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The emerald sorcerer looked away from his current riddle and at the one - no, two - that had entered his realm. A small child who looked not much older than 4 years old stood next to him, coming up to a little below his knee.

“I must admit, you certainly dress interestingly,” the sorcerer began, “Mysterious, and yet it conveys the fact that you aren’t one to be screwed with.” He bowed his customary awkward bow. “I am Sakana, keeper of this realm. Judging by your aura, you seem to be a…summoned being?”

The little odd-shaped one took a bow as well. As he spoke, his entire head flapped up and down rather than having a normal mouth. “I’m Ike, his tempoary companon.” It seemed he had a hard time pronouncing words, but he knew what they meant nonetheless. “Youwr doggy looks nice, can I pet the doggy?”