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what do you think about the name faye?? i'm trying yo convince my sister to name her daughter that

tbh i prefer it spelt fay but its a beautiful name i support this peer pressure


“It’s not?” Gino asked. “You’ve conveniently been leaving out the part where you begged me to let Faye stay with me because you just couldn’t take raising a child. You visited her when you wanted a playmate, but you left all the hard work to me.” He sent a heated look at his daughter. “You are not a Bennett and they have done NOTHING for you. I am the reason that you live the way you want to, and that you have a roof over your head. Always. Don’t you dare disrespect me again.”

Her breath caught in her throat. She could feel the walls closing down around her. this was not happening. He was not dropping a bomb on her like this. “Mom, is that true?”

“It didn’t happen like that,” She said, her voice quieter now. “I’m not the bad guy.”

“Really? Then who is? Me, for working to provide for my family?” Gino lowered his eyes at her. “I don’t know what I ever saw in you.”

“Should we be here?” Aimee asked quietly.

“I don’t even want to have this conversation anymore. Your mother didn’t want the responsibility of having you, Faye, and I am not lying about this.” It made sense. How easily her father had taken her in, how little of her mom she saw, how most of her memories of her childhood were with her dad.

Gene squeezed her shoulder reassuringly, and she looked at him with tears welling up in the corner of her eyes. “I think, I’m going to go inside.”

Preview for the Hey, 90′s Kid! - A 90′s anime zine!!!

Anime in the 90s is still unfamiliar territory for me (I, however, consumed excessive amounts of American/Canadian cartoons in the 90s) but I kept hearing that Cowboy Bebop was great and!! it did not disappoint!!!


“So, your nephew,” Bella said, not looking up from the task in front of her. “I consider him a friend.”

Gene, just as focused as she, answered, “Glad to hear that.”

“Well, what I’m interested in is his love life. Not that I’m interested or anything, but he seems head over heels for Faye Ferrari, is that a thing you see happening in the near future?”

Gene chuckled. “I don’t know, why don’t you ask him?”

“It would just be amazing,” She stated. “Is all I’m thinking because you met your lover on Sim Star Idol and he, also a Bennett, would find his love on Sim Star Chef.”

“You are the funniest thing,” Gene responded. “Yeah, that would be true if that’s the case. But what you should be focusing on are those potatoes. Don’t burn them.”


“It is that indeed,” Kyle said, bursting through the room. “Her puree was amazing. I tasted it!”

“Do you knock?” Faye lowered her eyes at the male.

Kyle rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “Sorry about that, but I find it unfair that someone like Shen blatantly disregards the rules and wins immunity, but Davii gets trashed on television for tasking a risk. What is this?”

“My dad’s show,” Faye muttered. “Welcome to Hell.”

“It’s fine,” Davii said. It was only her and Kyle in the room with Caleb, Faye and Tom. “I am happy that I had the chance to show off my talent, but also to learn from you, Faye. So thank you, I learned a lot.”

Faye bit her lip. “From me?”

“Yeah, totally.” Davii nodded. “This whole thing sucks, and I know it must be bad for you, but when I look at you I see this kick ass chick who takes names and cooks the crap out of every dish she touches. You are my idol and I want to have your attitude in the kitchen. So, really, I truly mean it, thanks for inspiring me.”

Why You Shouldn’t Use imprecise Language When Talking To Entities

[updated] This is extremely important, and I don’t see this point expanded upon enough. So here it goes;

imprecise language is an all around bad idea. You should always speak as plainly as possible when talking to entities. People often bring the symbolism of our society and use it to sound cooler, smarter, and all around better when doing witchery. The people who hear your statements are usually not from our society, and have no grasp on the meaning you’re trying to get across. It causes misunderstandings that can have disastrous results. 

Heres an example of what i’m talking about:
Lets say im a new witch looking for a deity to worship. Having a deity is something I really want and I’m extremely passionate about it. I send out a calling for a good deity to come and give me a sign that they want me to worship them. “good” is just a too plain word for me to use, I mean, i’m calling upon a god(or goddess) afterall! “I wish for a god of the light to come and give me a sign!” I say. WAIT, queue record scratch and freeze frame! I used phrasing that me and my peers would understand(”a god of the light”), but “the light” does not nessecarily mean “benevolence”. Guess who would qualify as a god of the light? Lucifer is who. Having lucifer try to contact you could be extremely upsetting for someone who doesn’t want to associate with lucifer.

Another example would be if I was banishing evil spirits from my home. If I used the phrasing “Spirits of the shadows, leave this household!” instead of “Spirits who wish me harm, leave this household!” I would have, you guessed it, my house almost just as it was before. Spirits of the shadows could mean any nocturnal creature, and wouldn’t necessarily cover malicious spirits at all. See where i’m going with this?

TL;DR: Speak plainly when talking to deities, spirits, and other non-human entities

- Mod Faye


“Welcome to my show.” Gino lowered his eyes at the new faces. Or, rather, old and familiar faces he had known well. Carly, Caleb, Brian, Aimee, Gene, Percy and Kyle. “First things first, I want Jade and Thomas gone. They were voted off.”

“Mom,” Faye said. “I thought you said you’d talk to him.”

Carly sighed. “You know how your father is.”

Faye lowered her eyes at her dad. “I wish Caleb was running this show too, just like Sim Star Idol.”

“Well, look at him, he’s a washed up pop star. He doesn’t bring in enough revenue to even touch this show,” Gino said, without missing a beat. “We can do this all day, Faye. You shouldn’t have called them here. You know nothing of business.”

“This is about people trying to embrace their dreams. It’s just occurred to me that not everyone has a celebrity father who can get them where they want to be in life,” Faye explained.

“You are my daughter,” He stated. “I am not trying to fight you, but you’re like your mother with that stubbornness. You think that because a boy you like was voted off that you are entitled to overthrowing my production. He is a boy, like Carson was just a boy. You do not need him, I have given you everything you’ve needed.”