Onto Bevelle! (Summoner Ghost Starter)

The trials of Macalania had been long and draining, but at last the Fayth had finally bonded with him and the ice aeon was forged, he had finally begun his trip to Bevelle, more drained then he cared to admit, no guardians to accompany him and little energy, he was feeling rather pessimistic…

*16 years later*  Wait… dreams of the Fayth physically manifest as aeons when summoned… and the Zanarkand being dreamed by the Fayth at Mt. Gagazet, which Tidus is from, is constantly being summoned by Yu Yevon… so Zanarkand actUALLY REALLY PHYSICALLY EXISTS IN SPIRA THAT’S HOW AURON WAS ABLE TO BE THERE AT THE START OF THE GAME OOOOOOOOooooooohhh  

Faythe Enturose

[fundamentals ]

name: Faythe Enturose - More known as Lynx Dilancri
age: 26
race: Human - Kul’Tiras
marital status: Single
occupation: Trade company owner and ship captain

[ physiognomy ]

height: 5-foot-2-inches
weight: 120-ish pounds
build: Slim hourglass, toned.
eye color: Tropical blue/green
hair color: Light brown

[ personality ]

alignment: Neutral Good
sexual orientation: Heterosexual
likes: water, cats, birds, corsets, and smut novels to name a few
dislikes: flying, children, cute nicknames, tall tables/bars, and bitter drinks
skills & hobbies: crossbow shooting, axe throwing, eating, playing hearthstone

[ genealogy ]

parents: Lord and Lady Enturose of Kul’Tiras (both deceased)
siblings: Older brother (deceased), twin sister Zarya (missing)
extended family: An aunt (sister of Lord Enturose) and quite a few cousins
children: None

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