As much as I loved PJO narrated by Percy, I would die to have the series republished but in Ananbeth’s p.o.v. I honestly think her reactions to some of the things that Percy did would be so funny, especially before she got to know him. She’d simultaneously be like “Who does this guy think he is?” and “Omfg is he trying to get killed!”

No need to control thought

If there is an awareness of how thought begins then there is no need to control thought. We spend a great deal of time and waste a great deal of energy all through our lives, not only at school, trying to control our thoughts -‘This is good thought, i must think about it a lot. This is an ugly thought, I must suppress it.’ There is a battle going on all the time between one thought an another, one desire and another, one pleasure dominating all other pleasures. But if there is an awareness of the beginning of thought, then there is no contradiction in thought.

- Jiddu Krishnamurti -. Freedom from the Known,103

I have the actions of an Angel.
 And the thoughts of the Devil.
When I reverse this the world is in trouble.