SU AU - a lot of ideas came from rjoyp and fayth-stone

Rapunzel - sunstone - she has healing pwoers and can use her hair as a weapon

Tooth - TITANIUM RAINBOW FLAME AURA QUARTZ CRYSTAL - the team leader - skilled swordswoman, she can also project holographic minions to aid in combat. She can read memories and look into past events with a lot of accuracy

Hiccup - cat’s eye tourmaline - basically he has Green Lantern’s powers but he’s half human so he can’t poof and he will age

Jack - blue barite - ice powers. Their gem is permanently damaged after being trapped in a frozen pond for 300 years, so sometimes cannot project their physical form properly

Merida - red jasper - highly skilled archer and has learnt sword fighting from Tooth. She is also the most physically strong of the team. She shapeshifts the most and enjoys eating and sleeping. 

Hiccup and Jack fuse to make Turquoise

My Turquoise ended up looking a lot like nagareboshi22′s Turquoise - I’ll remove Turquoise from this post if you want me to :)


Choir of the Fayth, the hymn of faith from every Final Fantasy X aeon overlaid simultaneously. Possibly one of the most beautiful things ever sung in a fake language.