hermione. Convinced that he’s under some sort of curse, Hermione enlists Bill Weasley’s help.”

Pride, or What Goeth Before a Fall by Toodleoo
→ That one where Hermione thought Snape was gay….LOL