A E O N; 

aeons are the physical realization of the fayth’s dreams. The fayth communicate with summoners who pray to them within the Chamber of the Fayth, and establish a mental link between the fayth and the summoner. Using this link, the fayth gives their dream a physical form — an aeon. Aeons are powerful creatures only a summoner can use in battle.

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Hi! I love your work, you are very talented and I can't wait to see more!! (especially the nsfw, those were hot lol) But in one of your latest posts you mentioned liking some really good English fanfiction. I was wondering if you had any Snape/Hermione ones to share? -3- Thanks!

Thanks! I’ve read many Snape/Hermione fanfictions….but the problem is, I don’t bookmark them (except a few on The Petulant Poetess and Ashwinder because I have accounts there) so I don’t remember all the title of the ones I like! I will just list some fics I remember I like and those in my short bookmark list…

Doing it for the Order by Desert_Sea
→ I followed this one from the beginning to the end, it’s pretty recent and very well done so it’s the first fic I remember! Go read this one if you haven’t!

Hermione Granger and the Intended Vessels by Severely_Lupine
→ I originally read this in Ashwinder. I really really really like this fic. Seriously. Snape is so…..Snape here. The plot is also amazing (but maybe a bit disturbing for some people? idk. I enjoy it personally). This fic made me feel so much!

Denial by little beloved
→Best adultery fic I’ve read.

In Annulo by ladyofthemasque
→ I read this a long time ago so I don’t remember the details of the story much, but it has a nice plot! For some reason this fic is the only fic I had bookmarked from The Petulant Poetess…

Hermione Granger and the Crystal of Time by Aurette
Of Muggles and Magic by Aurette
→ Everything by Aurette is good. These two are my favorite.

Unquestionable Love by CRMediaGal
→  The best story I’ve read where Severus is a dad!

In the Potions Classroom by happilyjaded
Outside the Potions Classroom by happilyjaded
→ A fun read XD (the latter is the continuation of the former btw)

Unkissed by chivalric
→ One of the Snape got pranked!fics I like

Don’t stand so close to me by Fayth
→ Great use of the song lyrics!

When I Cursed The Teacher by cathedralcarver
→ This one is funny XD
“ Snape starts to court Hermione. Convinced that he’s under some sort of curse, Hermione enlists Bill Weasley’s help.”

Pride, or What Goeth Before a Fall by Toodleoo
→ That one where Hermione thought Snape was gay….LOL

One Moment Makes Tidus is a GREAT Protagonist. (haters gonna hate)

SPOILERS!!! I’ve heard so many people diss Tidus. They say he’s loud. He’s dumb. He has bad fashion sense (partially true). They’re hating. 

Tidus definitely stands out amongst FF heroes. Cloud, Squall, Lightning, and Noctis are all rather moody. Tidus is upbeat, but he’s not fake. He’s actually a good guy. He’s passionate and determined, and in one moment he puts his money where his mouth is.

The moment I’m talking about is when Tidus learns of his true nature as a dream of the fayth. He learns that the fayth will stop dreaming when he kills sin, and he will cease to exist. At first, like anyone, he’s not happy about this, but then he realizes that the alternative is Yuna’s death. He doesn’t hesitate to except his fate. He doesn’t whine. He doesn’t even tell anyone. His virtue is tested and proven, and he doesn’t waste anyone’s time with melodrama.

Tidus isn’t a moody brat. He isn’t afraid of love. Sure he’s hot headed, but he backs up his talk with action. There is a lot to learn from Tidus, and he’s a great protagonist. 

Haters gonna hate.

Side note: I’m writing a lot on tumblr, and I’m even working on a novel. If you’d like to keep up with me and my writing follow this blog.

Thanks, Jo

Otherworld (Final Fantasy X)
Bill Xtillidiex Muir, Tanabe, Hirayama, Kamamoto
Otherworld (Final Fantasy X)
Go now, if you want it
An otherworld awaits you
Don't you give up on it
You bite the hand that feeds you

All alone, cold fields you wander
Memories of it, cloud your sight
Fills your dreams, disturbs your slumber
Lost your way, a fallen knight

Hold now, aim is steady
An otherworld awaits you
One thousand years, you ready?
The otherworld, it takes you

Go into the sand, and the dust, and the sky
Go now, there's no better plan, than to do or to die
Free me, pray to the fayth in the face of the light
Feed me, fill me with sin, and get ready to fight

You know you will You know you will You know it, you know it, you know it, you know it, that you will You know it, you know it, you know it, you know it, that you will You know you will... Fight, fight, fight Fight, fight, fight Fight, fight, fight Fight, fight, fight! Hope dies, and you wander The otherworld, it makes you Dreams, they rip asunder The otherworld, it hates you Free now, ride up on it Up to the heights, it takes you Go now, if you want it An otherworld awaits you

SU AU - a lot of ideas came from rjoyp and fayth-stone

Rapunzel - sunstone - she has healing pwoers and can use her hair as a weapon

Tooth - TITANIUM RAINBOW FLAME AURA QUARTZ CRYSTAL - the team leader - skilled swordswoman, she can also project holographic minions to aid in combat. She can read memories and look into past events with a lot of accuracy

Hiccup - cat’s eye tourmaline - basically he has Green Lantern’s powers but he’s half human so he can’t poof and he will age

Jack - blue barite - ice powers. Their gem is permanently damaged after being trapped in a frozen pond for 300 years, so sometimes cannot project their physical form properly

Merida - red jasper - highly skilled archer and has learnt sword fighting from Tooth. She is also the most physically strong of the team. She shapeshifts the most and enjoys eating and sleeping. 

Hiccup and Jack fuse to make Turquoise

My Turquoise ended up looking a lot like nagareboshi22′s Turquoise - I’ll remove Turquoise from this post if you want me to :)