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I don’t really know what to think of 2015 tbh, it’s been a very weird year but I’d like to thank all of you for brightening up my dash ♥. I’m also very grateful for every single person who follows me, and still does the radical change this blog went through the last few years! So here’s my first follow forever, it is mostly mutuals but also some blog that I admire from afar.

(I am very sorry if I forgot anyone!)

I wish you all the best for 2016, and happy holidays!


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special mention for all the members of @cappedfandoms​ and @matthewdaddarionet​ you are the best ♥

     I’ve recently passed another milestone, and procrastinated on making this follow forever since the beginning of time. So I said to myself, ‘At least post it as your 1000th post,’ and so I did. This is it. Excuse the crappy edit because I only made it at my 995th post, and clap for me bc this is the first edit I’ve ever done holy cow. (also tumblr hecked up the quality weeps)

     Anyways, I just want to thank all of you! Whether you were here when Ivy was first made or you just followed me a day ago, I love all of you and personally want to roleplay and befriend all of you! 

     My experience on this blog was truly a roller coaster of feelings. Truth be told, I never thought that Ivy would last so long, because when I first made her, I had a lot of doubts and worries that I would lose her as a muse, because a few weeks after I made her I already began to lose interest. But I pulled through, challenging myself to stick with her, and with the encouragement from others, stepped out of my comfort zone a few times. I’m a very scared and nervous person, so when I did that, it was a huge step forward for me; asking to roleplay and sending kiss memes (scandalous!!!) and so many other things. It’s truly a wonderful experience, and I managed to gain some friends and acquaintances and established some friendships for my muse!!

      honest to goodness, I suck at this. I’ll probably make another follow forever somewhere in the holidays!! But thank you all so much for supporting me and Ivy… it’s just so… wow. Without further ado, here are the baes!

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The people above that I mentioned and those who aren’t here (totes forgot sobbing) are like ice cream on a hot sunny day… warm drinks in cold weather, a good fanfiction that brings TEARS to my eyes. We need more people like them… so… yes.

✰ If you aren’t on the list remember!! You are hella rad & it’s not you, it’s me being the silliest and most forgetful nerd, and hit me up to talk any time!

✰✰ You’re all hella rad and remember to drink water and stay safe!

✰✰✰ Where you are on the list don’t matter, because you are beautiful and rad and it’s just a simple list!!!

✰✰✰✰ Mayonnaise is not an instrument!! The more you know, amiright?

This is a large sheet of Jin doodles I’ve been (very slowly) filling up. Jin is the main character from a story idea I’ve had for years. Although he’s Albino, his designs mostly stem from eastern/arabian clothing. As a character he grows greatly, from weak, unconfident and unable to think outside of what he’s been told (although he’s curious) to someone who is able to stand on his own. That sounds very cliché, but I’ve tried to make this clear in the body language of the two drawings on the left. The top is from the beginning of the story and the bottom is towards the middle.

Anyway, ENJOY! 8D 

Oh also, forgive the fact that there are only about 2 decent drawing on the sheet. I’m still developing his facial features and I’m only just getting enough of a grasp on them to use in expression. :)