Colored version of this: Amsterdam

Right, so this is fanart for The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. It’s not an exact scene in the book, but I imagine it’s the morning right before they go to visit Van Houten, where they’re both happy and ecstatic to meet their favorite author and nothing on their mind is about to spoil their Amsterdam getaway. Plausible, yeah? 

So the coloring isn’t my favorite. One, I like it better in person, the colors are more vivid, but, I dunno. Like the ground bothers me. Whatever, hope you guys like it.

Well, I’ll be honest guys. These two double for two couples. One, James and Lily, and two, my friend and I’s OC’s Kate and John. John looks very much like James, but quite a bit more built, and he’s a lot cockier, and Kate may have a Lily-esque look, but she has chestnut hair and it probably shorter, tanner, sporty, etc, and she’s one of those anger-management needing bitches. But you know, the love is somewhere in the. Just gotta dig. So yeah, I actually had both in mind when I was drawing.