Because I am under the firm impression that FayJay can actually do no wrong, here is me giving you all the Merlin/Arthur podfics she’s recorded. They range from her own story (The Student Prince) to other classics of the fandom. She’s a fantastic reader, she’s dynamic, and she does the voices so well. In Crown of a Summer Court, she even recorded it so her voice would project like the elves are supposed to. Truly she’s a gem. 

The Student Prince 

Crown of the Summer Court

Beltane Cycle

An Exile in Albion

That Shall Achieve the Sword

Defenders of the Realm

Coming of Age

Virgin Sacrifices Aren’t What They Used to Be

Fools of Us All

In Time of Trial

But it would shame me more to continue to allow innocent men and women to go on suffering insults, and abuse, and violence, and loss of basic human rights on a daily basis, without joining them on the front line, where an honorable man should be. Where a leader should be. Because I am one of them. I am a gay man, and that isn’t going to change.

Arthur's Speech in ’The Student Prince’ by FayJay


mine says “i’m hot stuff in the world of sorcerers” (which is a reference to tsp!merlin) and his says “if i wasn’t the prince of wales i’d be a fireman” (ofc, a reference to tsp!arthur)

we promised a picture for fayjay so here you all are :3


Someone’s got insomnia and is awake at five am…ugh it’s me. Bummer. This never happens to me anymore! Well in honor of this special occasion and the terrible day that tomorrow will be, I bring you some soothing podfic recs to go to sleep to (seriously, it’s a thing I do all the time, it usually works. I love dozing off to podfic, you should try it.)

The Night Trilogy by Chocolamousse read by Verity Burns is my all time #1 pick for this for reasons that are perhaps obvious? Verity is a very soothing reader, the musical interludes are soft and non-jarring, and the slow, dreamy bedtime subject matter of this great story is ideal. Short though so be tired ;)

Lab Book by Sam Storyteller/Copperbadge read by FayJay  is another short one, but so sweet. FayJay is the best reader– I love her voice, her diction, her accent– it all comes together to be relaxing and charming, and I love this little Christmas romance story. Lots of great Johnlockian tropes, familiar but good every time. I don’t want to be shocked while I’m lulled to sleep, better to roll happily along thinking oh! It’s for science, I knew it! Ah now they will kiss and it will be lovely. And then…zzzzz…..

Carte Blanche by Ivy Blossom read by crinklysolution. Crinklysolution who are you? I can find nothing. But here’s what I know– you have a beautiful voice, you put together an excellent podfic without a single discordant moment, and your taste in stories is absolutely flawless, this story is truly a gift. I have listened to this again and again and it sounds just as good the millionth time as the first. Highly recced.

Given in Evidence by Verity Burns read by Erica Shall- Good engaging case action, loads of sexual tension and plenty of resolution, all read in a wonderfully soothing voice. This one can shepherd you to dreamland for many nights running as it’s good and long…

I’m trying to avoid cross posting too much, but I would be remiss not to mention that the best thing of all the things ever to go to sleep to is ALL of the Katie Forsythe podfics, even though I already recced them sort of and will be mentioning them again in my ACD rec post. But seriously, that is the way to doze off, I tell you. These are simply the greatest podfics around and the stories are without equal. 

Also great for this is Finnagain’s reading of The Quiet Man, which you can find recced and linked to also in my Part 1 list.

And finally my tip for using podfic as a sleep aid– listen to them during the day while you do stuff, and then come back to the soothing ones later, at night. If you’ve heard it before you aren’t listening to see what happens next so much and you can just let the words wash over you. I have issues with my mind going around and around over things when I turn off the light and try to go to sleep, even when I’m tired– this turns that off completely. It’s amazing!

My other podfic recs—-

PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3

So awhile back I noticed that people really wanted someone to turn “The Student Prince” into a movie and I’ve given it some thought and I think I would like to do it. I’m an aspiring director and it would be amazing to see a story I love so much be turned into a movie and even better if i was able to direct it. of course I’ll need to finish school first but what do you guys think? should I bother or just let it be? 


“I am not Cinderella!” Merlin exclaimed, scandalised.

“You are totally Cinderella,” Gwen said, undeterred. “You’re a big-eared, trouser-wearing, penis-having, magic-wielding Cinderella, if ever there was one.”

“I – you – what are you like? I’m not Cinderella!”

“You’re Cinder-fella.”

“Stop now!” he said, snorting with laughter. “That’s quite enough.”

“Oh, come on! Your boyfriend is a handsome prince, Merlin!”

Merlin stared up at the ceiling, and then cracked up. “He really is, isn’t he?” he said, feeling like a naughty kid. “Oh my God. I’m Cinderella.”

“You should have Doc Martens made of glass, and a Rolls Royce made out of a pumpkin. In fact, you could probably do that yourself! You don’t even need a fairy godmother! In fact…”

“If you make a fairy joke, I’m going to turn you into a frog. I even know how to do that. It’s a classic.”

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WHAT IF FayJay is actually a Merlin writer, and The Student Prince fanfic was just an experiment to feel out the fanbase, and it OBVIOUSLY DID WELL, so they're going to have series 5 end with the reincarnation thing, and the movie that they've been dropping mentions of every so often WILL ACTUALLY BE THE STUDENT PRINCE.



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do you have any good eames/arthur AU fic recs? i need to fill my gay inception AU shaped hole in my chest. :D

Do I have some good Eames/Arthur AU recs. 

Do I have some good Eames/Arthur AU recs.


I’ve Got Nothing To Do Today But Smile (The Only Living Boy in New York) by gyzym: Coffee Shop AU. TOTAL fandom classic: this fic is like a wonderful warm hug every single time I read it. Starring Arthur as a corporate lawyer and Eames as the man who opens a coffee shop across the street. There is a podfic of this story read by pennyplainknits. 

I Bet Nureyev Never Had to Deal With This Shit by cobweb_diamond: Ballet AU. I went into this fic expecting something quick and flip, but oh my god. This fic has some of the most incredible characterizations I’ve ever come across in this fandom. Featuring Arthur, Eames, and Mal as the principle ballerinas in a performance of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. It’s SHOCKING how perfectly all of the characters fit into the roles. There is a podfic of this story read by ME! :D

Incipit by thehoyden: Author!Eames and Editor!Arthur AU. Featuring Eames as an eccentric, genius author working on his latest masterpiece and Arthur as the editor who’s been in love with him for years. My favourite of two podfics of this fic is read by anatsuno here, although there is another one as read by twilight_angel here

Half-Way Gone by the_moonmoth: Girl!Eames AU. Not gay boys technically, but this fic? Is absolute, stunning genius. It… god. I think it’s one of the few sex('gender’)swap fics that I’ve ever believed, completely and totally. The recon for the Inception job, but fixating on the differences in the relationship between Eames as a woman and Arthur. A complete must-read. There is a GORGEOUS podfic read by FayJay. 

Where the Wild Things Are by aestheticized: Werewolf!Eames and Vampire!Arthur AU. I… seriously cannot, with this fic. It absolutely annihilates me upon every reading. No easy answers, absolute emotional complexity, and takes the boys’ conditions completely – and very, very darkly – seriously. This story is so good that it makes me wistful. No podfic that I’m aware of although I miiiiight have started recording one and then abandoned it when I got into Glee fandom GODDAMN IT GLEE.

How is that for a start? :D I have WAY more where those came from if that can’t fill up the hole in your chest!