‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, Frank Capra (1946)

Each man’s life touches so many other lives. When he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?


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It’s supposed to be Spirit/Protector of the Forest Kyungsoo? I did my best but I think it came out pretty good :))

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Faylen is Renee’s (CedarHeart) character form her story that she made into a bjd doll with Napidoll’s Yarrow (retired) as a face mold.

I’d a lot of fun drawing him. All of Renee’s characters are always super appealing and interesting and she’s a really nice person =)


I was tagged to show the last 6 albums I listened to [I didn’t actually listen to the entirety of all of these albums, but most of it soI guess that counts?] 

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team rood session 27 holy shit
  • my dudes the first like…third was the most stressed i’ve ever been in a session and i wasn’t even playing it
    • shout out to @druid-faylen for being fucking amazing and thank the dice gods for rolling in her favor when it counted

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I want to just scream!!!!!!!!!!!! The stupid stupid recording for our d&d session stopped working and then started working so the part of Faylen dispelling runes (dm and player both rolled 5′s the dms’ rule state similar roll player succeeds), shattering a ceiling of glass using thunderwave; and then falling and placing a wall of fire on grisha, and getting the fuck out of Winslow, didn’t record. And then the part where Ovak’s and valko’s bodies get taken away and Ovak is suddenly inside her ring of telepathy????