Day 11 - Weekly Challenge - Tales of Symphonia - Raine Sage

Making the most of the weekly challenge and drew Raine. 8D This was requested by a couple of friends as well. Hope you like it guys! 8D She was actually kinda hard to draw as she has quite a dainty face normally, but she ended up looking like one of my usual faces. :/ I’ll work on that..

 - Alison xx

Been doing some work on one this character, Nic Cassidy. I originally intended her to be completely unisex (so you couldn’t tell) but decided it’d be more effective and more interesting if she was quite clearly a woman with (what society considers) masculine traits, e.g being a body builder. I also wanted her to be feminine but strong enough to be the captain of the guard. I used some Dana Linn Bailey refs (coz yes) but made her a bit longer and leaner since I needed her to more mobile with her physic. Rough, scruffy and bad in some places but I like the way she’s going 8D

This is a large sheet of Jin doodles I’ve been (very slowly) filling up. Jin is the main character from a story idea I’ve had for years. Although he’s Albino, his designs mostly stem from eastern/arabian clothing. As a character he grows greatly, from weak, unconfident and unable to think outside of what he’s been told (although he’s curious) to someone who is able to stand on his own. That sounds very cliché, but I’ve tried to make this clear in the body language of the two drawings on the left. The top is from the beginning of the story and the bottom is towards the middle.

Anyway, ENJOY! 8D 

Oh also, forgive the fact that there are only about 2 decent drawing on the sheet. I’m still developing his facial features and I’m only just getting enough of a grasp on them to use in expression. :)